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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Story of JabbaFamx3OG

Alot of questions about JabbaFamx3OG have come uhp and i'm apart of this group, so I decided to blog about our story ;]
Is it a crew? No. We have some dancers, buht not an OFFICIAL CREW x]
Is it a gang? ROFL. it consists of TRIPLE ORIGINAL GANGSTUHHS ;p buht no.
What is JabbaFamx3OG?
Well, it is a family. A family brought together through the love of the JabbaWockeeZ during the summer of '08. A family coming from completely different backgrounds, environments, and ethnicities buht share the same love, respect, and praise for the JabbaWockeeZ. We're found all over the world including Puerto Rico, Guam, and all over the states. It's weird how we got together really...we just CLICKED ;] We came together on July 6th, 2008 in a chatroom called CHATZY, a chatzy made for JabbaWockeeZ fans to talk about their favorite dance crew amongst other fans instead of annoying their friends going on and on about the JabbaWockeeZ. Haha. Soon enough, we kept talking and got to know each other as time went on and formed JabbaFamx3OG on July 16th, 2008. From then on, we started getting noticed by the JabbaWockeeZ and decided to make a JabbaFamx3OG shirt showing our love for them. We didn't think that we'd be talking to the Jabbas from time to time, buht it is TRULY a blessing having them to take some time out of their busy schedule to come talk to us ;] "JABBAWOCKEEZ LOVE THEIR FANS", they truly do ;D Sharing this love helps us keep JabbaFamx3OG together. We help each other with our problems, talk to each other when we need someone to be there, or just have fun joking around ;] There's no doubt about how strong the bond is in this family.

"One family. One Love. Jabbafamx3OG" - Eddie Gutierrez

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