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Monday, September 29, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew Live! in New Jersey

Too bad I don't live in New Jersey ;[ LOL, most of all... TOO BAD I CAN'T DANCE! x] Buht I would still be there! :D

Ben Chung's first time on Chatzy!

YES! he finally came! He came to chatzy two days ago, buht I didn't have enough time to blog about it x] Two more jabbas to go, and then we'll have EVERY SINGLE JABBA on chatzy ;] *ehem*kevin and PHIL*ehem* ;p Ben was very tired since they're still on tour buht he spent at least 7 minutes with us because his eyes were starting to hurt like Phi's x] HAHA. I wasn't in the convo because Ben came right after I left...bad timing, righhhh?

Here are parts of the convo:
btek: whoa
btek: never been onhere
Kay x3OG: hows the tour?
btek: tour is dope
Yvonne.x3OG: Is this really you BEn?
btek: umm no its not really me
rheaaa x3OG: ...
Kay x3OG: ?
Yvonne.x3OG: haha
btek: jk
Kay x3OG: oh
Jessicax3OG: LOL
faithinmydestiny x3OG: I didnt think so.....lol
rheaaa x3OG: hahah x]
rheaaa x3OG: yeah dont tease
faithinmydestiny x3OG hey Ben.....did you ever get the bday video we made you?
btek: yes i did
btek: thank you for that
btek: i got it when i was in malaysia
btek: i was sick too,...that made me feel a lil better
rheaaa x3OG: yaaay
Debb: a LITTLE? haha
btek: a lot!
btek: my eyes hurt
btek: i love all of you

And yeaaaa ;] He's AMAZING :D And for those who will be attending ABDC Tour Live!.. yooh might not wanna watch the video below. I will be attending the show in San Diego and i'm already ruining the show for myself..OH WELL x] I just couldn't resist! OHHHMAHHGAWD. I like fainted/died when PHIL!:DDD pops his chest at 1:04! x] AHHHHHHHH!! *faints* OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. and at 2:12... O.O WOW. *faints* DO 'YO THANNG BEN!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Wow, i haven't been blogging in a while. School just keeps getting in the way ;p Buht anyways...not last night, buht the night before...I HAD ANOTHER DREAM ABOUT PHIL TAYAG! :D Hehehehhe x] i'm just gonna list what happened in muh AMAZING dream[in order] :

- I was at a JabbaWockeeZ performance with muh friend, Jessica, who I attended school with 7th and 8th grade. I'm in 11th grade, and I haven't seen her since ;p
-The JabbaWockeeZ weren't in their costumes, they were in their regular clothes ;] I only noticed PHIL x] He was wearing PURPLE! and purple is currently muh favorite color ;D
- At the end of their performance, PHIL tazered a girl o.O I KNOW, WEIRD. The tazer was huge too, it was bigger than him and he could carry it with cute wittle body x] The top of the tazer was weird...it was the top of a toilet bowl O.O ahhahaha.
- When he was tazering the girl x]... I screamed "AHHHHHH!! PHIL!!" buht he didn't look at meh...and I got a little disappointed.

- After that, when the crowd was all hyped and screaming for the Jabbas... PHIL ran over to give a high five to muh friend, Jessica D: and then he CHIN-CHECKED HER! D: and went back to the stage [chin check is a game I play ALL THE TIME at school with muh friends] and she was like "i'm so sorry! i know you're like in love with PHIL. I don't even know what "chin-check" is!" >;[ And I was kinda sad and happy at the same time. First of all, I was sad because PHIL didn't even notice meh...and happy cuz PHIL knew what chin-check was!
- Then the Jabbas kept performing and I kept muh eyes glued on PHIL x] hehehe. And he then walked to the back of the room and stood against the wall as if he was a security guard and just stood there x] HHEHE, he's so funnayyy! The other jabbas were still performing too.
- I needed to go to the bathrooom [seriously I did, not just so I can pass by PHIL on the way to the potty ;p]
- So, I told Jessica that I needed to go, so we walked to the bathroom.. and WE HAD to pass by PHIL in order to go the the bathroom. And as we were about the pass by PHIL... PHIL looks at meh and OPENS HIS ARMS OUT TO MEH FOR A HUG! :DDDD I was like "YAY!" x] and I got so happy/excited, I ran into his arms and hugged him ;D
- We both laughed, and I got to hear his adorable/hilarious laugh ;]
- PHIL was trying to give a group hug so Jessica could be in it, buht I hugged him all by myself >;] and then he chuckled again :D

And then some other stuff happened, buht that's not as important... CUZ PHIL WASN'T THERE! ;p Yupppp, that was SOME dream x] I was so happy for the rest of the day ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
6 Amazing
1 Not so great

Monday, September 15, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ and Leona Lewis "Forgive Me"

Finally the Leona Lewis' music video has been released! I know many JabbaWockeeZ fans have been anticipating for the video to be shown ;] So here it is! GAHHHH, I LAHHHB THEM JABBAS :DD
Leona Lewis - Forgive me
Wondering where I get updates on the JabbaWockeeZ? Wonder no more, click here to read updates on the JabbaWockeeZ and anything related to the Jabbas on Donna's blogspot ;]


Another member of SuperWockeeZ came into chatzy? Yup, that's right. Eddie Gutierrez from the JabbaWockeeZ came into chatzy earlier today to share some time with JabbaFamx3OG ;] He's such an awesome person ;D

I'll be posting some parts of the convo later on this week ;]

Happy Burfdae Phi Nguyen! ;]

Yeeeeaappp, another burfdae vid from JabbaFamx3OG ;] Thanks to rheaa for making the vid. I hope yooh like LAHHHHB IT PHI! :D

Part 1

Part 2 ;]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

KabaModern Added to ABDC Live Tour

That's right! KabaModern will be performing with the other five crews in Los Angeles and San Diego shows ;] YEEEE, I will be attending the show in San Diego. Click here for more info about new additions about ABDC Live.

Sexy Vexy >;]

[thanks to Kai for pic]

VEX FROM SUPER CR3W CAME TO CHATZY! FINALLY! x] Hahahha. He came by to talk to JabbaFamx3OG for the first time, before he left for the ABDC Live tour. What an AMAZING guy. Alot of people said he was like a mini Joe Larot ;p HEHE, it's TRUE! Vex is adorable ;]

WARNING: this is not the ENTIRE convo, just snips of it ;]

kay x3OG: how are you?
v3x: im good just trying to get things done before i leave
v3x: and I wanted to make sure I came in here before i left for tour [how sweet is he? ;D]
`christinakins;x3OG: haha Vex how did you find out about chatzy?
v3x: i get messeged like everyday about chatzy
v3x: ahaha

kay x3OG: sorry if we bother you lol
v3x: no its ok
v3x: the jabba shirts are cool
rheaaa x3OG: hehhehe :D
v3x: I want one

v3x: I love jabba
v3x: im there biggest fan [LOL. uhh.. x]]
kay x3OG: hey!

rheaaa x3OG: hahahha x]
Fefa x3OG: hahahhahaha
v3x: haha
kay x3OG: you came to the right chatzy then :D
`christinakins;x3OG: i have to disagree with you on that vex. i think jabbafam are their biggest fans ;] haha

darius x3OG: vex is jabbafam too, so yay! xD
v3x: i can deal with being a close second biggetst fan
kay x3OG: can you speak fluent tagalog?
v3x: I cant speak fluently no
v3x: but i can understand
Thao-Mix3OG: Vex do you like apples?! :D
v3x: i want to get a tattoo of an apple

Fefa x3OG: lmfao
`christinakins;x3OG: LOL

kay x3OG: "BAKIT WHY.I DON'T KNOW.BAKIT WHY.EWAN KO" HAHA that interview was funny
Fefa x3OG: hahaha
v3x: lol
v3x: i just recently saw that

v3x: its a good one

v3x: in about an hour
v3x: I actually have to leave
v3x: i gotta shave and stuff

chrystalx3OG: LOL.
kay x3OG: lmao
v3x: i look kinda grimey right now
rheaaa x3OG: shave ...
chrystalx3OG: hahahhaha
rheaaa x3OG: x]]
chrystalx3OG: NO YOOH DON'T.

v3x: or shiv i mean
v3x: haha thank you

darius x3OG still in shock kinda,
Fefa x3OG: just saying...darius hella love u vex =]
v3x: I love darius too [hehehhe]

v3x: I love reading all the messages im just sorry that i cant respond to all of them
chrystalx3OG: LOOK OUT FOR JABBAFAMx3OG SHIRTS VEX! ;] we all over the globe ;p
v3x: haha fo sho [HEHEHE x]]
`christinakins;x3OG: vex knows what the shirts look like right? do you need a reminder? lol
v3x: i seen it
v3x: the jabbas wore it all day
[AHHHHHHH!!! do-knock said the SAME thing! x]]

v3x: they love the shirts btw

v3x: k guys gotta go
v3x: talk to you all later [HEHE. ;D]

v3x: take care
v3x: exercise regularly
v3x: take your vitamins
v3x: and dont forget to wash behind the ears
v3x: byeeeeeeeeee

Vex is so funnnayyyyy ;]

[thanks to darius for pic]

Honeywithsole and Blogging America's Best Dance Crew

Donna and Blogging America's Best Dance Crew came together to interview the crews who will be apart of the ABDC tour during their ABDC Live rehearsals. The crews who will be performing are the JabbaWockeeZ, BreakSk8te, Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w, and A.S.I.I.D. CLICK HERE to hear interviews from the crews ;] And CLICK HERE for pictures. Stay tuned for more... Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w, and the JabbaWockeeZ are still to come! ;D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Much Fun ;]

