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Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Burfdae Kevin Brewer :D

Yesterdae was Kevin Brewer's burfdae! Once again, JabbaFamx3OG made a burfdae video for him to show our love ;] THANKS RHEA!.. AGAIN! :D

Monday, December 15, 2008

Super Cr3w MTV Commerical

Super Cr3w has recently done a commercial for MTV, which will be aired on December 22, 2008 ;] Don't forget to check it out!

The Movement - New Video [BEHIND THE SCENES]

Swaggerboy, P.C., and Kilo the Boss :D[THE MOVEMENT]




Sunday, December 7, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ Sale at www.armoryhiphop.com

Take advantage of this sale NOW! :D

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Meh! :D

OMG. OMG. OMG. THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! BEST SWEET SIXTEEN EVER! OMG, I got everything I wanted and more... like I couldn't be happier. I am just so thankful for the people in muh life who keep meh so happy. Without them, I just wouldn't be the person I am today ;] I AM TRULY BLESSED. I really don't think I deserve all the things I received...buht God sure did BLESS MEH ;] Muh burfdae was pretty much 3 days x] MANNNN.. I GOT TO SEE SUPER CR3W, GOT A BIRTHDAY GREETING FROM A JABBA [Kevin Brewer], AND GOT TO SEE EDDIE FROM THE JABBAWOCKEEZ! :D And on top of that, I got to meet uhp with some x3OGS and got a fedora and a beret :D If only I could get PHIL... ahhahah, buht that's impossible ;p AND I GOT TO SPEND MUH 3 DAYS WITH MUH FAMILY&FRIENDS ;] Nothing can get better than that ;] EVERYTHING IS SO OVERWHELMING RIGHT NOW...and less than 2 hours until muh birthday is OFFICIALLY over. I'ma blog about what happened at the Super Cr3w meet&greet next time, cuz there's ALOT to say :D I'M SO HAPPY!
AHHHHHH! i'm on the armory hiphop website x] hehehheh.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday at Fashion and WOW!

Yesterdae, I spent the day with some of muh AMAZING friends at the Fashion Valley Mall. It was so freaking fun! Well, so.. i was waiting with stephanie in the front for cherifer to arrive. And when she finally came, I gave cherifer a hug and she handed meh her birthday gift to meh...and when I looked on the box...SHE DREW ELMO WITH A PURPLE JABBAWOCKEEZ SHIRT! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I was so freaking happy! I like forgot there was a gift right under elmo! x] AHAHA. and then we went to go eat some hot dog on a stick, and elanie finally arrived. And then we went around to go shopping :D Buht before we started, I asked muh friends if we could pass by SHEIKH first x] because I ALWAYS go in that store so I can touch PHIL's autograph on the wall. I know people look at meh all weird when I like spread muh WHOLE hand all over the wall...BUHT IT'S OHKAY I DON'T CARE x] AHHHHHH! I TOUCHED PHIL! ;p AHAHHAH. That was like muh third time touching that wall like that ;p Then we went over to FOREVER 21 to look at some stuffies to buy :D It was funny because meh and cherifer told stephanie how to check if pants fit yooh. Stephanie didn't know that if yooh grab the waist of the pants and wrap it against your neck and it touches when it meets...THEN IT FITS! :D It's funny, cuz I thought it was always a FILIPINO thing x] We didn't buy anything there so we headed over to H&M. Muh friend jasmin couldn't make it to hangout, so I was sad she couldn't be there. Buht muh friends kept preventing meh from going to this ONE section of the store because jasmin was hiding there! She wanted to surprise meh with a fedora[PHIL!] buht I caught her ;p WHOOPS. And then she had to leave so she can get back to where she needs to be. I WAS HAPPY :D I got to see her ;] She's like muh BEST friend :DDD

Then we headed back to forever 21 to buy some things...and muh friends wouldn't let meh buy anything! D: I kept saying "NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO! I'LL GET IT! I NEED TO SPEND MUH MONEY!" buht they didn't listen.. -___- oh well, they're so sweet and nice x] And so I got a fedora and a baret, two things i've been wanting since FOREVER ;p Then we went back downstairs and went to American Apparel. Then we went back to the food court and just waited for muh mommy to come, and took pictures ;]

THEN! Muh mommy picked meh, cherifer, and stephanie uhp so we could go to WOW! AHHHHHHH! we were so excited the whole day, to take pictures there. WOW! is a japanese photo booth store ;] Yooh should check it out, it's AMAZING! So we took 3 sets of pictures there, each at a different photo booth, and had SO MUCH FUN! it was the best...soon enough the day was over and everyone had to leave ;[ IT WAS AMAZING THOUGH! Thanks guys, you're the best! :D LOL, and muh birthday isn't until monday ;p AND TODAY I GET TO SEE SUPER CR3W!! :DDD


I had another dream about phil the other night x] It was SUPPAH weird though..ahahha. I can't even like TRY to explain what it was about..because I DON'T EVEN KNOW what it was about x] Well, I know I was talking to PHIL, xavier and jayah were there :D...and yeaaaaa. AHHHHHHHHH! :D OH WELL. i'm still adding this dream to muh JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count. :D

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
8 Amazing
1 Not so good

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Super Cr3w Meet&Greet in San Diego

Super Cr3w will be stopping by San Diego for a meet&greet this sunday, November 30th, at the Armory in Pacific Beach. Stop by and show your support! I will see yooh guys there! It's also the day before muh 16th burfdae! :D

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Burfdae Gary Kendall<3

Yesterdae, November 7th, was Gary Kendall's birthday. To one of the masterminds who created the JabbaWockeeZ, to the mentor, to the loving friend, to the great dancer/artist who made a great difference in many lives ... happy birthday ;] REST IN PEACE GARY. We all love and appreciate yooh.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ Canada Tour

Today is the start of the JabbaWockeeZ Canada Tour. The Jabbas will be in Canada November 5th-11th ;] For all yooh people who live in Canada [lucky butt butts.. x]], BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! :D Yooh know EVERY JabbaWockeeZ show is DOPE.

Saturday Nov. 8, 2008
Calgary, AB Macewan Hall
2500 University Drive NW Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Doors: 8:00 PM Ticket Price: $15 CAN

Sunday Nov. 9, 2008
Saskatoon, SK The Odeon
241 2nd Avenue South Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K8
Doors: 8:00 PM Ticket Price: $25 CAN

Tuesday Nov. 11, 2008
Winnipeg, MB Centennial Concert Hall
555 Main Street Winnipeg,MB R1A
Doors: 8:00 PM Ticket Price: $25 CAN

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ Inspired Artist

The JabbaWockeeZ inspire many people with their talents, buht I think the best person they can ever inspire is this artist. He was inspired by the JabbaWockeeZ just like meh and yooh, and look at what he has created! IT'S SUPPAH DOPE! ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Oil Painting

JabbaWockeeZ Custom Shoe Art


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Burfdae Mike Murda! ;]

Yesterdae, November 1st was Mike Murda's, of Super Cr3w, 26th BURFDAE! Once again, JabbaFamx3OG wished him a happy birthday with a video. Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul were doing a show in Hawaii yesterdae also ;] THANKS AGAIN RHEA FOR MAKING THE VID! I KNOW YOOH HAD FUN WATCHING THEIR SHOW IN HA-WA-II :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

P.C. of the Movement

Ohkay, since yesterdae I received the amazing THE MOVEMENT: WORTH THE WEIGHT mixtape...I messaged P.C. on myspace thanking him and telling him how I reacted x] LOL, uhhh..I even sent him the vid of meh freaking out [thanks to anne marie for recording] And this morning, he messaged meh back and REPLIED! :DDD AHHHHHHHHH!!! And when I saw his message, it was like freaking DEJAVU all over again because I was freaking out again x] I couldn't stop screaming ;p AHHHHH! I LAHHHHHHB YOOH P.C. !! ;]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Phil Tayag Dream?

