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Sunday, March 15, 2009


OMG. The jabba dreams are back x] I really miss them ;p Well, again...this is a really weird dream like muh other dreams so i'll try muh best to explain them ahah. Well, I think I was at this stadium...like one of those little stadiums that yooh would go to at an amusement park for like a show. And for some reason I was soaking wet o.O Like, I was in a red shirt and muh hair was dripping wet. And I guess I went to the stadium gate and Phil was there! And he had a towel with him ;] It was a really dirty towel though, like it had all these car oil stains and stuff HAHA. Phil saw meh and his face lit uhp and he gave the towel to meh :D I still used the towel even though it was dirty haha, buht I didn't get dirty or anything, it was a clean towel ;] So meh and Phil walk over to a spot in the stadium to sit down on and there was like a show going on. I think it was like a zoo show? I dunno, there were animals aahaha. OMG, and then I was like "Are yooh ohkay Phil? ;]" and then he was like "Now that you're here ;]" AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I got so happy when he said that x] He just kept looking at meh too. Then, after a while when we were watching the show... I was like "yooh know who i'm thinking about constantly?" and he's like "who?" and i'm like "YOOH." and then we both smiled :D AHAHA, it was the best ;] And for some reason muh mommy was there o.O buht she was kinda far away so she didn't hear what meh and Phil were saying ;p HAAH, and then the rest of the dream got even weirder ...

I think it was the day of World of Dance Tour Pomona, and the jabbawockeez were suppose to perform? or just be there x] And for some strange reason... Phil went by himself o.O And we were in line, and he was like 10 people behind meh and I just kept getting ways for meh&him to bump into each other... awwhh man, now I forgot x] ROFL. ahhaha, I don't really remember this part of the dream D: buht it was weird&funny ;] hahha, I miss the JabbaWockeeZ x] MORE DREAMS PUHLEASE :D HAHAHA.

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
13 Amazing ;]

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