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Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow, i haven't been blogging in a while. School just keeps getting in the way ;p Buht anyways...not last night, buht the night before...I HAD ANOTHER DREAM ABOUT PHIL TAYAG! :D Hehehehhe x] i'm just gonna list what happened in muh AMAZING dream[in order] :

- I was at a JabbaWockeeZ performance with muh friend, Jessica, who I attended school with 7th and 8th grade. I'm in 11th grade, and I haven't seen her since ;p
-The JabbaWockeeZ weren't in their costumes, they were in their regular clothes ;] I only noticed PHIL x] He was wearing PURPLE! and purple is currently muh favorite color ;D
- At the end of their performance, PHIL tazered a girl o.O I KNOW, WEIRD. The tazer was huge too, it was bigger than him and he could carry it with cute wittle body x] The top of the tazer was weird...it was the top of a toilet bowl O.O ahhahaha.
- When he was tazering the girl x]... I screamed "AHHHHHH!! PHIL!!" buht he didn't look at meh...and I got a little disappointed.

- After that, when the crowd was all hyped and screaming for the Jabbas... PHIL ran over to give a high five to muh friend, Jessica D: and then he CHIN-CHECKED HER! D: and went back to the stage [chin check is a game I play ALL THE TIME at school with muh friends] and she was like "i'm so sorry! i know you're like in love with PHIL. I don't even know what "chin-check" is!" >;[ And I was kinda sad and happy at the same time. First of all, I was sad because PHIL didn't even notice meh...and happy cuz PHIL knew what chin-check was!
- Then the Jabbas kept performing and I kept muh eyes glued on PHIL x] hehehe. And he then walked to the back of the room and stood against the wall as if he was a security guard and just stood there x] HHEHE, he's so funnayyy! The other jabbas were still performing too.
- I needed to go to the bathrooom [seriously I did, not just so I can pass by PHIL on the way to the potty ;p]
- So, I told Jessica that I needed to go, so we walked to the bathroom.. and WE HAD to pass by PHIL in order to go the the bathroom. And as we were about the pass by PHIL... PHIL looks at meh and OPENS HIS ARMS OUT TO MEH FOR A HUG! :DDDD I was like "YAY!" x] and I got so happy/excited, I ran into his arms and hugged him ;D
- We both laughed, and I got to hear his adorable/hilarious laugh ;]
- PHIL was trying to give a group hug so Jessica could be in it, buht I hugged him all by myself >;] and then he chuckled again :D

And then some other stuff happened, buht that's not as important... CUZ PHIL WASN'T THERE! ;p Yupppp, that was SOME dream x] I was so happy for the rest of the day ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
6 Amazing
1 Not so great

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Thao-Meezy(: said...

Chin check ;]]


PHIL was trying to give a group hug so Jessica could be in it, buht I hugged him all by myself >;] and then he chuckled again :D