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Sunday, March 29, 2009


OMG, i'm so jealous for those who attended/are attending the New Kids on the Block Tour. First of all, there's actually a MEET&GREET at the end of the show for the people that want to meet the JabbaWockeeZ.. Second, if you're close enough to the stage the jabbas might toss yooh one of their exclusive bandanas during their performance...Third, YOOH GET AN EXCLUSIVE PASS TO BUYING SHIRTS FROM THEIR SPRING LINE!! D: Gahhhh...i'm so jealous. I wish I could go, buht I can't. It's $100 for the one i'm suppose to attend, and there are NO assigned seating. Yeaaaaaa, kind of icky -_____- if only I can go... x]

"SB NO BS" ;]

LOL, i recently had ANOTHER jabba dream ;] well, technically PHIL buht yooh know what i mean :D Buht, it's not really fresh in muh mind so i dunno if i can really blog about it ;[ buht if i have the time and remember it again... i'll FORSURE come back and blog about it ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
14 Amazing ;]

Sunday, March 15, 2009


OMG. The jabba dreams are back x] I really miss them ;p Well, again...this is a really weird dream like muh other dreams so i'll try muh best to explain them ahah. Well, I think I was at this stadium...like one of those little stadiums that yooh would go to at an amusement park for like a show. And for some reason I was soaking wet o.O Like, I was in a red shirt and muh hair was dripping wet. And I guess I went to the stadium gate and Phil was there! And he had a towel with him ;] It was a really dirty towel though, like it had all these car oil stains and stuff HAHA. Phil saw meh and his face lit uhp and he gave the towel to meh :D I still used the towel even though it was dirty haha, buht I didn't get dirty or anything, it was a clean towel ;] So meh and Phil walk over to a spot in the stadium to sit down on and there was like a show going on. I think it was like a zoo show? I dunno, there were animals aahaha. OMG, and then I was like "Are yooh ohkay Phil? ;]" and then he was like "Now that you're here ;]" AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I got so happy when he said that x] He just kept looking at meh too. Then, after a while when we were watching the show... I was like "yooh know who i'm thinking about constantly?" and he's like "who?" and i'm like "YOOH." and then we both smiled :D AHAHA, it was the best ;] And for some reason muh mommy was there o.O buht she was kinda far away so she didn't hear what meh and Phil were saying ;p HAAH, and then the rest of the dream got even weirder ...

I think it was the day of World of Dance Tour Pomona, and the jabbawockeez were suppose to perform? or just be there x] And for some strange reason... Phil went by himself o.O And we were in line, and he was like 10 people behind meh and I just kept getting ways for meh&him to bump into each other... awwhh man, now I forgot x] ROFL. ahhaha, I don't really remember this part of the dream D: buht it was weird&funny ;] hahha, I miss the JabbaWockeeZ x] MORE DREAMS PUHLEASE :D HAHAHA.

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
13 Amazing ;]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

FOB Crew

OMG, these people are freaking amazing! Cassey, JabbaFamx3OG reppin in a red jabba shirt, with her amazing dancing skills :D I wish I could dance like her!

JabbaWockeeZ Interview with TVGuide - NKOTB Tour

Heart&Sole - SuperGalacticBeatManipulators

OHHHMAHHGAWDD. I GOT TO WATCH FREAKING SGBM PERFORM! AHHHHHHHHHHH! and they were at muh school! x] Which is REALLY weird, cuz muh school is way far from having a dance crew perform there ;p hahaha. BUHT OMG! SO FREAKING AMAZING! AHHH! And I got to meet cookie boy and he was so nice ;] ahah, all of the people from SGBM are so nice...AND PRETTY! :D LOL. I'm so glad I got to see them in person.. then after the show we got a group picture which was really nice x] and while we were taking pictures one of the SGBM boys was like "dang, we should charge $2 a picture x]" AHAHA. It was fun! :D I hope to see them again ;]

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shoutout to Meh! FROM RJ PUNO! :D

AHHHHHHHHHH! Monique got meh a shoutout from RJ when Super Cr3w had a meet&greet in Glendale :D I soooooooooooo was not expecting this x] I was just checking muh myspace comments and then .. BOOM! "RJ's shoutout to chrystal" AHHHHHHHHH!! Thank yooh again Monique! ;] YOU'RE THE BEST! :D And monique said that RJ blew a kiss right after, buht she stopped the recording too soon x] ahah it's ohkay, if she said that he did ... I BELIEVE HER! x]

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Day in Downtown San Diego

I haven't blogged about muh OWN life in a while x] Basically, i've been updating yooh guys on the JabbaWockeeZ and such. So, yesterdae I had a short day at school so I went downtown with muh friends jesi and mark. We went to Horton Plaza to go eat lunch and I hated it. AHA, well we ate cheese fries which was SUPPAH good .. buht when we sat at a table I hated the freaking birds that were around us. There was this HUMONGO ugly pigeon that wouldn't stop "PURRR"-ing and I just wanted to kick it. ROFL, I know i'm mean. Then when we were eating a different pigeon went near meh and freaking went poopie..ew, and I saw -____- YUCK. Also, when were eating so many birds kept flying over our heads and they were like a centimeter close from hitting us. OMG, I HATE BIRDS. Ahaha, and then we left Horton Plaza to go look at stores downtown ;]

Everything was pretty much walking distance, so it was fun to walk around ;] Jesi pretty much knew where everything was so it was easy to walk :D The first store we went to was The Attic. OMG. SUCH AN AMAZING STORE! Yooh gotta check it out, when you're in downtown San Diego. I lahhhhb all the clothes, shoes, and accessories there ;] I was in awe cuz I saw so many things that reminded meh of the JabbaWockeeZ x] They had Crooks&Castles, Stussy, and The Hundreds merchandise! I didn't want to buy anything because I only had $10 ... buht then the guy working there was like "Oh, over there are some shirts on sale for $10-15" and I was like OMG! ARE YOOH SERIOUS! And when I was checking out the shirts.. I found a PURPLE, V-NECK STUSSY SHIRT. All the things I want in a shirt and more! :D AHHHHHHHH! So, I got it ;] After that, I kept saying "I'M SO HAPPY :D" the entire time we were in downtown x] HAHA, I was so happy that I got the shirt x] i'm STILL so happy :D

Then we went to Tribal ;] Another store that reminded meh of the JabbaWockeeZ :D That store is mostly for guys buht we went in anyways :D After that, we went to 5&A Dime :] Which is where So Real Cru had their meet&greet. It's a pretty small store, buht it's really nice. They had Crooks&Castles hats which reminded meh of the JabbaWockeeZ .. of course x] So, we left because meh and jesi already spent our money on our stussy shirts ;p Then jesi, mark, and I were off to go to the Armory ;] hahah, JABBAWOCKEEZ. The Armory store is really small there, buht it had the usual merchandise all Armory stores had.

So, I had a fun time yesterdae in downtown san diego ;]

More Jabba Dreams?

Yup, recently i've had three jabba dreams :D Buht, they're not LONG enough for meh to go into detail and I don't remember all of it x] So, sorry for those people who think muh dreams are really entertaing ;p Maybe i'll have a REALLY good dream to blog about later x] Haha. I sure do miss them JabbaWockeeZ though ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
12 Amazing ;]