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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con 2009: Day One

OMGGGG I woke uhp at like 4:50am to get ready so meh, jesi, and jeri can get to Comic-Con early for the New Moon panel. Well, that didn't exactly work out TOO well because we couldn't find parking and there was traffic :[ So we got to the lines at about 9am ... and the lines were so freaking long it moved across the street, wrapped around the grassy area and overlapped OMG SO FREAKING LONG. WORSE THAN LAST YEAR. LOL. Ohkay, in the picture on the left ... that's like only 1/20th of the line LOL LIKE NOT EVEN ... THERE WERE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN LINE HAHAHHAH. We waited pretty long ... the panel didn't start until like 1:45pm. Buht it was worth it :]

When Tim Burton came he showed the trailer to his new movie Alice in Wonderland! OMG IT LOOKS SO FREAKING GOOD O.O I MUST WATCH IT! And when Tim Burton was talking ... he kept mentioning how elements of Lewis Caroll's poems like the one of the Jabberwocky were part of the movie :D AHHHHHHHHH! AHHAHA I was like "OMGG AHHHH!" everytime Tim Burton said "Jabberwocky" or "Lewis Caroll" HAHAHA. OMG, and then before Tim Burton left the panel ... he had a surprise guest! AHHH I KNOWW! JOHNNY FREAKING DEPP!

Then we just watched the rest of the panels and stuff then finally it was NEW MOON! AHHHHHHHHHH! It wasn't as hectic as last year though ... which is really surprising cuz it seemed like WAY MORE people came to watch the panel and there weren't as many SCREAMING girls as last year too x] I mean, there were still screaming ... buht it wasn't like "OW MUH EARS!" screaming hahha. OMGGGGGGG ROB PATTINSON WAS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! Just his personality, the way he moves, and his faces HAHAHHAHA He made meh laugh so much ! OMG AND THE TWO SCENES THEY SHOWED TO US FROM THE MOVIE ... OMG *dies* SO FREAKING GOOD! I can't wait until the movie comes out x] And yeaaa :] more stuff, buht I don't need to blog about it LOL.

AHHHHHHH! And I still had muh daily dosage of the JabbaWockeeZ x] Like when Tim Burton kept mentioning the Jabberwocky and Lewis Caroll, and when I was entering Hall H ... I saw someone reppin Jabba gear, and then I saw a JabbaWockeeZ mask on a stuffed animal at one of the booths o.O LOL Buht everything reminds meh of the JabbaWockeeZ so i'll ALWAYS have muh daily dosage AHHAHAH. YAYY! :D

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