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Friday, July 31, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ at Epic NightClub in Minnesota

That's right! The JabbaWockeeZ will be having a special performance at the Epic Nightclub in Minnesota on August 15th 2009.

Doors open at 10pm

Tickets: $20
VIP: $40 [always 21+]

For more information click
here !
Or watch this for more info !


JabbaWockeeZ on SYTYCD

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THEY WERE FREAKING AMAZING MANNNNNN! Everything was on point and it was so cleannnnn. And they really added new moves to Freak-a-zoid to make it more appealing to the eye LIKE EVEN MORE APPEALING TO THE EYE ... EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ALREADY APPEALING TO THE EYE x] HAHAHAHAH Buht they did AMAZING as usual and i'm so happy for PC knowing that he got to hear his beat on national tv :D That's a big deal mann... like seriously. And i'm glad the jabbas picked his beat to dance to :]

OMG I FREAKING LAHHHHHB THE PART AT 1:23 ... O.O IT'S CRAZY MANN! x] and LOL at Joe at the end when he kisses his mask hhahahahhaha.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

FRA Exclusive: Chitty Chat about the JabbaWockeeZ

KO The Legend, DPD & Daniel Cho talk about the JabbaWockeeZ.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Burfdae Ben!

It's been a year since we've [JabbaFamx3OG] first did a birthday video together for a Jabba ... so I decided to post this one to Ben uhp since it's so special :] HAPPY BURFDAE BEN! WE LAHHHHB YOOH! :D Thank yooh again Rhea for making this!

Monday, July 27, 2009

KNGDM&JBWKZ Singing "Heartache"

Hehehe I LAHHHHB THEM SO FREAKING MUCHHH! LOL I can see Ateh Michelle in the beginning x] AHAHA.

ABDC: Season 4 Crews

-Artistry in Motion
-Beat Ya Feet Kings
-We are Heroes
-Massive Monkees
-Rhythm City
-Southern Movement
-Vogue Evolution

Source from: Bloggingbestdancecrew.blogspot.com

"I love you too! Yes you!"

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I FOUND THE VID WHERE VICTOR KIM SAYS HE LOVES MEH! x] hehehhe. Yooh can't really hear meh ... buht of course yooh can hear Victor. It's around 1:52. LOL, I didn't even know that there was a girl competing with meh until I saw the vid. I was so shocked after Victor responded to meh that muh face was like ":O" the ENTIRE time. AHAHHA Rhea was like yooh should of stood uhp! AHAH! hehehhhee x]


LOL I thought I was going to be able to blog about each day at Comic-Con buht that didn't happen ahhah. Each day left meh so freaking tired that I just went straight to bed as soon as I got home. Especially on Saturday since I went to Comic-Con then Featured Acoustic Playlist. I had fun this weekend though :] I'm very thankful I got to attend these events... it's just that it left meh so freaking exhausted LOL. Oh well. By the way, I was like half asleep when I was at FAP ... so I don't exactly know what happened ... HAHAH.

Some of the highlights that happened at Featured Acoustic Playlist:
- Victor Kim! When Lydia Paek and Victor Kim performed I went
Victor: "I LOVE YOU TOO!"
Meh: ":DDD ... :O"
Victor: "YES YOU!"
- Meeting Aj Rafael, Passion, Cathy Nguyen, Lydia Paek, TimothyDeLaGhetto, Jesse Barrera and Andrew Garcia! GAHHHH, meeting everybody actually ... so many amazing artists just walking around hhahahha.
- Listening to amazing artists I have never heard of before and getting the chance to know them a little better such as Sam Hart and Melissa Polinar
- reuniting with friends

By the way, OMG. I got to watch the Ghost Whisperer panel yesterdae! AHHHHHHH! We were like in the third row haha. I can't wait for the new season to start heheh. Jamie Kennedy is so freaking hilarious x] ANDDDD... I was always thinking of JabbaFamx3OG and the JabbaWockeeZ this weekend LOL I really missed them :[ And everywhere I turned ... something reminded meh of them ]': I LAHHHHHHB YOOH GUYS! :D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con 2009: Day One