Why, of course ;] They just keep coming! Ahahah. So last night, I had such an AMAZING dream again, about Phil :D So, I guess I was at a dance event sort of like WOD [World of Dance] and the JabbaWockeeZ were there. And I think I was walking to the autograph signing/meet and greet section where the Jabbas were ;] So, I get there and I notice Phil there in his dark blue hoodie ;D I go uhp to him and he was all like "OH! I remember yooh!" and I just smiled and giggled ;] Then, I just stood around him because he was signing autographs. Buht, it was really weird how he was signing autographs...AHHAHAHHAH, his "autographs" were his THUMBPRINTS! So, he had an ink pad next to him, and he would just dab his thumb on the ink pad and press it on whatever he "autographed". I KNOW, WEIRD HUH? AHHAHAHHAH. Soon enough more people started to come, and Phil turns to meh and goes "gosh chrystal ;p", in a joking matter, because I guess I was attracting so much attention to him that alot of people started to go to him. LOL, I didn't even do anything. BUHT! that showed that he rememebered meh, AND MUH NAME! :D And I think he was getting overwhelmed with fans, he slowly started to walk away [while still "autographing" for people] saying "oh, uhhh..I kinda have to go..yeaaa, I gotta be somewhere.. :D" And then he vanished. x] AHHAHHAHA, that's all I really remember from the dream ;p I know there's more, buht I don't remember ;p Muh dreams are weird...buht they make meh smile ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
7 Amazing
1 Not so great

JabbaWockeeZ Roadie T

I received muh roadie-t yesterdae ;] I was so excited when I was opening it! THE SHIRT IS FREAKING DOPE, so order it now if yooh haven't ;p It's limited edition, so I don't know if they still have shirts leftover...so try and order yours NOW! :D Click here for the website.


OHHHMAHHGAWD, I finally received muh THE MOVEMENT: WORTH THE WEIGHT mixtape today! I ordered it a while ago..buht I let muh sister order it for meh x] so, I finally saw her today and she dropped it off and I finally got it after like 3 MONTHS OF WAITING! The mixtape REALLY IS worth the wait x] And that's not the best part...WHEN I OPENED IT...IT WAS FREAKING SIGNED BY SWAGGERBOY, PC, AND KILO!! AHHHHHH!!! :DDD I was like freaking out uncontrollably.. it was the BEST! :D ahhaha, I was meeboing with some of the x3OG's and anne marie got to record meh freaking out x] AHAHAHA. I was so not expecting this ;p

Saturday, October 18, 2008


OMG. I am STILL amazed that, that day ever happened. It was so dreamlike after the day was over...like it felt so unreal x] BUHT IT WASN'T! :D So, i basically woke uhp got ready and headed over to oceanside to pick uhp muh friend, jesi, who was coming with meh to the show ;]So, I picked her uhp then went to fashion valley to FINALLY meet uhp with some of the SD x3OG'S :D I was so freaking excited and happy that I was gonna mee them. So, I called Donna to ask where they were...ahahah and they were at SHIEKH x] hehehe, JABBAWOCKEEZ! Ohkay, anyways... x]And like I promised Donna, I ran and bowed down to her as soon as I saw her ;p I thought it was pretty funny :D I think I rememeber Donna saying "YOU'RE SUCH A DORK!" ahhahaha. so we walked around fashion for a little and stopped at a cart for making dogtags and id bracelets ;] And Yvonne decided to make a dogtag for Mike Murda. Then, Yvonne was like "yooh should make one for PHIL!" and I was like debating on whether I should or not x] I kept saying "i'm scared" because what if he's gonna be like "ew, i don't want that" or something x] Buht like after 10 minutes of saying "i'm scared" a bajillion times...the x3OG's convinced meh to buy an id bracelet for PHIL, that says "CHRYSTAL LOVES PHIL" ;] Soon, after we went to other stores and looked around and then we all left to go to WOW :D

Meh and Jesi got to WOW before Donna, Gigi, Jarrod, and Yvonne. And meh and Jesi were confused x] We didn't know what to do. It was our first time ever to go to WOW, and that didn't really help because everything was in Japanese ;p So, we just waited until we got a booth and the x3OGs got together to take pics. It was so freaking hawt in there! Everyone was sweating cuz it was packed! ;p It was fun though, even if we couldn't read the freaking screen ;p And then we didn't know that there was a time limit for choosing 6 pictures out of the like 15 pictures we took...so we only got to pick one cuz we took so long D: And then we decorated it with stuffies ;] Then I went to a different booth with Jesi so we can take pictures. It was funny cuz when we were looking for booths to use, i'd always accidentally barge in on the booths with people in them x] I DIDN'T MEAN TO! i just thought no one was there x] So meh and jesi finally found a booth and took AMAZING pictures ;] IT WAS SO FUN! And the booth that we were at this time, didn't have a time limit...so we could take our time, which was unfortunate for the x3OGS cuz we DID have a time limit ;[ Oh well, it was fun anyways! Then we separated again, and meh and jesi went to go eat at Yoshinoya before the show so we wouldn't be hungry later ;] PSHHHHH, I wasn't even hungry, I was too freaking excited!

After we ate, muh mommy dropped meh and jesi off at the San Diego Sports Arena. I called uhp Donna and we met and stayed infront of the tour buses ;] It was so FREAKING COLD! It was windy too D: Jarrod kept like yelling cuz he didn't have a jacket x] Poor jarrod. So I got to bond with the SD x3OGS ;] It was really fun :D It wasn't awkward or anything, I was very comfortable with staying with them :D We saw many of the dance crew members coming in and out of the tour buses buht we saw Ben Chung the most ahah.

Then Brian and Brent finally came! Lol when they came I said "who's gonna say hi to them first?" "ohkay I will x]" LOL so I like skipped/fast walked to Brian and hugged him. Aha and then Brian introduced meh to his brother Brent :] It was weird cuz I spent most of muh time with Brent instead of Brian ... that's ohkay x] hahah he was so nice. and it was weird how it was never awkward and it was muh first time meeting Brent too x]

Then time went on and then all of a sudden two guys with like nacho libre masks ran out of the tour buses into the parking lot. Everyone was like "who's that?" AHHA. I asked Donna and she was like "it's Do-Knock and RJ!" and I was like "OMG!!" So we sort of followed them. Aha. They ran into this car and just sat inside for like 5 minutes. Soon, everyone started to crowd around buht not that many. There were probably like 10 people who waited early at the tour buses and then Do-Knock and RJ finally got out of the car and started to run back LOL. I was making fun of Do-Knock cuz of the way he was running ahaha sorry. They went back inside into their tour buses so we waited by the fences and stuff again :] Then Do-Knock, RJ [still in his nacho libre mask], and Phi came out to the people waiting outside of the tour buses :D Do-Knock came to us and he remembered us and talked to us and stuff. I don't think we took a picture :[ I think he had to go somewhere or something. WHOOO then RJ came to us x] he took off his nacho libre mask though so ahhaha. OMG when RJ came to us he directly went to meh and Donna and gave us a hug AHHHHHH! Then we asked if we could take a x3OG picture with him hehehe :] OMG THEN KEVIN FREAKING BREWER CAME. We also took a group picture with him hehe omg he smells so good. LOL when yooh meet him, yooh gotta smell him HAHA. Everyone was like mobbing Kevin when he really had to go ... buht he was nice and calmly said he had to go and took quick pictures with people that really wanted one :] He's so nice. So we waited again the show was gonna start soon. We actually saw Chris Gatdula come in his car with someone lol. I thought Phil was with him buht I couldn't tell. Then Jarrod's daddy passed by and he was at the tour buses and told us to come by and go through the fence. LOL we were like unsure cuz we didn't think we were allowed to. Buht when we got to the tour buses BEN CHUNG WAS THERE! We all got hugs from him hehe he was so nice! Buht then the poopoo security guard told us to leave because we weren't allowed to go past the fence ... WHOOPS. ahhah oh well. So we waited outside a little more and Kevin came out again real quick to meet with his wife. It was funny cuz meh and Brian started taking pictures of them and Donna was like "GOSH GUYS! paparazzi!" And meh and Brian were like "WHOOPS" x] we didn't mean to :[ I mean, they were right there x]

