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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ben Chung's first time on Chatzy!

YES! he finally came! He came to chatzy two days ago, buht I didn't have enough time to blog about it x] Two more jabbas to go, and then we'll have EVERY SINGLE JABBA on chatzy ;] *ehem*kevin and PHIL*ehem* ;p Ben was very tired since they're still on tour buht he spent at least 7 minutes with us because his eyes were starting to hurt like Phi's x] HAHA. I wasn't in the convo because Ben came right after I left...bad timing, righhhh?

Here are parts of the convo:
btek: whoa
btek: never been onhere
Kay x3OG: hows the tour?
btek: tour is dope
Yvonne.x3OG: Is this really you BEn?
btek: umm no its not really me
rheaaa x3OG: ...
Kay x3OG: ?
Yvonne.x3OG: haha
btek: jk
Kay x3OG: oh
Jessicax3OG: LOL
faithinmydestiny x3OG: I didnt think so.....lol
rheaaa x3OG: hahah x]
rheaaa x3OG: yeah dont tease
faithinmydestiny x3OG hey Ben.....did you ever get the bday video we made you?
btek: yes i did
btek: thank you for that
btek: i got it when i was in malaysia
btek: i was sick too,...that made me feel a lil better
rheaaa x3OG: yaaay
Debb: a LITTLE? haha
btek: a lot!
btek: my eyes hurt
btek: i love all of you

And yeaaaa ;] He's AMAZING :D And for those who will be attending ABDC Tour Live!.. yooh might not wanna watch the video below. I will be attending the show in San Diego and i'm already ruining the show for myself..OH WELL x] I just couldn't resist! OHHHMAHHGAWD. I like fainted/died when PHIL!:DDD pops his chest at 1:04! x] AHHHHHHHH!! *faints* OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. and at 2:12... O.O WOW. *faints* DO 'YO THANNG BEN!

1 comment:

Thao-Meezy(: said...

CHRYSTAL, I read your blog cuhs I love you too!

Thanks for posting up the convo with Ben! (: