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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Do I get to keep it? ... nevermind :D"

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I haven't had a jabba dream in a while x] I think because it was Chatzy's burfdae yesterdae ... it spurred a jabba dream :D Aha. Well, I think it was the day of the NKOTB tour and meh and muh sister were at the naval base just waiting for the show to start ... yooh know trying to speed uhp time because the show wasn't going to start for a long time. When we're there all of a sudden I see Kevin and Phil walking around o.O I WAS LIKE OMGOMGOMGOGM NOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYY. Buht we didn't do anything cuz it looked like there were busy and we didn't want to bother them :] Then for some reason meh and muh sister left and walked to the amphitheatre and we see the JabbaWockeeZ tour bus! Buht it didn't look like a regular tour bus ... it looked like one of those old fashion train thingys LOL.

I didn't know the jabbas were in there cuz it was hard to see ... the windows were like tinted brown or something o.O and I just glanced at the bus thinking that maybe the jabbas were in there. AND THEY WERE! Then I saw some of the jabbas waving at meh ... and i was like OMGOMGOMGOM !! so I ran to the tour bus with muh poster saying "JFx3OG *heart* JBWKZ". Ben couldn't see it from where I was because I wasn't exactly up to the window yet so he was like "J-F ... WHAT?" And then Phi, Rynan, and Ben saw it and talked to meh for a little x] Then Ben goes "Do I get to keep it? :D" buht then Rynan goes "do yooh want meh to sign it?" AT THE SAME TIME ... so I was like "uhhh.. ohh i was going to ... ohh OHKAY :D" and then Ben goes " ... nevermind :D" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

So I hand the poster to rynan through the door buht I knew I wasn't allowed into the tour bus buht for some reason muh sister just like walked into the tour bus and I was like "o.O WHAT ARE YOOH DOING!??!" And Rynan was like "uhhh... sorry you're not allowed in here" and muh sister was like ohkay and went out. LOL. WEIRD. Then I talk to the jabbas for a little and then Rynan out of nowhere asks for muh number O.O I WAS SHOCKED. I was like "OMGOMG OHKAY :D" Rynan had an env2 like mines except it was a reddish color LOL. And when I was putting muh number in I saw rhea, debbie, and christina's name in his phone! I guess he was saving it for when he'll meet them because they didn't have numbers saved yet. So then the jabbas had to leave to get ready for the show and for some reason I was all by myself o.O

So I walked around a little then in the corner of muh eye, I see Kevin and Phil walking towards meh ... and near the tour bus was like a little minimart type of place [buht it was old fashioned looking, wood and everything lol] and so I acted like I was going to get something to eat and when I was half way to the minimart... Kevin and Phil try to get muh attention and go "JABBAFAM! :D" and then Kevin and Phil walk towards meh and I go to them and we all hug each other at the same time :D AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! and we talk I tell them that I saw them at the naval base and yea x] hehehheheh. then I woke uhp D: buht it was such a good dream LOL.

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
21 Amazing
1 Horrible

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