Then the show was about to start, most of the x3OGs sat together ... Brian and Brent were uhp more ... and Gigi and Jarrod were down more and the rest were in the same area :] All of a sudden, I realized that one of muh best friends from elementary school was sitting right in front of meh! O.O OMGGG It's been like 10 years since i've last seen her! She was surprised I recognized her LOL It was so great to see her though :] THE SHOW WAAS FREAKING AMAZING MANNNN. During intermission we [x3OGS] moved forward to closer seats ahha cuz they were empty x] So yeaaa, and then right after the show was over ... we went straight to the tour buses and there was already a bunch of people surrounding them x] I WAS LIKE .. DANGGG O.O Buht everyone got to meet everyone from the crews which was really great :] OMGGGG Ohkay well I can't really go through EVERYONE I met buht yeaaa x] ahhaha i'll just go to the BIG HUMONGO moments x] haha

OMGGGGG Ohkay I WAS SO EFFING HAPPY! Like the people from the crews just went down the line of people cuz there was a fence so everyone was behind the fence. And even if i wasn't directly talking to PHIL OMG HE KEPT RESPONDING BACK TO MEH O.O I WAS LIKE .. "HOW CAN YOOH HEAR MEH? :D" I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY THOUGH! Like at one point i'd be like "OMG PHIL! YOU'RE SO NICE!" and then he'd turn to meh from afar and smile and say "THANK YOOH!" OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG then when he was a little bit closer to meh I was like "Awhh, he got yvonne's bear!" and PHIL heard meh again and went "yeaa! I got it for muh birthday! :]" OMGGGGGGGGGGGG LOL LIKE ARE YOOH FREAKING SERIOUS? HOW OMG YOU'RE SO FREAKING AMAZING PHIL! LOL Then it was muh turn to have muh moment with Phil AHHHH! So when he first came I was like

MEH: "Hi Phil :D I don't know if yooh want this ... I made it for yooh ... it's says 'Chrystal loves Phil' ...yeaaa i dunno if yooh want it ... cuz if yooh don't want it ... i'll have it"
PHIL: "Yooh made this?"
MEH: "yeaaa!"
PHIL: "Oh It's dope, thank yooh"
PHIL: "Chrystal? that's yooh?"
MEH: "OMG YES :D AHHHHHH :D can i get a picture?"
PHIL: " *holds bracelet uhp to the camera* "


MEH: "Ummm, can yooh sign muh shirt please? :D Yooh can sign with this [blue marker] or with this [black sharpie] ohh ohkay nevermind x]" LOL, cuz he already took muh blue marker and was signing muh shirt already HAHAHHAHA
MEH: "yooh should come to chatzy :]"
PHIL: "chatzy?"
MEH: "yeaa chatzy :D" LOL I think this was the part when I was suppose to explain buht I didn't LOL I WASN'T THINKING! So, we just left it at that x] Then he continued down the line :] OMG when he was with the person next to meh I went

PHIL: "Wait what happened? o.O"
MEH: "I called yooh Phi D: "
PHIL: "Yooh called meh Phi ... :[ *pretends he's crying by putting his finger and running down his face*"
OMGGGGG and then again ... when he was a little bit farther down the line I went

MARYGRACE: "I LOVE YOOH TOO!" LOL she said it real quick after meh

Then we met with more people then Do-Knock came by and he pointed to meh and was all like
DO-KNOCK: " I remember yooh! Can I have a hug?"
MEH: " O.O YOOH DO? WAIT OHKAY! :D" *hugs*
DO-KNOCK: "Yea, I remember yooh guys from the birthday greeting :]"
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do-knock has the best memory ever LOL x]

Then when we saw Chris he immediately said "Ayy we gave a shoutout to yooh guys, jabbafam, in an interview" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D [by the way, we still haven't seen it LOL] THEN OMG THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT EVERRRRRRRR OMGGGGGGGGGGG. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Well, all of the x3OGs pretty much stayed until the end. LOL we left when the tour buses left hahha. BUHT ANYWAYS ... OMG ohkay there wasn't as much people as before and PHIL i guess already finished going down the line of fans so he was moreso near the tourbuses talking to some of the employees. LOL, I was watching him though [sorry if that sounds creepy AHHA] And when he turned and started walking in our direction ... I immediately put muh hands out waiting for him to give meh a hug LOL ... BUHT THEN FREAKING RJ took Phil away to a different area and started dancing LOL RJ started dancing apologize and OMG I WAS SCREAMING SO MUCH LOL They're freaking hilarious mannnnn...

Ohkay so then Phil was in the middle and there were a group of people on each side: one on his left and one on his right. There was no one in the middle and everyone was screaming for him to come over LOL So Phil wasn't sure on which group to go to AHAHA So he was like "uhh, eenie meenie miny mo aha nahh i'm playing" and then he was like "... I'll meet yooh guys in the middle" So Marygrace [who was on the left side] and I [who was on the right side] STARTED RUNNING TO THE MIDDLE AHHAHA I freaking jumped over an obstacle course LOL and then for some reason BOTH MEH AND MARYGRACE trippp buht I grabbed Marygrace before she could fall and then Phil was like "Don't hurt yourself now" LOL And I hugged Phil before Marygrace HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phil was laughing cuz I left Marygrace to hug him LOL AHAHAAHA And again I started freaking out so he was giggling/chuckling to himself ROFL. Then, we asked Phil if we could get a JabbaFamx3OG picture with him and we got one :D AHHHH! I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO PHIL HEHHEHHEHHEH Then we got some alone time with Phil with the x3OGS. He kept asking us questions like "who designed the shirts?" AND HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT MEH OMGG I was like "O.O" for a few seconds LOL and answered him and he was like "they're ill" :D Then I dunno how we got to this point buht for some reason I think we were saying that Phil helped us with the shirts so I freaking turned around and went "SEE! :D" and showed him muh butt butt cuz of the shirt ... AND PHIL ACTUALLY LOOKED HAHAHAHAHHAH I WAS LIKE "O.O WHOA" AHHAAHHAAHAHHAAHHH LOLLLLLLLLL I dunno x] it was so freaking amazing ohhhmann. I dunno... I felt like he paid so much attention to us it was CRAZY. AHHHHHHHHH! I WAS JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY OMG.

Then we pretty much hungout with RJ for most of the time. LOL, when RJ was on the phone with Kay ... Donna was like "TOUCH IT! TOUCH HIS ABS! he won't mind" LOL so I did ... and RJ like shivered OMG. THEY'RE SO FREAKING HARD. YOOH CAN BREAK YOUR HAND TOUCHING IT IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL HAHAHAHAHAH we got a second group picture with RJ ahha. Buht yeaaa he didn't want to leave and get back on the tour bus so he stayed outside with us for a long time x] then he finally decided to slowly walk to the tour bus hahah then KEVIN STAYED WITH US! :D OMG, Kevin smells soooo good x] HAHA we stayed with him until the end and he just talked with us and stuff :] and we got a group picture with him also :D Buht yeaaaaaa that's pretty much it. I'm pretty sure I forgot some stuff buht it was such an amazing day ... SO OVERWHELMING. IT FELT LIKE SUCH A DREAM! I'm so thankful and I feel so so so so blessed :]

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Macy's Passport Celebrity Catwalk Challenge

While 6 of the JabbaWockeeZ are touring the US for ABDC Live, the other 4 JabbaWockeeZ [Joe, Eddie, Saso, and Randy] are on the Macy Passport tour. Tonight at 8pm, on NBC, yooh can catch some of the JabbaWockeeZ while they were on the Macy Passport tour ;] DON'T MISS IT!

"Celebrities participate in rigorous training and put their reputations on the runway in the department store's signature Passport fashion show; the Pussycat Dolls, Fall Out Boy, Ne-Yo and JabbaWockeeZ perform" -AOL Television

"The special, which also integrates behind-the-scenes footage from the actual 2008 Macy's Passport fashion show, will also air October 12 on USA (1-2 a.m. ET) and Bravo (5-6 p.m. ET), as well as October 13 on Oxygen (8-9 p.m. ET). Special coverage of the event other behind-the-scenes moments will also air during the October 11th episode of Telemundo's "Nitido." - www.allyourtv.com

Thursday, October 9, 2008

JabbaTV finally online!

