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Monday, January 26, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Jeff 'Phi' Nguyen of the JabbaWockeeZ

Daniel from BuddyTv had the pleasure of interviewing Phi, one of the JabbaWockeeZ, season one champs of America's Best Dance Crew. Click here to listen to the interview! ;]

Do-Knock and Phistyles Battle it Out on the ABDC Stage

Watch when Do-knock from Super Cr3w and Phi from JabbaWockeeZ [both winners of ABDC Season 1 and Season 2] battle it out during a commerical break for an ABDC taping. So incredibly funny! x]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w BLOWOUT SALE!

Take advantage of this sale now! Go to www.armoryhiphop.com or your nearest Sheikh or Against All Odds store ;]

Friday, January 9, 2009

Guest Judge on Episode 1 of ABDC Season 3?

That's right! And the guest judge taking J.C. Chasez's place for the season premiere episode is...KID RAINEN OF THE JABBAWOCKEEZ! OOMG, yesss i know...it's FREAKING amazing :D Gives yooh another reason to watch the season premiere of America's Best Dance Crew! Tune in at 10pm pacific time on January 15th to watch!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crews Appearing on Season 3 of ABDC

Yup! They have finally been announced ;] According to Donna, the crews that have made the show are:
- Beat Freakz [YEEEEE!]
- Boxcuttuhz [AHHHH!]
- Dynamic Edition
- Fly Chicks
- Main Event
- Quest [YES!]
- Team Millenia [FINALLY!]
- The Strikers


New Member of Full Force Crew?

Watch Kid Rainen of the JabbaWockeeZ Joins Full Force Crew on RawVegas.tv

That's right! None other than Rynan from the JabbaWockeeZ! Congratulations Rynan! ;] And not only was this the night for Rynan, buht also the 14th anniversary of Full Force Crew :D

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Burfdae Vex! :D

Today is Vex's burfdae! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEX! :D Thank yooh again for Rhea from JabbaFamx3OG for making this vid ;] LOL, hopefully no one will TICKLE ATTACK yooh on your special burfdae x] AHHAH, even though I want someone to >;]

Happy Birthday Vex from rhea on Vimeo.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Story of JabbaFamx3OG

Alot of questions about JabbaFamx3OG have come uhp and i'm apart of this group, so I decided to blog about our story ;]
Is it a crew? No. We have some dancers, buht not an OFFICIAL CREW x]
Is it a gang? ROFL. it consists of TRIPLE ORIGINAL GANGSTUHHS ;p buht no.
What is JabbaFamx3OG?
Well, it is a family. A family brought together through the love of the JabbaWockeeZ during the summer of '08. A family coming from completely different backgrounds, environments, and ethnicities buht share the same love, respect, and praise for the JabbaWockeeZ. We're found all over the world including Puerto Rico, Guam, and all over the states. It's weird how we got together really...we just CLICKED ;] We came together on July 6th, 2008 in a chatroom called CHATZY, a chatzy made for JabbaWockeeZ fans to talk about their favorite dance crew amongst other fans instead of annoying their friends going on and on about the JabbaWockeeZ. Haha. Soon enough, we kept talking and got to know each other as time went on and formed JabbaFamx3OG on July 16th, 2008. From then on, we started getting noticed by the JabbaWockeeZ and decided to make a JabbaFamx3OG shirt showing our love for them. We didn't think that we'd be talking to the Jabbas from time to time, buht it is TRULY a blessing having them to take some time out of their busy schedule to come talk to us ;] "JABBAWOCKEEZ LOVE THEIR FANS", they truly do ;D Sharing this love helps us keep JabbaFamx3OG together. We help each other with our problems, talk to each other when we need someone to be there, or just have fun joking around ;] There's no doubt about how strong the bond is in this family.

"One family. One Love. Jabbafamx3OG" - Eddie Gutierrez

And They're Back!

Recently i've been having MANY jabbawockeez dreams cuz I miss them so much, buht I never really rememebered them because they were so weird. x] Buht I had a dream last night that was so freaking amazing that I tried muh hardest to remember it all.

