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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

48 Hours Special: Michael Jackson

The JabbaWockeeZ updated their twitter saying "THE_WOCKEEZ: We were honored to be interviewed for "48 Hours" special, "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces," anchored by Katie Couric. 10 PM ET." Be sure to tune in later tonight! :]

Watch CBS Videos Online

CBS states "With the sudden passing of Michael Jackson last week, millions of people around the world are paying their respects to the King of Pop, yet the circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery and raise even more questions about his life.

CBS News takes a look at both his legacy and the investigation into his death as part of the "48 Hours" special, "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces," anchored by Katie Couric on Tuesday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

With the probe under way, many are awaiting answers as to just what happened when Jackson collapsed, amid speculation about his use of prescription pain killers. The broadcast will take a look at Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who reportedly found Jackson not breathing, shortly before the singer’s death.

While Jackson’s music has brought joy to so many, his life was riddled with controversy. "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces," will step back and look at the man whose strained relationship with his family, poor body image and plastic surgery eventually eclipsed his talent. The broadcast will examine Jackson’s connection to the black community during his career as well as his legacy among musicians today and into the future.

In creating a pop-music dynasty, Jackson amassed a fortune, one that provided him a life of excess, eventually plunging him into debt. In the wake of his death, Jackson leaves behind an estate in financial upheaval, which will likely take years to untangle. And the fate of Jackson’s three children is also uncertain. The special will examine what lies ahead both financially and emotionally for those closest to him.

Despite all the questions that remain about who Michael Jackson really was, one thing is clear - his talent knew no boundaries and there has been no shortage of remembrances of his life and music. "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces,"will include the latest tributes - big and small - across the globe, including the memorable performances at the BET Awards, the more intimate gatherings of his fans and the memorial service taking place at the famed Apollo Theater. © MMIX, CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. "

Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking Habits Workshop

ohkayyy well ... let's start from the beginning x] ahhaha well i got to the studio .. i made muh wittle nephew come with meh cuz i was so scared buht he kinda wanted to go anyways so i was like "OHKAY :D COME WITH MEH!" AHHAA i was so scared x] So i enter the studio ... and like no one was there and i was like "is this right? o.O" in muh head and it was. HAHA i was just too early x] so i got muh wristband and paid for muh entry and stuff and then i sat down and started shaking like CRAZYYYYY then i saw eddie and saso rehearsing in the studio O.O I WAS LIKE OMGOGMGOOGOMGMOOMOMGOMMOG right when i looked in .. saso was looking and i waved :D AND THEN HE WAVED :D they were rehearsing and i was like the only student outside waiting .. i was like .. WHERE IS EVERYONE?!?! D: so as i was shaking like crazy i started to text a few people cuz i didn't know what to do x] saso came out of the studio and he came to meh and said hi and we hugged :DDD OMG ROFL HE CAME OUT IN A MASQUERADE MASK o.O and then he went back in :] LOL and then finally people started coming :D then later .. EDDIE CAME OUT! :D and he walked towards meh and he was like


then he went back in LOL then i waited and waited and waited and then class started OMGOGMOGMOOMOMOMGOM right when i went into the studio i went STRAIGHT to them unlike everyone else LOL i was like

SASO: "YEEEE JABBAFAM :D" [something like that x]]
SASO: "i was gonna wear muh jabbafam shirt today"
MEH: "mehh too buht i didn't want to get it all dirty"
SASO: "yeaa same here i didn't want it to get dirty x]" LOL and then like eddie asked
EDDIE: "is this your first class?"
MEH: "noo :]"
EDDIE: "REALLY??!?? you've taken one before? where?"
MEH: "yeaaa i took a class here"
EDDIE: "HERE? yooh took a breaking class here?"
MEH: " OHHH! noo.. x] ahha buht i took a class here x]"
EDDIE: "ohh ahah so this is your first time. we're gonna have fun aha. It's good we don't have alot of people so we can do more floorwork"
EDDIE: "did yooh bring your kneepads?"
MEH: "NOO D: sorry i forgot. is that bad?"
EDDIE: "noo it's fine it's just better to have kneepads so yooh don't injure yourself"
and then saso showed his kneepads and started doing his amazing bboy moves LOL.