Ahahaha, I know ALOT OF PEOPLE have been questioning when the JabbaWockeeZ site will be active ;] I have been waiting too! Well, IT'S ACTIVE RIGHT NOW! :D Go check it out ;p Click here.

Happy Burfdae Ronnie Abaldonado! :D

Today is Ronnie's burfdae! JabbaFamx3OG made him a birthday video as well ;] Hope yooh like it Ronnie and I hope you'll enjoy watching it while on tour! :D Thanks Rhea for making it again! ;]

Monday, October 6, 2008

JBWKZ Clothing Line at Macy's

Don't forget! The new JabbaWockeeZ clothing line will be opening at Macy's THIS WEEK, on the West Coast. Save uhp that money...cuz they got some DOPE shirts! ;]

Happy Burfdae Muh Phil Tayag! ;D

Tomorrow, October 7th, is Phil Tayag's 24th burfdae! Once again, JabbaFamx3OG has made a birthday vid as a special gift to help celebrate his birthday while on the tour ;] I HOPE THIS BRINGS A SMILE TO YOUR FACE LIKE YOOH ALWAYS DO TO MEH! :D Thanks rhea, you're the best at making vids! x]

JBWKZ Clothing Line Website Updated

Yooh can now visit the site to find more information about the JabbaWockeeZ ;] Check out the new limited edition "Roadie T" BUY IT NOW! Click here to see! :D

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fil-Am Fest 2008

Yesterdae, I attended Fil-Am Fest with a couple of friends. The main reason I went was to support a friend who was performing, Mark Mejia. Buht I got so much more out of the event other than Mark's amazing SOULFUL singing. I got to talk to old childhood friends, made acquaintances with AMC, and met some of the x3OG's of JabbaFam. It was an AMAZING DAY ;] At first, meh and trisha [who I brought with meh] didn't know what to do, because it was our first time to EVER attend this event..even though it happens every year and we live right there x] hahahah, well I don't live there anymore..buht I use to ;] So, we just walked around...looked at the booths. OMG. There were shirts EVERYWHERE, that I so wanted to buy! OMG, and I saw a guy wearing the same filipino star thingy hat that PHIL was wearing to the Gary Valenciano concert! Ahaha, oh and so many people were wearing JabbaWockeeZ gear, preferably the filipino colors. I also saw people reppin Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w ;] Probably the first thing I did, was buy a shirt at the Armory booth x] hahhaa. I JUST HAD TO! It was only $20 too ;] I was happy :D

Mark Mejia performed with two other people completing the group called AMC- Albert, Mark, and Caton ;] They were AMAZING. It was funny, cuz there were a BUNCH of girls screaming Albert and Mark's name..and I could just see them giggling on stage x] Hahahah. I was screaming their names too! aahhaha, and squealing whenever Mark would sing with his SOULFUL voice :D I'm not sure what the first song they sang was..buht I know they peformed 3 songs: This I Promise You, and Something Special. Something Special, was the BEST! Everything about that performance, was like PERFECT! x] During the performance I looked into the crowd because the ENTIRE day I was looking for Marygrace from JabbaFamx3OG. I saw before from the back of her head [oh, i'm good ;p] and I just couldn't find her! Like meh and trisha kept going around trying to look for her, buht I just couldn't ;[ Buht when AMC was performing, I gestured her to come over and sit down. AHHA, it was funny cuz once we saw each other our faces just gleamed ;] I was so happy I finally found her! So after AMC finished performing, meh and Marygrace got to talk and it was really funny because we were so comfortable with talking to each other. Like, there was no awkward silences or anything ;] I LAHHHBED IT! And then we took pictures x] By the way, i'm just a LITTLE BIT taller than her x] HHEHHE.

So after that, we basically just walked around and stuff. OMG, and then I caught uhp with one of muh FIRST BEST FRIENDS ever! It's been almost THREE years since we've last seen each other! I spotted her, and she spotted meh...and OMG. ahhhaa our faces! We both had "O" shaped mouths when we saw each other and we quickly ran to each other for a BIG hug ;] I was so happy :D I walked with muh friends who included AMC..ahhaha. So, about every five seconds Albert would scream "OMG! YOU'RE MARK MEJIA! DIDN'T YOOH WIN STAR SEARCH!?" "OMG. YOOH BEAT DAVID ARCHULETA!" "AHHHHH! ITS MARK MEJIA!" ahahhahah. and people would look and then ask Mark for pictures x] Hhahha, I was in on it too x] I would scream "AHHHH! ITS MARK! OMG YOU'RE AMAZING!" ahhhah, it was fun/funny :D Actually, all muh friends were in on it x] it was funny watching all the people reactions x] People would point and go "OMG, go get a picture with him!", "Hey, it's MARK!", and people would just smile and try to make eye contact with him x] HAHHA. it was HILARIOUS. I would laugh hysterically whenever someone wanted a picture or autograph x] hahahah and Mark would laugh at meh for laughing at him x] Yup.

Then, we just walked around..ate some food..took pictures.. and met uhp with people again and yea ;] We wanted to watch some performances so we went to the big stage. Right when we got there BAMBU from LA was performing ;] I've never heard of him before..buht right when I heard him I was like "OMG, I lahhhb him. He's so good!" And everything he rapped about was so true and he had that sense of understanding about the things happening in the world and he used his talent to speak out ;] YUP, AMAZING. After BAMBU performed, the dance competition started. There were so many great peformances, buht the one I really want to point out was IDK. They were so hard-hitting and fun! They brought alot of energy to the crowd ;] There were other groups that were amazing, buht I only want to talk about IDK x] sorry, other crews ;p

After the dance competition, Ashley Robles performed! She's so pretty ;] LOL, a bunch of guys and girls were crazy for her! HAHAHAH, and whenever she reached her hand out to the crowd...they would go crazy and grab her! AHHAHAHHH, I thought it was funny x] and one of the guys was like "OMG. I touched her 8 times!" x] I got to touch her hand TWO times ;p cuz that group of people kept hogging all the space ;p Buht it was fun ;] And then after she performed...I ran to the end of the stage to get a picture with her ;p She was so nice!

Monday, September 29, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew Live! in New Jersey

Too bad I don't live in New Jersey ;[ LOL, most of all... TOO BAD I CAN'T DANCE! x] Buht I would still be there! :D

Ben Chung's first time on Chatzy!

YES! he finally came! He came to chatzy two days ago, buht I didn't have enough time to blog about it x] Two more jabbas to go, and then we'll have EVERY SINGLE JABBA on chatzy ;] *ehem*kevin and PHIL*ehem* ;p Ben was very tired since they're still on tour buht he spent at least 7 minutes with us because his eyes were starting to hurt like Phi's x] HAHA. I wasn't in the convo because Ben came right after I left...bad timing, righhhh?

Here are parts of the convo:
btek: whoa
btek: never been onhere
Kay x3OG: hows the tour?
btek: tour is dope
Yvonne.x3OG: Is this really you BEn?
btek: umm no its not really me
rheaaa x3OG: ...
Kay x3OG: ?
Yvonne.x3OG: haha
btek: jk
Kay x3OG: oh
Jessicax3OG: LOL
faithinmydestiny x3OG: I didnt think so.....lol
rheaaa x3OG: hahah x]
rheaaa x3OG: yeah dont tease
faithinmydestiny x3OG hey Ben.....did you ever get the bday video we made you?
btek: yes i did
btek: thank you for that
btek: i got it when i was in malaysia
btek: i was sick too,...that made me feel a lil better
rheaaa x3OG: yaaay
Debb: a LITTLE? haha
btek: a lot!
btek: my eyes hurt
btek: i love all of you

And yeaaaa ;] He's AMAZING :D And for those who will be attending ABDC Tour Live!.. yooh might not wanna watch the video below. I will be attending the show in San Diego and i'm already ruining the show for myself..OH WELL x] I just couldn't resist! OHHHMAHHGAWD. I like fainted/died when PHIL!:DDD pops his chest at 1:04! x] AHHHHHHHH!! *faints* OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. and at 2:12... O.O WOW. *faints* DO 'YO THANNG BEN!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow, i haven't been blogging in a while. School just keeps getting in the way ;p Buht anyways...not last night, buht the night before...I HAD ANOTHER DREAM ABOUT PHIL TAYAG! :D Hehehehhe x] i'm just gonna list what happened in muh AMAZING dream[in order] :

- I was at a JabbaWockeeZ performance with muh friend, Jessica, who I attended school with 7th and 8th grade. I'm in 11th grade, and I haven't seen her since ;p
-The JabbaWockeeZ weren't in their costumes, they were in their regular clothes ;] I only noticed PHIL x] He was wearing PURPLE! and purple is currently muh favorite color ;D
- At the end of their performance, PHIL tazered a girl o.O I KNOW, WEIRD. The tazer was huge too, it was bigger than him and he could carry it with cute wittle body x] The top of the tazer was weird...it was the top of a toilet bowl O.O ahhahaha.
- When he was tazering the girl x]... I screamed "AHHHHHH!! PHIL!!" buht he didn't look at meh...and I got a little disappointed.