OMGGGG I woke uhp at like 4:50am to get ready so meh, jesi, and jeri can get to Comic-Con early for the New Moon panel. Well, that didn't exactly work out TOO well because we couldn't find parking and there was traffic :[ So we got to the lines at about 9am ... and the lines were so freaking long it moved across the street, wrapped around the grassy area and overlapped OMG SO FREAKING LONG. WORSE THAN LAST YEAR. LOL. Ohkay, in the picture on the left ... that's like only 1/20th of the line LOL LIKE NOT EVEN ... THERE WERE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN LINE HAHAHHAH. We waited pretty long ... the panel didn't start until like 1:45pm. Buht it was worth it :]

When Tim Burton came he showed the trailer to his new movie Alice in Wonderland! OMG IT LOOKS SO FREAKING GOOD O.O I MUST WATCH IT! And when Tim Burton was talking ... he kept mentioning how elements of Lewis Caroll's poems like the one of the Jabberwocky were part of the movie :D AHHHHHHHHH! AHHAHA I was like "OMGG AHHHH!" everytime Tim Burton said "Jabberwocky" or "Lewis Caroll" HAHAHA. OMG, and then before Tim Burton left the panel ... he had a surprise guest! AHHH I KNOWW! JOHNNY FREAKING DEPP!

Then we just watched the rest of the panels and stuff then finally it was NEW MOON! AHHHHHHHHHH! It wasn't as hectic as last year though ... which is really surprising cuz it seemed like WAY MORE people came to watch the panel and there weren't as many SCREAMING girls as last year too x] I mean, there were still screaming ... buht it wasn't like "OW MUH EARS!" screaming hahha. OMGGGGGGG ROB PATTINSON WAS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! Just his personality, the way he moves, and his faces HAHAHHAHA He made meh laugh so much ! OMG AND THE TWO SCENES THEY SHOWED TO US FROM THE MOVIE ... OMG *dies* SO FREAKING GOOD! I can't wait until the movie comes out x] And yeaaa :] more stuff, buht I don't need to blog about it LOL.

AHHHHHHH! And I still had muh daily dosage of the JabbaWockeeZ x] Like when Tim Burton kept mentioning the Jabberwocky and Lewis Caroll, and when I was entering Hall H ... I saw someone reppin Jabba gear, and then I saw a JabbaWockeeZ mask on a stuffed animal at one of the booths o.O LOL Buht everything reminds meh of the JabbaWockeeZ so i'll ALWAYS have muh daily dosage AHHAHAH. YAYY! :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Uncle Joe and Uncle Phil with Zeke

AHHHHHHHHHH! SO FREAKING CUTE! x] That was the day I saw them too ... ohhmann :D THEY'RE SOOOOOO AHHHHH... :DDD HEHEHHEHHEH LOL at saso at the end x] HHAHA.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Donnie Wahlberg and the JabbaWockeeZ

OMGGGGGGGGGGG AHAHHAHAHAH I guess the JabbaWockeeZ wanted to do something special for their last show of tour ... so they came out half naked in their boxers and masks and rann out on stage in front of EVERRYYONEEE ! HAHAHAHHAH ohhmann, I lahhhhb those guys hahahah x]

JBWKZ Meet&Greet in Irvine

I finally decided to upload this on youtube! Aha, just a little snippet of muh BEST NIGHT EVER! :] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary JabbaFamx3OG

OMG. CAN YOOH FREAKING BELIEVE IT? It's been one year since JabbaFamx3OG was brought together and we've spent that year with plenty of laughs, cries, memories, and love. I am so proud to say that i'm apart of such an amazing family and I am so thankful and blessed to be able to know each and every one of yooh. Yooh guys are truly BEAUTIFUL people and I wouldn't want to spend a day without yooh guys :] Yooh guys are apart of muh life and ever since we've been together ... i've realized so many things in life and got to experience things I've never thought I'd be able to experience. JabbaFamx3OG has helped meh become a better person and helped meh achieve a better outlook on life. JabbaWockeeZ is the center to all of this and I can't even thank them enough for all the things they have done for us. So ... A ROUND OF APPLAUSE, DANCE, AND YAYYY for JabbaFamx3OG for achieving an amazing year and many more years to come! I LAHHHHHHHB YOOH GUYS! :D

On The Edge Workshop: July 20-24

Come out and support! :]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BoogieMonstarZ at Trifecta

JabbaWockeeZ Touring in Australia

I came across a post on Facebook from ESO saying:
"THE OFFICIAL JABBAWOCKEEZ Tour of Australia: Melbourne - Friday 28th August, 2009 Sydney - Saturday 29th August, 2009 More CITIES + Dates to be ANNOUNCED!"

