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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Interview with Kevin Brewer: ABDC5 Auditions in NYC

"KEVIN BREWER - What the ride has been like since the win?: “It is definitely an unusual thing. I’m not used it… Having people running and screaming and wanting to get autographs is very weird. It’s cool. Very humbling. Initially, it’s like wow. It’s kind of crazy but we kind of got a little used to it…It’s just cool to see the inspiration on people’s faces when they talk to us or when we see them. It’s inspiring us to keep pushing forward and doing what we do ’cause we are ultimately doing it for them.”

What’s it like being an opening act for New Kids on the Block?: “We had come from a circuit where it was dance showcases, so we kind of looked at it from that perspective. In a dance showcase, you’re just a dance crew. People come sit down and they just watch different dance acts. So being an opening act, we kind of didn’t really look at it that way. It’s just business as usual. But the difference is the amount of people, the amount of eyes, we have on us. Being on tour with the New Kids, it really did help sharpen our performance…We are trying to put the dancing [out in] front.”

What’s next for Jabbawockeez?: “Currently, we are enjoying the holidays but once 2010 hits, it’s back to grinding. We got a couple of performances in January, I believe and there are prospects of going international for a while. All that stuff is in the works. I think 2010 will be a good year for us because it’s a blessing that we haven’t gone backwards so far…we have been moving forward. Hopefully, [we'll] keep the wind in our sails and keep going forward. "

Source: http://cwrite.wordpress.com/2009/12/24/getting-into-step-the-season-five-americas-best-dance-crew-auditions-in-nyc/


Go check out the boys' new updated website here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


AHHHHHHHHHH! I haven't had a jabba dream in so long! especially a PHIL dream LOL hehhehe. ohkay, so basically I was at school just walking around campus ... and all of a sudden, BOOOOOOM! I see Phil just walking and i'm like "NO FREAKING WAY. WHAT?! NO WAY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! PHILLLLLLL! AHHHHHHHHH!" and I start running towards him :D For some reason I thought no one from muh school would know who he is buht apparently EVERYONE knows who he is x] and everyone made a circle around PHIL screaming his name and stuff. Buht the funny thing was, everyone made a circle around PHIL ... buht everyone was so far away from him LOL PHIL was in the middle of the circle buht there was such a big GAP between him and everyone else HAHAHA. I got kinda mad too cuz everyone was screaming for PHIL x] I was like "NOOOO! STOP! HE'S MINE!" LOL and I went uhp to him saying "I'M FROM JABBAFAM!" and he just smiled x] he was really chill ... like he wasn't like scared, overwhelmed, or anything.

OMG and he was dressed so nice too! :'D I think he was wearing a white buttoned uhp shirt with a blue sweater vest ... :D HEHEHEHEH SO FREAKING AHHHH! LOL and then suddenly everyone was gone and it was just meh and him! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HEHHEHHEHE. So I asked him "wait, so how come you're here?" and he was like "i'm doing a show :]" and then that's like all I remember x] AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HE LOOKS SO FREAKING GOOD OMG buht yeaaaa that's pretty much it :D LOL

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
28 Amazing
1 Horrible