ohkayyyyyy so we started class and then like we went over basics like history of hip hop and saso asked the most easiest question ever : "what does the B in bboy/bgirl mean?" NO ONE ANSWERED THOUGH .. LOL AND SASO LOOKED AT MEH BUHT I DIDN'T ANSWER x] I JUST SMILED ROFL and then he answered and stuff and then eddie went over more history stuff and then we stretched ROFLFLF HERE'S THE FREAKING HILARIOUS PART so when we were stretching we had to put our hand over our head [left arm over head leaning to the right] and like yooh know how your ARMPITS / KILIKILI is showing?? WELL, when we were doing that i saw saso put his other hand over his armpit so he wouldn't show it. ROFLFLLF AND HE SAW MEH THROUGH THE MIRROR AND WE BOTH STARTED LAUGHING AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I WAS LIKE IN MUH HEAD "what's wrong? LOL NO HAR?" x] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD!! OMG YOOH KNOW THAT BGIRL [THE YOUNGEST ONE] IN ROCK SO FRESH!??!! well, she was dancing right next to meh i was like OMGGGG. She's so good x] buht yeaa x] LOL eddie and saso were making fun of her saying she's really 27 and that she's getting married and that she has a kid outside ROFL AHHAHAHAHAHHHA and then yea x] OMGGGG SASO WAS FREAKING HILAROUS HE WAS MAKING EDDIE CRACK UHP SO BAD AHAHHAHAH like the things he did was funny i can't really like do it buht i dunno x] LOL like when eddie said not to do a move a certain way ... SASO WOULD DO IT AND IT WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS and thennn yeaaaaa ... i failed for a bit x] cuz i was kinda slowwww and it was kinda scary cuz EDDIE&SASO were watching meh x] and then it was over :[ and everyone left .. and then i was like I NEED A PICTURE D: so i went to saso and i was like

MEH: "is it okay if we can get a picture? like is it allowed? x]"
SASO: "yeaaa i think so :]"

then i took the picture got hugs from both of them :D OMGOMGOMG HEHEHE. then i asked if eddie and saso are going to the NKOTB tour and eddie said that they're "supposed to" D: I HOPE THEY DO GO! x] and then eddie was like "tell jabbafam i love them :]" or "send jabbafam muh love :]" something like that x] I DUNNO D: HE SAID JABBAFAM THOUGH x] by the way ... i was the second one to get the baby freeze uhp BAHAHAHA and saso saw and he was like "THERE YOOH GO! YOOH GOT IT! :D" well that's because kay taught meh x] THANK YOOH ADIING!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Greatest Dancer, Singer, Artist, and Performer

This is just for meh to vent ... WOW. I seriously do not believe it. Like, are yooh freaking serious? I know i'm a little young and i wasn't born when Michael Jackson was sportin his music buht still. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO MICHAEL JACKSON IS. He's an icon. I mean, everyone of all ages/races knows about MJ. Just everything that he's done. He's inspired singers, musicians, and dancers that have become who they are today. Think about it. Alot of artists say that their inspiration comes from MJ ... without MJ ... do you still think they'd be where they are now? For meh without MJ, no JabbaWockeeZ D: and that's just DEVASTATING. He has that unique style that no one has. He has sponsered and showed love to the world. He has done so much for the world that it's all hard to keep track of. Seriously, i can go on and on and on. This is such a horrible day and we should just all pray and remininsce the days of the Great Michael Jackson.


NKOTB Waffle House After Party

It is a tradition that some of the NKOTB guys go to a waffle house after their performance. Here is a clip of them at one of their waffle house parties after their NKOTB Full Service Tour show :] I spy two JabbaWockeeZ!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JBWKZ.com Updated!

Visit their updated site now! Click here to see their new video On the Road with NKOTB :]

Sunday, June 14, 2009


OHKKAYYYYYY. let's start from the beginning:
mmk, so we got there...and there were like dancers everywhere yooh turned like world of dance, we couldn't go in [meh&friend] cuz the person that had our wristbands were not there yet ... so we had to wait until they got there. so we waited. then i texted donna telling her that i'm outside and she came over and we talked for a bit :] finally we go in and donna leaves to go to her interview area and i go sit down. the show finally started :D OMG FREAKING AMAZING DANCERS AHHHH.. then during intermission meh and muh friend decided to go get some shirts..and right before that BBOY CYPHERS started so EDDIE&SASO performed! :D i didn't know it was them at first, buht then i saw them and i was like "is that eddie&saso? o.O "i couldn't really tell cuz we were seated kinda far. buht it was! so we left right after they performed and luckily right after we bought our shirts saso popped out of nowhere and i go:

MEH: "SASOOOOO! :D *with muh arms reaching out* from jabbafam!"LOLLLLLL
SASO: "o.O ... ohh heyyy! uhhh, sorry i'm all sweaty" ROFL
MEH: "noo it's ohkay *hugs* i don't care if you're sweaty :] ...ohh wait, yooh are sweaty.. *wipes handon pants*"
MEH: "awhh! yeaaa, i knew it was yooh uhp there performing :] i couldn't tell cuz we were far away" [we talk about our seats and blah blah]
MEH: "can i get a picture real quick?"
SASO: "yeaa! *bboy pose*"
MEH:" where's eddie?"
SASO: "he's judging" [i knew that already buht i thought it was intermission][meh&friend talk to saso about intermission and how it was short]
SASO: "hi, and who are yooh? *to muh friend*"
FRIEND: "ohh, i'm stephanie"
SASO: "are yooh from jabbafam?"
FRIEND: "ohh nooo sorry x]"
SASO: "why not?"
MEH: "ohh noo! buht she's still a fan :D" and yeaa and then he had to go x]

sooooo..we finish off the show and it finished. and then we exited off to where the shirts were and meh and muh friend kept going back and forth cuz i was looking for eddie x] i really didn't want to leave body rock without seeing eddie :[ so meh and muh friend didn't give uhp and then out of nowhere i saw eddie and i go:

MEH: "EDDIEEEE! *hands reaching out and hugs* i've been looking for yooh everywhere!"
EDDIE: "ohh yooh have? well, here i am :D here, come follow us to the front"


EDDIE: "you're short *to muh friend* how old are yooh?"
FRIEND: "seventeen?"
EDDIE: "ohh you're short, you're not gonna grow anymore"
EDDIE: "NO! i'm just teasing. yooh know i'm teasing. I got
plenty of short friends like saso..."
EDDIE: "YEA! saso... phil..."
we finally reach the booth :]
SASO: "yooh found him!"
then we stop and eddie&saso talk for a little
MEH: "ohh eddie, i made yooh a poster x]"
i give the poster to him and then eddie and saso look at it and start cracking uhp x] ROFLLL
SASO: "yooh should have put 'GO PERV'"
EDDIE: "i'ma hang this uhp in muh room"
LOL, i didn't even give it to him.he just took it. HAHAHHAHHAH buht... OHKAY :D
MEH: "picture? :D"
EDDIE: "AYY RONNIE! come over here!"
then we take a picture again.
EDDIE: "you're gonna put that all over chatzy and be all like 'ayy everybody look i took a picture with eddie&saso!'"
MEH: "so yooh can throw pancit at eddie again?"

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH and then they showed meh how saso threw pancit at eddie HAHAHA it looked funny x] then yeaaaaaa i think that's it? i forgot :[ it went by so fast D: lol some girl came uhp to saso for an autograph and saso started talking to the girl thinking she was meh and saso goes:
"OHH! SORRY! i thought yooh were her *pointing at meh*

MEH: "whattt? x]"
SASO: "i thought she was yooh!"
MEH: "ohhh... uhhh. HAHAHH"
SASO: "SORRYY! cuz yooh were..and i thought... ahh, nevermind HAHA"

mmk sooooo..i kinda forgot this part right here x] buht i'll try muh best to remember,
IT WENT BY WAY TO FAST! OMG and it was so HAWT, and i was all light-headedand i swear muh knees were shaking x] ANYYWAYSSS...so, we just chilled for a few minutes and then i was like

MEH: "muh name is chrystal, by the way :]"

LOLLLL, now they do x] HAHHAHHAA and then i think it was time to go :[ so we all hugged each other, [HEHEHEHHE] and then we left :[ it was sooooo freaking amazing. and when we were leaving muh legs started shaking and i got light-headed again. HAHAHHAHAH YAY :D


Two night ago I had a jabba dream! HEHEHHEHE. Well, I think I was at a college ... buht for some reason there were like 12 year olds there from like those private schools and stuff. Then, I saw Luis from SGBM and he was so nice! It was like he was a celebrity cuz he was talking pictures and signing autographs wherever he went. I bumped into him and he recognized meh and he asked if I wanted to come with him to go to RYNAN's house and watch rynan dance. OMGOGMOGGMMG YESSSSSSSSS!! So I went with him ... LOL it was weird cuz rynan was living in one of those old-fashioned hawaii houses? yooh know, the ones kind of like lilo&stitch's house? YUP, THAT one. AHHAHA and rynan was living in SD ... buht it was like he was living in hawaii ... o.O I KNOWWWW, WEIRDDDDDD. LOL, that's pretty much all I remember though D: BUHT IT WAS SO WEIRD&FUNNY!

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
20 Amazing
1 Horrible

Thursday, June 11, 2009


OMGGG I CAN'T WAIT! I have to buy this when I'm at their show! :D

JabbaWockeeZ Official Website Updated!

Check it out now! Click here :]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breakin Habits Updates!

Come out and support! You don't wanna miss out on this! :]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WOW, Am I Clumsy or What?

OMG AHHHAAH, I just spoke to muh friend Monique and she told meh about her dream she had a few days ago. AHHAHA she said
" and and and and... you tripped over some girls leg right in front of phil but he caught youu! lmao xDDD oh and in my dream you tripped over ben and ben's all, oh my gosh im sorry XD do you want me to get phil for you!?"
Isn't that freaking hilarious?!??! I always trip in muh dreams with Phil, and now I tripped in muh friends dream too?? LOL, I even tripped infront of Phil in real life which is funny ahhaha. WOWWW, THAT'S JUST FREAKING HILARIOUS. haha.

Body Rock 2009 in San Diego