So...meh and muh Adiing Kay were supposedly at a store waiting for the JabbaWockeeZ to come meet with us. The first people we saw were Rynan and his wife Belle. Rynan spotted us, buht looked at us weird because he wasn't sure if he was looking at the right people from JabbaFamx3OG. Meh and Adiing Kay giggled and told Rynan that it's us x] AHAHAH. And then we all hugged and when I hugged Belle I immediately told her "awwh you're so pretty!" AHAHA, and I did the same for Rynan :D Then we talked and then Phi, Eddie, and PHIL [OMG] came out of nowhere to meet with us. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. Meh and Adiing Kay were so freaking happy cuz we're JabbaWockeeZ lovers, buht mostly PHIL LOVERS ;p We talked and stuff buht I don't really remember what we talked about. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE, we all huddled uhp and started singing "We Are the Champions" AHAHAHAHAHH. Like we all grabbed each other's waists [OHHMAHFREAKINGGAWD] ahhahah and sang that song...IN THE MIDDLE OF A STORE. And I was standing next to PHIL when we were singing, buht I was sick at the time and kept coughing so everytime PHIL was trying to put his hand on muh waist... I TURNED AWAY TO COUGH D: [by the way this is still going on as we're singing] i know...i was so disappointed x] AHAHA. and then we had to leave because the Jabbas were heading somewhere for a performance or something ;]

When we said our "goodbyes" we all hugged and stuff and all that jazz :D I even said "good bye" to muh Adiing Kay since she had to leave. Then I got suppah excited cuz i met uhp with muh friend Jesi and told her that PHIL was trying to put his hand on muh waist x] [YES, I KNOW THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN BUHT THIS IS MUH DREAM >;] HAHAHA] Then I think Rynan, Belle, Phi, Eddie, and PHIL got into a car and drove off, buht for some reason meh and muh family got into our car and followed them x] LOL. PHIL was driving and he backed uhp into a store that was under construction O.O buht we followed them anyways. By the way, it was just meh and Jesi at the time...adiing kay is gone ;[ ANYWAYS...we got out of the car and talked to the jabbas again x] HAHAH, i know it's weird..when we just said bye to them ;p We talked and stuff and then they had to leave again.. ;[ so we said our "goodbyes" and hugged..AGAIN. So we walked away, buht then i turned around and PHIL turned around and I waved bye to him [from afar] and blew kisses to him [ROFL, I DON'T REALLY DO THAT IN REAL LIFE] buht then PHIL gestured meh to come over to him. So i did ;]

And so we walked together on a dirt field [cuz remember this was at a store that was underconstruction] And then, I guess at the time I thought that PHIL didn't remember meh so i was like "I don't know if yooh remember meh, buht i'm the one who gave yooh the..." and we said "BRACELET" at the same time :D i was like WHOA O.O ahhahha. And then he was like "i want to give yooh something" so he started drawing a cartoon for meh x] Out of nowhere he had a piece of paper and a pen in his hand O.O WEIRD AHHAH. LOL, it was really random. And while PHIL was drawing a cartoon for meh... i went to talk to Jesi, buht then Jesi left meh to talk to PHIL to ask if she can get something from him. Then, Jesi walked back to meh and was like "he won't make meh anything. He'll only do it for yooh" and i was like "SORRY D:, i dunno." After a while, I went to PHIL and asked if he could make something for Adiing Kay.. buht he didn't answer meh D: and then he gave the cartoon to meh and it was FREAKING HILARIOUS. i don't remember what it said buht it was very random and funny x] I liked his handwriting :D Then he told meh to come with him into this store/shack thingy and Kevin Brewer was there! And I guess it was a MINI partayyy in a wittle store/shack thingy and i think this is how far i can go x] cuz i don't think I remember what happens next x] buht i know that at the end MEH AND PHIL HUG :D ahhahh, that's it :D it was a FREAKING AMAZING DREAM, I KNOW x]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
9 Amazing
1 Not so great

ohkay, that NOT SO GREAT dream was weird and horrible and it wasn't ENTIRELY about the JabbaWockeeZ...so i think i'm just gonna leave that out now x]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
9 Amazing ;]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

G Commercial featuring the JabbaWockeeZ and more

Gatorade commercial shown during the Rose Bowl 1/01/2009 ;] I have been looking for this EVERYWHERE! I saw a tiny bit of it on tv...buht I ONLY saw HALF of a JabbaWockee and I have been looking for this commercial ever since x] THANKS RAFRANZ FOR FINDING IT! :D and for whatsg1965 on youtube for posting it uhp! ;] Maybe this entry from Stock Market Analysis will help yooh understand the buzz about this commercial:

"This is way off topic, but if anyone was watching the rose bowl and saw the G commercial tonight 1/1/09, it was for Gatorade. Gatorade the company is re branding and it looks as though they are succeeding. The G commercial, featuring lil wayne, is on top of Google Hot Trends tonight.The commercial didn't go into detail and you could not tell what it was about....but Gatorade succeeded because everyone is searching for it trying to figure out what it was about. I was confused until I thought about it for a little while. I then remembered Derek Jeter was in it.Companies out there, Take Note!....do cool commercials with cool people and make your audience so curious they have to search and find out what it is."