Behind the Scenes of the NKOTB Tour

Saturday, July 11, 2009


NKOTB TOUR WITH JABBAWOCKEEZ ... BEST FREAKING DAYYY EVERRRRRRRR! OMGGGGG I really don't know where to start x] And eddie ... if you're reading this hahaha i'm so not going to remember everything buht i'll try hahah. So I go to the line straight right after they perform lol I rann actually ahhah. Meh and muh sister waited in line until the jabbas came and the camera person, I think for their jabbatv thingy, came by a few times uhp and down the meet and greet line and each time he came I showed off muh jabbafam poster hahah. He even got a close uhp of the poster LOL and when we were waiting phi turned around and waved to us :D and I got a picture of him smiling and waving x] hehhehe. then phil turned around and smiled too hehehe :D AHHHHHHH Then it was almost muh turn to go in and I go
BELLE: "HI! ohh jabbafam*points* :D"
Then it was muh turn to finally meet and greet them jabbas ... OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So Kevin was uhp first and he was like "ahhh jabbafam :D" and I ask him to sign muh poster and muh sister got her ticket signed x] Phi was next and he was like "yeee jabbafam :D" LOL and signs muh poster and then I ask him "can i have a hug?" and he goes "of course :D" AHHHHHHHH! I was gonna ask Kevin for a hug cuz I forgot D: buht he was too far :[ and we had to keep moving. OMG THEN PHIL
MEH: "hi phil :D"
PHIL: "how yooh doing?"
MEH: "umm can i get a hug?"
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO FREAKING AHHHHHHHHHHHH x] heheh then I got a hug from joe and ben and we talked about jabbafam for a little LOL i don't remember D: OMG SO MUCH TO REMEMBER! Then rynan was like
RYNAN: "ayyy jabbafam :D" *HUGS*
MEH: ":D hehehe"
RYNAN: "how yooh doing?"
MEH: "GOOD :D" *pause*
RYNAN: "how yooh doing?"
MEH: "GOOD :D" *pause* HAHAHAHAH LOLLL I THINK HE SAID "how yooh doing?" like three times. AHHAH i don't think he was paying attention .. maybe it was like his routine LOL. then was chris was like "ayy jabbafam :D" LOL and i asked him for a hug x] then I had to leave :[ Buht then I saw yuri and faye so I asked them for a picture and got a picture with them. As soon as I finished taking a picture with them ... BOOMMMM! I see Eddie :D AHHHHHHHHH! I like run to Eddie and go "EDDDIEEEEE! :D" and we hugged x] hehehhe. and then I saw Saso and we hugged too :D when Saso saw meh wearing muh JabbaFamx3OG shirt he immediately said "OH I was gonna wear muh jabbafam shirt too" LOL .. righhhht sasooo ... right x] AHHAHAHA. Then I talk to eddie for a bit and he goes
EDDIE: "you're gonna blog about this, huh? x] ... lemme think of something to say"
CHRYSTAL: "NOOOO! hahha I don't think i'm going to remember this because this is too overwhelming OMGGGG"
and yeaaa buht Eddie didn't believe meh hahahhah.
Then someone out of nowhere goes to meh and says
SOMEONE: "hey is your name chrystal?"
MEH: "o.O YES?"
SOMEONE: "yeaa I read your blog! i did the jabbawockeez paintings"
BODEN: "yeaaa i've seen your blogggg and..."
MEH: "OMGGGG can i get a picture? :D" HAHHAHAHA [i interrupted him lol i was too excited x] i was so shocked he like recognized meh and everything LOL] we talked alot more I just don't remember everything x] ahhhh i was so surprised he even read muh blog x] SO FREAKING AMAZING. Then i took a picture with eddie :D LOL then I ask eddie ...
MEH: "is that ben's brother right there?"
EDDIE: "YEA! why don't yooh ask him for a picture? HAHA"
MEH: "should I? x]"
EDDIE: "yeaa just go uhp to him and ask :D"
HAHA ohkay x] so i did and i was like
MEH: "are yooh ben's brother?"
STEVE: "yeaa"
MEH: "yeaa yooh guys look a like x]"
STEVE: "hahah"
MEH: "can i get a picture?"
STEVE: "uhh yeaa sure x]"
Then i went to Fred and asked him for a picture :]
FRED: "so you're in jabbafam?"
MEH: "yeaa!"
FRED: "are there anymore here?"
MEH: "yeaa one more x] somewhere here haha"
FRED: "We're gonna be in vegas next. Anyone from vegas going?"
MEH: "ohh noo there's no one in vegas haha"
FRED: "so where are the others from?"
MEH: "we're all over like coming up there'll be people in denver and texas :]" then i left LOL something like that hahha. Then i stayed with eddie and saso and got a picture with saso and asked if they can give a shoutout to jabbafam x] cuz i NEEDED to get one ahah saso just took muh camera and was like "is it set?" and I said "yeaa" and started recording HAHAHHA he even left with muh camera x] AHHAHAHAHAH I saw brian and brent and we decided that meh and brian will go to the meet and greet line again x] hahahah and when we were in line eddie passed by to go to the bathroom HAHAHAHAHAHAH He nodded his head cuz I was in line again x] LOL I JUST WAVED TO HIM AND SMILED LOL then when he was done he snuck uhp right next to meh and said "AHHHH JABBAFAM!" in a high voice HAHAHAHAHAHA SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! So then it was our turn again to go in x] hahahha