- After that, when the crowd was all hyped and screaming for the Jabbas... PHIL ran over to give a high five to muh friend, Jessica D: and then he CHIN-CHECKED HER! D: and went back to the stage [chin check is a game I play ALL THE TIME at school with muh friends] and she was like "i'm so sorry! i know you're like in love with PHIL. I don't even know what "chin-check" is!" >;[ And I was kinda sad and happy at the same time. First of all, I was sad because PHIL didn't even notice meh...and happy cuz PHIL knew what chin-check was!
- Then the Jabbas kept performing and I kept muh eyes glued on PHIL x] hehehe. And he then walked to the back of the room and stood against the wall as if he was a security guard and just stood there x] HHEHE, he's so funnayyy! The other jabbas were still performing too.
- I needed to go to the bathrooom [seriously I did, not just so I can pass by PHIL on the way to the potty ;p]
- So, I told Jessica that I needed to go, so we walked to the bathroom.. and WE HAD to pass by PHIL in order to go the the bathroom. And as we were about the pass by PHIL... PHIL looks at meh and OPENS HIS ARMS OUT TO MEH FOR A HUG! :DDDD I was like "YAY!" x] and I got so happy/excited, I ran into his arms and hugged him ;D
- We both laughed, and I got to hear his adorable/hilarious laugh ;]
- PHIL was trying to give a group hug so Jessica could be in it, buht I hugged him all by myself >;] and then he chuckled again :D

And then some other stuff happened, buht that's not as important... CUZ PHIL WASN'T THERE! ;p Yupppp, that was SOME dream x] I was so happy for the rest of the day ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
6 Amazing
1 Not so great

Monday, September 15, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ and Leona Lewis "Forgive Me"

Finally the Leona Lewis' music video has been released! I know many JabbaWockeeZ fans have been anticipating for the video to be shown ;] So here it is! GAHHHH, I LAHHHB THEM JABBAS :DD
Leona Lewis - Forgive me
Wondering where I get updates on the JabbaWockeeZ? Wonder no more, click here to read updates on the JabbaWockeeZ and anything related to the Jabbas on Donna's blogspot ;]


Another member of SuperWockeeZ came into chatzy? Yup, that's right. Eddie Gutierrez from the JabbaWockeeZ came into chatzy earlier today to share some time with JabbaFamx3OG ;] He's such an awesome person ;D

I'll be posting some parts of the convo later on this week ;]

Happy Burfdae Phi Nguyen! ;]

Yeeeeaappp, another burfdae vid from JabbaFamx3OG ;] Thanks to rheaa for making the vid. I hope yooh like LAHHHHB IT PHI! :D

Part 1

Part 2 ;]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

KabaModern Added to ABDC Live Tour

That's right! KabaModern will be performing with the other five crews in Los Angeles and San Diego shows ;] YEEEE, I will be attending the show in San Diego. Click here for more info about new additions about ABDC Live.

Sexy Vexy >;]

[thanks to Kai for pic]

VEX FROM SUPER CR3W CAME TO CHATZY! FINALLY! x] Hahahha. He came by to talk to JabbaFamx3OG for the first time, before he left for the ABDC Live tour. What an AMAZING guy. Alot of people said he was like a mini Joe Larot ;p HEHE, it's TRUE! Vex is adorable ;]

WARNING: this is not the ENTIRE convo, just snips of it ;]

kay x3OG: how are you?
v3x: im good just trying to get things done before i leave
v3x: and I wanted to make sure I came in here before i left for tour [how sweet is he? ;D]
`christinakins;x3OG: haha Vex how did you find out about chatzy?
v3x: i get messeged like everyday about chatzy
v3x: ahaha

kay x3OG: sorry if we bother you lol
v3x: no its ok
v3x: the jabba shirts are cool
rheaaa x3OG: hehhehe :D
v3x: I want one

v3x: I love jabba
v3x: im there biggest fan [LOL. uhh.. x]]
kay x3OG: hey!

rheaaa x3OG: hahahha x]
Fefa x3OG: hahahhahaha
v3x: haha
kay x3OG: you came to the right chatzy then :D
`christinakins;x3OG: i have to disagree with you on that vex. i think jabbafam are their biggest fans ;] haha

darius x3OG: vex is jabbafam too, so yay! xD
v3x: i can deal with being a close second biggetst fan
kay x3OG: can you speak fluent tagalog?
v3x: I cant speak fluently no
v3x: but i can understand
Thao-Mix3OG: Vex do you like apples?! :D
v3x: i want to get a tattoo of an apple

Fefa x3OG: lmfao
`christinakins;x3OG: LOL

kay x3OG: "BAKIT WHY.I DON'T KNOW.BAKIT WHY.EWAN KO" HAHA that interview was funny
Fefa x3OG: hahaha
v3x: lol
v3x: i just recently saw that

v3x: its a good one

v3x: in about an hour
v3x: I actually have to leave
v3x: i gotta shave and stuff

chrystalx3OG: LOL.
kay x3OG: lmao
v3x: i look kinda grimey right now
rheaaa x3OG: shave ...
chrystalx3OG: hahahhaha
rheaaa x3OG: x]]
chrystalx3OG: NO YOOH DON'T.

v3x: or shiv i mean
v3x: haha thank you

darius x3OG still in shock kinda,
Fefa x3OG: just saying...darius hella love u vex =]
v3x: I love darius too [hehehhe]

v3x: I love reading all the messages im just sorry that i cant respond to all of them
chrystalx3OG: LOOK OUT FOR JABBAFAMx3OG SHIRTS VEX! ;] we all over the globe ;p
v3x: haha fo sho [HEHEHE x]]
`christinakins;x3OG: vex knows what the shirts look like right? do you need a reminder? lol
v3x: i seen it
v3x: the jabbas wore it all day
[AHHHHHHH!!! do-knock said the SAME thing! x]]

v3x: they love the shirts btw

v3x: k guys gotta go
v3x: talk to you all later [HEHE. ;D]

v3x: take care
v3x: exercise regularly
v3x: take your vitamins
v3x: and dont forget to wash behind the ears
v3x: byeeeeeeeeee

Vex is so funnnayyyyy ;]

[thanks to darius for pic]

Honeywithsole and Blogging America's Best Dance Crew

Donna and Blogging America's Best Dance Crew came together to interview the crews who will be apart of the ABDC tour during their ABDC Live rehearsals. The crews who will be performing are the JabbaWockeeZ, BreakSk8te, Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w, and A.S.I.I.D. CLICK HERE to hear interviews from the crews ;] And CLICK HERE for pictures. Stay tuned for more... Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w, and the JabbaWockeeZ are still to come! ;D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Much Fun ;]

I spent most of today with muh amazing adiing kay ;] We were webcamming from 10am to 8pm x] THAT'S A LOONNNGGG TIME, HUH? It's ohkay, I had so much fun :D She's the BEST! Basically, we spent the ENTIRE day together. Nothing is better than spending time with your adorable, lovable, dope adiing :D Let's see what we did...hhahaha. We:

