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Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Much Fun ;]

I spent most of today with muh amazing adiing kay ;] We were webcamming from 10am to 8pm x] THAT'S A LOONNNGGG TIME, HUH? It's ohkay, I had so much fun :D She's the BEST! Basically, we spent the ENTIRE day together. Nothing is better than spending time with your adorable, lovable, dope adiing :D Let's see what we did...hhahaha. We:

-watched youtube vids
-wore our JabbaWockeeZ shirts and JabbaFamx3OG shirts
-talked about PHIL TAYAG and the other jabbas [phil is our favorite x]]
-learn the choreography to one of PHI NGUYEN'S youtube vids

-took pictures! :D




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