When kevin saw meh I gave him a sly look like "oops i'm here again" hahhah and then he gave meh a sly look too x] LOLLLL and brian didn't have anything to sign so we just talked to them ;] OMG I JUST REALIZED I NEVER GOT A HUG FROM KEVIN D: NOOOOOOOOOOO! or maybe I did.. D:
Then phi was like "I REMEMBER YOOH! *and pointed*" AHHAHAHAH i told phi and kevin that jabbafam's one year anniversary is next week and phi goes "dang it's been a year already?" then i ask PHIL if i can get a picture with him and he looks around and goes
PHIL: "actually we can take a picture right after"
MEH: "right after?"
PHIL: "Yeaaaa well go over there and take it later"
MEH: "wait, can i have another hug again? x]"
Then i tell joe that jabbafam has another surprise for him x] and then I tell Ben
MEH: "ohh i took a picture with your brother ben x]"
BEN: "haha yooh did? did yooh think he was meh?"
MEH: "OHH NOOO! i knew it wasn't yooh haha yooh guys look so much alike"
JOE: "yooh did? hahha put that online" ROFL HAHAHAHAHH Then I go to rynan and chris x]
RYNAN: "heyyyyy! :D"
MEH: "can we get a picture?"
RYNAN: "ummm i think after"
MEH: "ohh ohkay x]"
MEH: "so we can get a picture with yooh guys later?"
MEH: "uhh no? x]" AHAHHAHAHAHAH Then chris started doing hand signs so I busted out with the jabbafam sign and he was like "o.O" and did something with his hands ... LOL it wasn't the jabbafam sign though AHHAHAHHAH

I went back to eddie and saso and stayed with them for a bit ... LOL more like with eddie hahahhah i kept going back to him cuz i didn't know where to go x] i hope i didn't bother him ahhahhah buht yeaaa we talked :] i don't remember what we talked about buht then i told him i really wanted a picture with them [the other jabbas] buht they didn't allow it and he was like
EDDIE: "GOO! go get a picture cuz we're gonna leave right after they're done"
EDDIE: "noooo don't be scared! you're not gonna get a picture if yooh don't go"
Buht I was so scared and I hid behind Eddie ROFL buht then I finally went ... slowly. LOL buht the other jabbas started taking pictures with their fam and i thought they were gonna to group pics with everyone buht then belle was like "sorry fam only" so i was like awwhh ohkay :] so i just watched and recorded them x] LOL I GOT SOME FREAKING HILARIOUS STUFF x] then OMGOGMOGOMGOGMOGOMGOMOMGOGOMGOMGMGMOOMGOMOGMOOMGOMGOMOMG

