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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Two night ago I had a jabba dream! HEHEHHEHE. Well, I think I was at a college ... buht for some reason there were like 12 year olds there from like those private schools and stuff. Then, I saw Luis from SGBM and he was so nice! It was like he was a celebrity cuz he was talking pictures and signing autographs wherever he went. I bumped into him and he recognized meh and he asked if I wanted to come with him to go to RYNAN's house and watch rynan dance. OMGOGMOGGMMG YESSSSSSSSS!! So I went with him ... LOL it was weird cuz rynan was living in one of those old-fashioned hawaii houses? yooh know, the ones kind of like lilo&stitch's house? YUP, THAT one. AHHAHA and rynan was living in SD ... buht it was like he was living in hawaii ... o.O I KNOWWWW, WEIRDDDDDD. LOL, that's pretty much all I remember though D: BUHT IT WAS SO WEIRD&FUNNY!

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