-watched youtube vids
-wore our JabbaWockeeZ shirts and JabbaFamx3OG shirts
-talked about PHIL TAYAG and the other jabbas [phil is our favorite x]]
-learn the choreography to one of PHI NGUYEN'S youtube vids

-took pictures! :D




Friday, September 12, 2008

"HAHAH BE JEALOUS! And that's the word from Swaggerboy himself"

WOW. All I can say is WOW. Donna and Somo are the luckiest girls in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. They got to meet uhp with the JabbaWockeeZ and gave our JabbaFamx3OG shirts to them. AHHHHHH! PHIL!! x] I lahhhhhb them Jabbas ;]

click to see Donna's blogspot ;]


Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a day... ;]

I haven't been blogging in such a long time. School has gotten meh so busy. And I haven't been able to talk to the JabbaFamx3OG and some of the jabbas...and i miss them so dearly. Buht today was pretty much...weird/nerve racking/amazing/fun. I go to a co-ed catholic high school..and today we had mass with the entire school. And i'm apart of the school choir so I got to sing a solo with MARK MEJIA! :] OHHMAHHGAWDD. he's so amazing..everytime he sings...i like wanna cry because he's THAT good. It's funny because yesterdae, when we were rehearsing for the first time with the band and all of the choir members...after mark sang...ALL THE GIRLS SCREAMED! x] hahhaha. He's so good...and so I shared muh solo with mark... i don't really care about how I did..buht after mark sang..i heard people go "awhhh" :DDD He's so dang good. I'm glad we sang together ;] YUP. Soon after the mass, as I was walking around school..so many people came uhp to meh and went "good job!" or "yooh were so good!" or "i heard yooh sing!" AHAHHAHAHAH. wow. i only sang like 8 words. x] I'M NOT TRYING TO BRAG THOUGH. i'm just typing what happened x] I felt special though ;] hehheheh.

OHHHH! and i found out that joe and eddie has been coming into chatzy ! Buht each time joe came in...no one was in there ;[ so he just left a little message to tell the rest of the fam ;] he's so nice and considerate ;D and then eddie was in chatzy this morning too! buht i wasn't there...AGAIN. freaking school is keeping meh from talking to the jabbas ;p ahhahah oh well. x]

Monday, September 1, 2008


WOW. I found out so many amazing things this morning...I just wish I was there... ;p Ohkay, I found out that the new JBWKZ clothing line is gonna be selling at MACY'S. OHHMAHHGAWWD. isn't that amazing? That's like mind blowing. ANDD!! I was told that Do-Knock was on blogtv last night..buht I wasn't able to get on since I wasn't at home ;[ BUHHHTT!! I heard that he "tried" to do the JabbaFam sign and he saved our b-day vid to him on his phone!! ;DDD Isn't that amazing? PSHHH, I sure think it is. ;] Like I said.. "Do-Knock is wonderful...and hilarious" ;D

AND..I had ANOTHER dream about the Jabbas x] It was really weird buht i'll just talk about the parts that I can explain and the parts I remember. I won't go in order... i'll just list ;p:

- There were people in the JabbaWockeeZ that are not really from the JabbaWockeeZ there
- We were in some store like target or walmart. It was like a warehouse o.O
- for some reason..I don't think MUH PHIL was there ;[ same with kevin and joe because for some reason meh and kay were screaming "where's kevin and joe?"
- I was like with Rynan for a long period of time talking to him about the JabbaFamx3OG
- Kay and Christine [for some strange reason her name was Raich...buht it was Christine] x] came out of nowhere because I guess I notified them that I was with Rynan and the Jabbas
- Then, I asked Kay to take a picture of meh and Rynan. I asked him to take a picture of meh hugging him, and I was like tip-toeing and his shoulders were so BROAD and STRONG x] Haha. And then for some reason muh camera was being retarded, so I was left hugging Rynan for a LOONNGGGG time x] Buht it was ohkay ;] and then he started swinging meh around in circles as I was still hugging him x] AHAHHA. it was freaking hilarious.
- Meh and Kay started singing songs that Rynan had sang in some of the youtube vids Rynan had been in, and he started singing with us!

yeaaaaaa, that's pretty much all I remember. It was such a great dream x]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
5 Amazing
1 Not so great

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Stressful First Week of School

WOW. its finally friday. I was so freaking tired this whole entire week. I guess it's because I was constantly on the computer non-stop talking to muh AMAZING JABBFAMx3OG, that I needed alot of sleep. ROFL. I kept falling asleep in like all of my classes x] I DON'T MEAN TO, it's just...i'm so freaking tired. Buht i'm good I guess. Since I have a three day weekend and I can catch uhp on muh sleep and get to talk on chatzy to muh AMAZING JABBAFAMx3OG, YEEEEE ;] I missed those guys so much! Every five seconds [even when I was falling asleep, LOL.] I'd be like, "I miss JabbaFamx3OG, I miss chatzy, I miss JABBAWOCKEEZ!" Yooh can even ask muh friends...THEY KNOW. Ahahahhaa. OHHH! and muh friend keeps arguing with meh whether Ben Chung is korean or chinese. And I keep telling her that BEN CHUNG IS KOREAN! Buht she keeps saying that he's chinese...and i'm like..NO. She kept saying that CHUNG is a chinese last name, so I texted Tascha about it and she said she had korean friends with the last name CHUNG. Hmmm, don't yooh think i'm right? x] Yup, even though i'm back at school i'm still thinking about the JabbaFamx3OG and the JabbaWockeeZ ;D LOL. in all muh assignments for school that have to do with describing myself...I ALWAYS mentioned the JabbaWockeeZ x] It's true, I do. ;]

AND YESTERDAE....I TOOK A FREE DANCE CLASS WITH MUH FRIEND JESI !! :D It was freaking fun and hilarious. This was muh second ever hip hop dance class ;] I had so much fun, the choreographer was so funny. I loved the part when he said "WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA" when we were dancing...buht yooh just had to be there to hear it. x] HAHA.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today is Jonathan Guy Cruz's BURFDAE! ;] I didn't get to blog yesterdae, buht he stopped by chatzy again! I'm so glad Kay called meh uhp to tell meh he was on. I couldn't believe it. He went on chatzy...and not on blogtv! Isn't the JabbaFamx3OG lucky?? x] JUST KEEDING. He's just so amazing. He made muh heart stop so many times again! I was smiling, blushing, jumpy, and light-headed. GAHHHHH...I lahhhhb Do-Knock ;] Oh and I found out that he didn't say "chatzy" in the post show...he said "jessie" ;[ HAHA. Well it kinda sounded like "chatzy"! ;p It's ohkay the JabbaFam has MAD LOVE for Do-Knock and Super Cr3w and the JabbaWockeeZ! :DD [i'll post some parts of the convo later...MAYBE ;p]

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Burfdae Do-Knock!

Do-knock's b-day is tomorrow, August 24th. And the AMAZING JabbaFamx3OG made a special b-day vid just for him thanks to Rhea ;] He is such an amazing person, and he deserves everything that he has been given. I LAHHHHB YOOH DO-KNOCK! "Muh heart felt like it stopped because it felt so much lahhhb from Do-Knock that it couldn't take so much and it just had to stop beating. x] " - - - It's true, Do-Knock makes muh heart stop x]

And i'm SUPPAH glad some of the x3OG's got to meet and take pictures with Do-Knock at the ABDC Season 2 Finale ;] YAY! :DDD Lucky BUTT BUTTS!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Randy and Saso from the JabbaWockeeZ! :D

So, I was "reading" muh summer reading book and all of a sudden..I had a feeling that I should be on chatzy talking to muh JabbaFamx3OG. And when I sign on...RANDY AND SASO WERE THERE! :D I was like, wow. I'm like psychic or something x] JUST KEEDING. So, here are muh favorite moments from the chat ;] There were more, buht I gotta keep those a secret x]

bboykingsaso: hi
wish1: hi
chrystalx3OG: hehehhehhe. x] randy and saso said hi to meh x] *giggle*giggle*
chrystalx3OG: are yooh getting alot of rest RANDY AND SASO? ;]
bboykingsaso: NO, haha
wish1: rest? what is this word rest?
bboykingsaso: yeah, what is that word rest?
wish1: just to make sure we keep it fresh, we get no sleep.
bboykingsaso: yo i cant even remember the last time i got any resty
chrystalx3OG: joe says HE MISSES SLEEP. ;]
wish1: i need to sleep for about a week.
wish1: naps. heh. how bout hybernation [awhh! POOR BABIES!]
bboykingsaso: i remember

hahhha, I asked Saso last time if he remembered and he said yes x] I know, buht I wanted to ask him again ;p HEHEHHE. THE BEST. ;D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew: Season 2 Finale

