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Monday, September 1, 2008


WOW. I found out so many amazing things this morning...I just wish I was there... ;p Ohkay, I found out that the new JBWKZ clothing line is gonna be selling at MACY'S. OHHMAHHGAWWD. isn't that amazing? That's like mind blowing. ANDD!! I was told that Do-Knock was on blogtv last night..buht I wasn't able to get on since I wasn't at home ;[ BUHHHTT!! I heard that he "tried" to do the JabbaFam sign and he saved our b-day vid to him on his phone!! ;DDD Isn't that amazing? PSHHH, I sure think it is. ;] Like I said.. "Do-Knock is wonderful...and hilarious" ;D

AND..I had ANOTHER dream about the Jabbas x] It was really weird buht i'll just talk about the parts that I can explain and the parts I remember. I won't go in order... i'll just list ;p:

- There were people in the JabbaWockeeZ that are not really from the JabbaWockeeZ there
- We were in some store like target or walmart. It was like a warehouse o.O
- for some reason..I don't think MUH PHIL was there ;[ same with kevin and joe because for some reason meh and kay were screaming "where's kevin and joe?"
- I was like with Rynan for a long period of time talking to him about the JabbaFamx3OG
- Kay and Christine [for some strange reason her name was Raich...buht it was Christine] x] came out of nowhere because I guess I notified them that I was with Rynan and the Jabbas
- Then, I asked Kay to take a picture of meh and Rynan. I asked him to take a picture of meh hugging him, and I was like tip-toeing and his shoulders were so BROAD and STRONG x] Haha. And then for some reason muh camera was being retarded, so I was left hugging Rynan for a LOONNGGGG time x] Buht it was ohkay ;] and then he started swinging meh around in circles as I was still hugging him x] AHAHHA. it was freaking hilarious.
- Meh and Kay started singing songs that Rynan had sang in some of the youtube vids Rynan had been in, and he started singing with us!

yeaaaaaa, that's pretty much all I remember. It was such a great dream x]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
5 Amazing
1 Not so great

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