When belle took the pic she was laying on her back so she can go far enough to get all of us in the picture and i think joe or phi was like "yeaaa belle yooh take that picture" AHHAHAHA and then right after we took the pic i asked for one last hug from everyone x] AHHHHHHHHH! to phil i go "OMG THANK YOOH SO MUCH! OMGOMGOMGMOGMM" then i got a hug from rynan, ben, phi, and then when i asked joe for a hug he was like staring off somewhere LOL i was like
MEH: "joe! can i get a hug? ... ohkay nevermind x]"
RYNAN: "JOE! give her a hug man!"
JOE: "OHH! sorry" hahahha x] i didn't get a hug from phi and kevin again D: oh well x] ahhahha OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

I still can't believe that entire day happened. It feels so unreal. Even if I look back at pictures and videos ... i'm still like "FOREALS? THAT HAPPENED? I DID THAT?" LOL WOW. I'm so freaking thankful. I don't know how all this could happen ... and I just feel so blessed to know certain people and have the chance to know them and just ... AHHHHHHHHHH. I'M HAPPY x] I'm not even done yet telling muh story about the entire day hahahha buht I think this is good x] Thank yooh God, for blessing meh and giving meh so much ... I am truly THANKFUL :]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Do I get to keep it? ... nevermind :D"

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I haven't had a jabba dream in a while x] I think because it was Chatzy's burfdae yesterdae ... it spurred a jabba dream :D Aha. Well, I think it was the day of the NKOTB tour and meh and muh sister were at the naval base just waiting for the show to start ... yooh know trying to speed uhp time because the show wasn't going to start for a long time. When we're there all of a sudden I see Kevin and Phil walking around o.O I WAS LIKE OMGOMGOMGOGM NOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYY. Buht we didn't do anything cuz it looked like there were busy and we didn't want to bother them :] Then for some reason meh and muh sister left and walked to the amphitheatre and we see the JabbaWockeeZ tour bus! Buht it didn't look like a regular tour bus ... it looked like one of those old fashion train thingys LOL.

I didn't know the jabbas were in there cuz it was hard to see ... the windows were like tinted brown or something o.O and I just glanced at the bus thinking that maybe the jabbas were in there. AND THEY WERE! Then I saw some of the jabbas waving at meh ... and i was like OMGOMGOMGOM !! so I ran to the tour bus with muh poster saying "JFx3OG *heart* JBWKZ". Ben couldn't see it from where I was because I wasn't exactly up to the window yet so he was like "J-F ... WHAT?" And then Phi, Rynan, and Ben saw it and talked to meh for a little x] Then Ben goes "Do I get to keep it? :D" buht then Rynan goes "do yooh want meh to sign it?" AT THE SAME TIME ... so I was like "uhhh.. ohh i was going to ... ohh OHKAY :D" and then Ben goes " ... nevermind :D" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

So I hand the poster to rynan through the door buht I knew I wasn't allowed into the tour bus buht for some reason muh sister just like walked into the tour bus and I was like "o.O WHAT ARE YOOH DOING!??!" And Rynan was like "uhhh... sorry you're not allowed in here" and muh sister was like ohkay and went out. LOL. WEIRD. Then I talk to the jabbas for a little and then Rynan out of nowhere asks for muh number O.O I WAS SHOCKED. I was like "OMGOMG OHKAY :D" Rynan had an env2 like mines except it was a reddish color LOL. And when I was putting muh number in I saw rhea, debbie, and christina's name in his phone! I guess he was saving it for when he'll meet them because they didn't have numbers saved yet. So then the jabbas had to leave to get ready for the show and for some reason I was all by myself o.O

So I walked around a little then in the corner of muh eye, I see Kevin and Phil walking towards meh ... and near the tour bus was like a little minimart type of place [buht it was old fashioned looking, wood and everything lol] and so I acted like I was going to get something to eat and when I was half way to the minimart... Kevin and Phil try to get muh attention and go "JABBAFAM! :D" and then Kevin and Phil walk towards meh and I go to them and we all hug each other at the same time :D AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! and we talk I tell them that I saw them at the naval base and yea x] hehehheheh. then I woke uhp D: buht it was such a good dream LOL.

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
21 Amazing
1 Horrible

Sunday, July 5, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ Bust Out

"Not only can the Jabbawockeez dance their asses off, they can rap too! Phil “Swaggerboy” Tayag created a beat on the drums (there weren’t any drumsticks available so he used a pen and a water bottle!), and they were spitting verses right and left. Some members of NKOTB even joined in on the action!" - Nicole Guanlao [MTV NEWSROOM]