WOW. ALL I CAN SAY IS..WOW. This was such an amazing show! I couldn't stop screaming everytime I saw MUH PHIL TAYAG on tv! I'd be 2 inches away, screaming at the tv screen. OMG. I got so light-headed. x] MUH PHIL!! Buht this was such an awesome show, like no doubt this is THE BEST DANCE SHOW..EVER!! I'm so glad that Super Cr3w won ;] They totally deserved it especially with their story and their bboy style. SUPERWOCKEEZ! [credit to kay] I'm happy that Super Cr3w gave recognition to the mexicans during last weeks show. This show, they gave recognition to the filipinos! ;] WHOOOO! FILIPINO! FILIPINO! x]

SoRealCru&SuperCr3w Performance
Muh favorite part of this whole entire performance was with Do-Knock and Andrew. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Do-Knock gliding! I was like..."PSHHH, he's all trying to be like Andrew! x]" and I giggled when I saw Andrew trying to do the Superman thing ;p This whole performance showed that BATTLE feel. I enjoyed seeing both crews portraying each other, showing their opponents style and getting to understand it more. OVERALL...it was a TIGHHHHHHHHHHT performance ;D

Did yooh notice when Do-Knock pushed Brian when the shane was speaking to the crews, after that performance?? x] I COULDN'T STOP GIGGLING.

West Coast Performance
We all know that West Coast ALWAYS has the best performance. I mean, COME ON. Supreme Soul, Fanny Pak, ANNDDD Super Cr3w? I lahhhhhbed how they all incorporated each crews style and put it into one. Their whole entire performance was basically muh favorite of the night. LIKE SERIOUSLY. It was crazy good. ;] Muh favorite part was when all three crews came together and did intricate hand movements like Supreme Soul!! :D

Children's Hospital
I was really touched by this segment. I was already tearing when I heard Mario saying that the crews took time out of their busy schedule to be with the kids. The idea of seeing a child die at a young age is heart-breaking...not being able to experience life because of their sickness. Having that special prom for them, just brings a smile on muh face getting to see them enjoy that time getting to experience it. And seeing the SoReal and Super Cr3w with those wonderful kids...just makes yooh think twice about how yooh should be living your life. I'm glad the top 2 crews go to give back ;]

When the judges were speaking their last words to the top 2 crews...LilMama said something very clever that just caught muh ears x] : "No matter what. Y'all are So..Real..Super..Crews!" I was just so amazed on how clever and smart she was when she said that ;]
AND DO-KNOCK GAVE ANOTHER SHOUTOUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CHATZY!! YEEEEE, JABBAFAMx3OG! ;] I'm extremely happy for the x3OG's that went to the finale. Yooh lucky BUTT BUTTS! >;]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do-Knock On Live Chat Again ;]

It has been exactly an hour since Do-Knock logged off from taking time to talk to his fans. Do-Knock is absolutely unbelieveable for setting aside time for his fans, especially when he has a hectic schedule and is rehearsing for the ABDC finale. Do-Knock is extremely considerate and just fun-loving. That's what makes everybody lahhhhhb him ;] OHHHMAHHGAWDD. I was so caught off guard again with him saying muh name. Muh heart like stopped. I was talking to Kay and Christine while on live chat with Do-Knock, and they got to see muh response to what he said. I like couldn't stop screaming and squealing. I was all tingly all over and I just couldn't believe he actually said that! :D

Muh heart felt like it stopped because it felt so much lahhhb from Do-Knock that it couldn't take so much and it just had to stop beating. x] Soon after the whole HEART STOP BEATING THING...I got all light-headed and it felt like I was in a dream because it felt so...SURREAL. And the funny thing is..I didn't even ask him to say muh name! All I kept saying to him was that he should really get his rest because I know he has been working his butt butt off to win this competition...and this is what he said to meh. ;] GAHHHHHHHHHH. today was full of video chatting...I got to talk to Adiing Kay, Brian, Christine, Cassey, and Donna[well, she had no webcam;p]

Not only did he give lahhhhhb to his fans, he gave SPECIAL lahhhhb to the JabbaFamx3OG ;] YEEEEE! To all the people at chatzy ;D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoutouts from JabbaWockeeZ to JabbaFamx3OG

OMG. I KNOW. This is freaking amazing. Like i'm so glad that the JabbaWockeeZ are familiar with us and actually remembered some of the things that happened in chatzy ;] YUP. THE BEST. Thanks to Wendy for getting these shoutouts! YOU'RE THE BEST WENDY!

Shoutouts from Saso, Phi, Belle[Rynan's Wife] and Eddie

Shoutout from Rynan ;D

Video Chattin' With Muh Adiing Kay

OMG. Today was so much fun, only because I got to video chat with kay! She totally made muh day x] We took many pictures and goofed off ;] It was TONS OF FUN ;DD

Donna, Somo, and JabbaWockeeZ? ;D

LOL. I had AN AMAZING dream last night! :D I guess there was a JabbaWockeeZ concert uhp on a two story building...o.O weird, I know. And we had to look down on the ground to watch the Jabbas perform..because they were performing on the..ground?! x] We had to sit on our butt butt's, leg's criss-crossed like yooh use to do in kindergarden ;D And I was with muh friend, Jesi, sitting all nicely trying to look all innocent and Donna comes out of nowhere and surprises meh! I was so happy and excited to meet her! We hugged and she was so adorable and sweet. And then Somo popped out of nowhere on the other side of meh in her pretty dress and hair and her outgoing-ness made meh smile and laugh. We hugged and got to meet each other for the first time and it was amazing. Like, meeting Somo and Donna is like meeting the Jabbas x] I just have that SPECIAL lahhhhb for them, already ;] Then we watched the concert on our butt butt's...and screamed at the top of our lungs for the Jabbas. THE END. x] AHHAHAHAH. that's all I can really remember, I know there's more. Buht yooh know how it is when yooh try to remember your dream..it just slowly fades away. I don't like that. ;p At least I remembered the FREAKING TIGHHHHHTT parts! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOOH GUYS IN REAL LIFE AT ABDC TOUR! x]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
4 Amazing
1 Not so good

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week 9: America's Best Dance Crew

OHHHDANNNGG. Three different peformances in one night? and only a week to prepare for it? O.O Tonights episode was so...INTENSE. So many great moments and it was simply a fun episode ;] SoReal Cru impressed meh tonight, buht i'm still with Super Cr3w ;D SUPERWOCKEEZ! [credit to kay]

Super Cr3w
Performance #1- I thought they were very smart with the whole beginning with Africa and ending with Africa. I didn't even notice they did that until JC pointed it out. It really touched meh that they did that ;] It was funny that Vex said he doesn't have hips and when he asked Do-Knock if he was getting it, and Do-Knock was like "ennhh...NO" AHAHAHHAHA. I also felt that it was a very long performance. I mean I was amazed they came uhp with that whole routine including the two other routines, within a week.
Performance #2- I really liked the whole "if ya feeling kinda fresh put yo 'S' to yo chest, if ya feeling kinda fly put yo 'S' to the sky!" It's very catchy and makes yooh wanna get uhp and dance ;D I thought they could have done a little more, buht PSHHHHH, yooh know I want Super Cr3w to win ;] And I disagreed with JC, when he said that the dance didn't have to be all about them. Well, they already had the whole hand thing down, they might as well use it? righh? Plus, the Super Cr3w hand sign is something that everybody knows them by. ;]
Performance #3- I enjoyed seeing each crew member having their little solo, well solo with a partner x] They got to show their best moves and why they made it to the top. And James Brown was a nice touch :D