I spent most of today with muh amazing adiing kay ;] We were webcamming from 10am to 8pm x] THAT'S A LOONNNGGG TIME, HUH? It's ohkay, I had so much fun :D She's the BEST! Basically, we spent the ENTIRE day together. Nothing is better than spending time with your adorable, lovable, dope adiing :D Let's see what we did...hhahaha. We:

-watched youtube vids
-wore our JabbaWockeeZ shirts and JabbaFamx3OG shirts
-talked about PHIL TAYAG and the other jabbas [phil is our favorite x]]
-learn the choreography to one of PHI NGUYEN'S youtube vids

-took pictures! :D




Friday, September 12, 2008

"HAHAH BE JEALOUS! And that's the word from Swaggerboy himself"

WOW. All I can say is WOW. Donna and Somo are the luckiest girls in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. They got to meet uhp with the JabbaWockeeZ and gave our JabbaFamx3OG shirts to them. AHHHHHH! PHIL!! x] I lahhhhhb them Jabbas ;]

click to see Donna's blogspot ;]


Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a day... ;]

I haven't been blogging in such a long time. School has gotten meh so busy. And I haven't been able to talk to the JabbaFamx3OG and some of the jabbas...and i miss them so dearly. Buht today was pretty much...weird/nerve racking/amazing/fun. I go to a co-ed catholic high school..and today we had mass with the entire school. And i'm apart of the school choir so I got to sing a solo with MARK MEJIA! :] OHHMAHHGAWDD. he's so amazing..everytime he sings...i like wanna cry because he's THAT good. It's funny because yesterdae, when we were rehearsing for the first time with the band and all of the choir members...after mark sang...ALL THE GIRLS SCREAMED! x] hahhaha. He's so good...and so I shared muh solo with mark... i don't really care about how I did..buht after mark sang..i heard people go "awhhh" :DDD He's so dang good. I'm glad we sang together ;] YUP. Soon after the mass, as I was walking around school..so many people came uhp to meh and went "good job!" or "yooh were so good!" or "i heard yooh sing!" AHAHHAHAHAH. wow. i only sang like 8 words. x] I'M NOT TRYING TO BRAG THOUGH. i'm just typing what happened x] I felt special though ;] hehheheh.

OHHHH! and i found out that joe and eddie has been coming into chatzy ! Buht each time joe came in...no one was in there ;[ so he just left a little message to tell the rest of the fam ;] he's so nice and considerate ;D and then eddie was in chatzy this morning too! buht i wasn't there...AGAIN. freaking school is keeping meh from talking to the jabbas ;p ahhahah oh well. x]

Monday, September 1, 2008


WOW. I found out so many amazing things this morning...I just wish I was there... ;p Ohkay, I found out that the new JBWKZ clothing line is gonna be selling at MACY'S. OHHMAHHGAWWD. isn't that amazing? That's like mind blowing. ANDD!! I was told that Do-Knock was on blogtv last night..buht I wasn't able to get on since I wasn't at home ;[ BUHHHTT!! I heard that he "tried" to do the JabbaFam sign and he saved our b-day vid to him on his phone!! ;DDD Isn't that amazing? PSHHH, I sure think it is. ;] Like I said.. "Do-Knock is wonderful...and hilarious" ;D

AND..I had ANOTHER dream about the Jabbas x] It was really weird buht i'll just talk about the parts that I can explain and the parts I remember. I won't go in order... i'll just list ;p:

- There were people in the JabbaWockeeZ that are not really from the JabbaWockeeZ there
- We were in some store like target or walmart. It was like a warehouse o.O
- for some reason..I don't think MUH PHIL was there ;[ same with kevin and joe because for some reason meh and kay were screaming "where's kevin and joe?"
- I was like with Rynan for a long period of time talking to him about the JabbaFamx3OG
- Kay and Christine [for some strange reason her name was Raich...buht it was Christine] x] came out of nowhere because I guess I notified them that I was with Rynan and the Jabbas
- Then, I asked Kay to take a picture of meh and Rynan. I asked him to take a picture of meh hugging him, and I was like tip-toeing and his shoulders were so BROAD and STRONG x] Haha. And then for some reason muh camera was being retarded, so I was left hugging Rynan for a LOONNGGGG time x] Buht it was ohkay ;] and then he started swinging meh around in circles as I was still hugging him x] AHAHHA. it was freaking hilarious.
- Meh and Kay started singing songs that Rynan had sang in some of the youtube vids Rynan had been in, and he started singing with us!

yeaaaaaa, that's pretty much all I remember. It was such a great dream x]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
5 Amazing
1 Not so great