SoReal Cru
Performance #1- I don't know about this performance. They were kinda sloppy and ailyn was kinda slow x] I'm sorry, if i'm being mean. Everyone looked very tired moving around, and they didn't have alot of energy to top it off. Buht it was an OH-KAY performance, and i'm not saying they're horrible..they're a great crew ;]
Performance #2- I really liked this performance. It was very catchy, smooth, and.. good. It didn't look like they tried hard to give good choreo and good moves, it was very...smart ;] I wanna dance to their dance craze too ;D From this performance, they finally got their energy back and showed why they're still in the competition.
Performance #3- I know everybody is gonna hate meh for this buht...THIS PERFORMANCE WAS MUH FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT :D I know they like dissed Super Cr3w, buht this is a battle. Like I expected to see something like that because IT IS A BATTLE. Not all competitions/battles are friendly. I actually laughed at all the parts when they dissed Super Cr3w because they were pretty clever. I don't know why I really like this performance, buht yooh know i'm for Super Cr3w ;]


Today was such a day ;] I figured out that I had a webcam sitting right next to meh, when it's been there for like EVERRR x] And I was like "hmmm, lemme see if this works"..AND IT DID! I got to talk to Chris and Adiing Kay! ;D I was so like amazed with what I could do x] It was so fun to do, too ! :D Buht anyways..Super Cr3w did a live chat at 2pm today ;D OMG. I was like so like "O.O" when I saw all the members of Super Cr3w talking to us. They did a little freestyle session in their bedroom..it was so TIGHHHHHHT. Buht everyone was typing in the chat, and Super Cr3w and I both couldn't keep track with everyone. I mean, there was 150 people in the chat. D: I'm so amazed they kept uhp and got to answer questions, make shoutouts, and be themselves. Someone from the JabbaFamx3OG asked for another shoutout and..WE GOT IT! :D

Do-Knock is so considerate for giving us another shoutout. WHOOOOO! He is seriously the BEST ;] Kay and I were also video chatting..and in the chat we kept typing "CAN YOOH PUHLEASE SAY CHRYSTAL AND KAY" or "SAY KAY AND CHRYSTAL PLEASE" x] And meh and kay swear we heard Do-Knock say our names buht the signal wasn't that great and it like froze D: Like we heard Do-Knock go "ka*static* and chry*static*" ;[ Buht it's ohkay, Do-Knock said he remembered meh yesterdae, so i'm good x] HEHEHHE. it was great to see all of Super Cr3w's members up close acting like their silly/goofy -selves.

"do u see so real chatting w/ their fans like this? i don't think so." - MIKE MURDA
"ronnie marry me" "UMM SURE"- RONNIE
"ben ur fine" "YOU'RE FINE ALSO, THANK YOOH" - BEN
"i'm single and ready to mingle" - RONNIE
"I can't just marry you, you have to romance me first" - MIKE MURDA
"Its too late to apologize!!!" - RJ/ROCKADILE
"ronnie take your shirt off" "NOOOO >.<" - RONNIE [heheh, he was shy]
"i can't see yooh can yooh see meh?" - ROCKADILE
"mahal kita homie" - ROCKADILE
"my name is not alex" - MIKE MURDA x] [HAHAHAHH WTF? ALEX?]
"YOOH NEED TO STOP TYPING! we .. can't.. read ;D" - VEX
"if you're feeling kinda fresh throw your S to yo chest, if you're feelin kinda fly throw yo S to the sky! SUPER CR3W! SUPER CR3W! SUPER CR3W!" - SUPER CR3W
"i'm not sexy" - VEX

And I ended uhp talking to muh Adiing Kay on video chat for 3 hours o.O Yeaaa, I didn't know we talked for so long! Buht it was so fun, cuz we showed each other pictures of PHIL, sang songs together, and took pictures ;D Gahhh, it was so much fun x] YOU'RE THE BEST ADIING KAY!

Do-Knock and Mike Murda from Super Cr3w

OMG. I just finished doing a live chat with Do-Knock and Mike Murda! Their so kahhyooote on live chat. And Mike had no shirt on x] OHHMAHHGFREAKINGGAWD IT WAS AMAZING! :DDD Before the live chat, Do-knock and Mike Murda came into chatzy so they already know about the JabbaFamx3OG's. And when I typed "DO-KNOCK IS WONDERFUL..AND HILARIOUS- - remember meh?" I saw him go "fasho I remember yooh" ;DD AND I SMILED OH SO BIG. and then I asked him to give meh a shoutout and he's like "chrystal...shoutout.." AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so happy. He actually caught meh off guard, because I didn't think he would have seen muh request on the chat since so many people were typing at once. GAHHHH...Do-Knock made muh day. He also gave another shoutout to the JabbaFamx3OG's. Ahaha, buht it was funny cuz he didn't know how to say our name x] He said "JabbaFam ex... zero.. gee?" LOL. it's JabbaFam times three oh gee buht he tried ;D OMG. I LAHHHHHB YOOH DO-KNOCK AND MIKE MURDA! :D Thanks for taking time out of your day just to talk to your fans ;]
OMG. And since Do-Knock was in Star Search, I asked if he remembered Mark Mejia...and he's like "YEAA! I remember mark!" ;D Do-Knock is simply AMAZING ;]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Chatzy? D:

OHHHMAHHGAWDD. it's torture without chatzy and not talking to muh JabbaFamx3OG D: I miss yooh guys so much! I dunno, what i'd do without yooh guys...yooh guys are all such AMAZING people and i'm glad the JabbaWockeeZ brought us people together ;] ANOTHER REASON to lahhhhhb the Jabbas ;DD Buht today was pretty ohkay, I KINDA started on muh summer reading. I KNOW. 11 more days til school starts and I just started reading. I have freaking 2 books to read, a scrapbook to do, and 3 pages worth of responses to do D: I'm so behind, it's BADDD. Hopefully i'll actually get some of the book done tonight. PSHHHHH, I better. ;p

Monday, August 11, 2008

RJ From Supreme Soul's Shoutout to JabbaFamx3OG

UH HUH, that's right. x] AHAHAHHA, he didn't really say 'JabbaFam' buht it was close enough right? I LAHHHHHB YOOH RJ, YOOH SO FUNNAYY. ;p And he said "hella" LOL.

Thanks again Anne Marie for doing this! Yooh seriously are the best! :D


Ohkay, so basically all this weekend I couldn't really be on the computer cuz I was with muh parents most of the time. ;] And on saturday muh parents, muh nephew, and I decided to go to San Diego. And, Anne Marie texted meh when I was in the car that she's gonna ask RJ [from Supreme Soul] TO TALK TO MEH ON THE PHONE! Buht I couldn't, cuz I was in the car with muh parents and we just left to go to San Diego and I didn't want them to hear what i'd say cuz their SUPPAH strict. They'd be like "who's that?o.O" and be all uhp in muh business. D: So, I told the AMAZING Anne Marie that I couldn't and that I had to back down on the awesome opportunity.. ;[ Buht it's ohkay, cuz at least Anne Marie told meh today that she got to give muh message to RJ ! :D

Here's muh message:

And this is what Anne Marie told meh today:

anne marie x30G: lol CHRYSTAL i read off what u wanted me to tell him and he was like "AWWWW!!!! HOW CUTE NAMAN!!!" and he was like blushing ISH!!!!!! but he said "oh yea well i have the best laughs cuz my mouth is open from PRACTICE....JUST KIDDING" and i was like "wow that's what she said"

anne marie x30G: and then he said "WOAH YOU SAY THAT TOO!!!!!"

anne marie x30G: and then he also said "haha i like the part that she gets giggly and tingly inside, that's cute!"

OMG. Anne Marie totally made muh day when she told meh. x] Not only did Anne Marie make muh day..a few others made muh day too! :D Saso came to chatzy! And I asked him if he knew about the JabbaFamx3OG, and he said "i do" x] AHAHHAAH. And, he said he remembered signing a little elmo backpack ;D I couldn't save the convo though, cuz he cleared the room D: Buht it's ohkay, he made muh day. x] Who else made muh day? Rhea and Thao-Mi with their pictures of MUH PHIL! :D hehehhehe.