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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week 7: America's Best Dance Crew

I thought it was an AMAZING show! I lahhhhhb how the AWESOME Missy Elliot was there! I'm glad season two finally got a special guest to perform..cuz I remember last season for the Live Auditions Flo Rida performed. x] I think... ;p Having Missy on the show, made it so entertaining. OH! and the whole fight between Shane and JC was freaking hilarious.

Muh Favorite Performance of the Night:
-Super Crew

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


TEEN CHOICE AWARDS! Buht I can't even go! Muh sister is going to a bachelorette party in vegas from Thursday-Sunday...and Sunday is the Teen Choice Awards. Muh sister is the one who signed uhp for the event and we were accepted! And the only one who can take meh, is muh sister because muh mommy is working...and I know muh daddy doesn't wanna drive 2 hours buht I know muh mommy is willing to. GAHHHHHHH! I'm so angry/sad/disappointed. I got a free ticket to get in, and I can't go. ;[ I haven't gone to an award show for almost 3 years! That's a loonnng time...each time muh sister gets accepted, we either can't go...or we DON'T get accepted. ;[ GRRRRR! AND THE FREAKING JABBAWOCKEEZ AND CHRIS BROWN IS GONNNA BE THERE! The only reason why I wanna go so bad, is because of the JabbaWockeeZ. *sigh* I just wish that a miracle can happen and that some way, somehow I can go! If only...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yeaaa, I woke uhp at 11am today. I was so surprised I woke uhp so late x] Buht anyways..pretty simple morning until the earthquake happened! I was taking a shower...and all of a sudden the like tub started swaying and I like stumbled in the shower. x] and I could hear muh nephew go, "AUNTIE CHRYSTAL! AUNTIE CHRYSTAL!" and I was NAKED IN THE SHOWER WHEN THE EARTHQUAKE HAPPENED. hahhahahahha. it was kinda weird o.O Buht I jumped out of the shower got a towel and wrapped myself and ran to muh nephew. ;p He got scared. x] Muh nephew and I were kinda of like surprised/scared and we were shaking cuz the earthquake was pretty strong, 5.8 to be exact. Buht we were ohkay. ;]

Monday, July 28, 2008

Such A Great Morning/Afternoon

MUH PHIL TAYAG and a friend made muh morning today! x] Right when I woke uhp this morning, I went straight to the computer [like always] and I signed on to myspace. I was surprised to see a TWO messages from MUH PHIL! ;D I didn't notice til later that he responded TWO times to the SAME message! hahahhaha.

muh message to him:

MUH PHIL's first reply x] :

His second reply ;D :

I thought it was funny, that he replied twice. x] Buht then, I talked to muh friend about her dream last night, and that made meh smile ;D

friend (10:00:26 AM): chrystal !! [: i had a dream about a jabba ! [: but .. it was joe ;P no BEN x]

friend (10:08:16 AM): all i remember was i was at school getting lunch and my friend needed to go to the bathroom and like i went with her to the building and then i see joe, a girl, and some other jabba [i forgot] and then joe comes over to me and im like hey joe and i give him a hug. then im like "your mine" and he goes "im yours?" ahah and im like "yeah" then we start walking to a table where all my friends were [were still hugging btw.]

friend (10:08:19 AM): and we sit down and he goes "hey everyone, im hers" and im like "yeah your mine" and then my friend don goes "joe, where do you live" and he goes "ewa by gentry" [thats a place in hawaii] and i go "i live there to" and yeah, then all of a sudden my friend that used the bathroom came up and started tickling joe .. and im like "HEY! STOP IT" haha x] then i woke up... it was very random.

friend (10:09:08 AM): i wish it was ben though .. cuz HES MINE<3

chrystal (10:09:38 AM): ROFL. hahhahaha. maybe that's telling yooh something...i think you're starting to like joe! x]

friend (10:09:55 AM): hahhah x]

friend (10:10:02 AM): but i like ben too. !! x] [and more] :P

friend (10:10:38 AM): i think you were the girl and phil was with you.

chrystal (10:10:50 AM): WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???

friend (10:10:53 AM): cuz then you came down with phil and went somewhere .. WHERED YOU GO?!

chrystal (10:10:56 AM): NUH UH. NUH UH. NUH UH.

friend (10:11:12 AM): idk, i remember now it was phil. and i think it was you

chrystal (10:11:21 AM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

friend (10:11:37 AM): yeah you guys came together then went somewhere .. WHERED YOU GO?! HMM?!

friend (10:11:37 AM): x]


chrystal (10:11:55 AM): pshhhh, we went to..uhhhh.

chrystal (10:11:58 AM): uhhhh..

friend (10:12:03 AM): ahaahh x]

chrystal (10:12:04 AM): I DUNNO! x]

friend (10:12:33 AM): i think you and phil were talking about dogs too .. x]

chrystal (10:12:41 AM): ROFL. HAHAHHHAAHAHA.

friend (10:12:42 AM): i overheard the conversation.

Then, soon enough when I was in chatzy...JOE LAROT decides to stop by and say hi to the JabbaFam ;D It was the best! I was so happy he came by..and he was in a plane going to Malaysia with the JabbaWockeeZ. CRIS GATDULA wanted to talk to us too, so he came in! Soon enough, PHI NGUYEN came in and talked too! I think Phi talked the most to us, though. x] Yeaaaa, it was a great. And I got to ask joe and phi a question that I've always wanted to ask ;] so, yeaaa..I'M SO HAPPAYYY. :DD These past 5 days have been the greatest...ahhhhhh. x]

Saturday, July 26, 2008


OHHHMAHHHGAWDD, I just like got back...and i'm like still shaking from HUGGING MATT DALLAS!! :DDD OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. ohhkayyy, so here's what happened:

Meh and jesi [the bestest person in the whole world who invited meh to go with her to comic-con] went to comic-con early today, because we wanted to be able to get tickets to
get autographs from Matt Dallas...buht when we got there, we checked the schedule.. and he wasn't on it. So, we were like...OH :[ We just went around the exhibit hall and looked around and stuff.. buht THEN. we passed by the ABCFamily booth and there was like a really long line for something.. and jesi was like, "go ask that guy what the line is for." so I asked him, and he's like, "this is a ticket line-uhp to get autographs from the stars of KYLE XY" and I was like, "JESI RUNNN!!x]" and we went to the back of the line... so anyways...after we got our GUARANTEED PASS TO GET AUTOGRAPHS from Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander.. we went to the Kyle XY panel. It was the BEST! though, muh camera was being retarded and kept taking retarded pictures >:[ Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas[stars of Kyle Xy] are so skinny in person! I was like...WOW o.O THEY'RE SO PRETTY! ESPECIALLY..MATT DALLAS!! AHHHHHH!! I swear, meh and him had EYE CONTACT because we were like in the third row. x] Once, he entered the room..I was like about to FAINT. I was so light-headed! ;D I couldn't take muh eyes off of Matt the entire time x]

so, anyways...after that was done..we rushed to the ABCFamily booth so we can get autographs. ;] buht once we were in line, we had to stand next to this ANNOYING, POO POO, TRANSGENDER person that kept talking to meh. HE WOULDN'T SHUT UHP >:O and I was like, "ew." buht I was fake being nice and just talked to him...buht I just wanted to KICK HIM IN THE FACE! >:[ GRRRRRR. and he pretty muched ruined the rest of muh day from there..and it was muh turn to get muh autograph from MATT DALLAS ;D The girl that was in charge was yucky, and kept rushing meh and jesi so I didn't really get to take muh the time to calm down and talk to him, cuz I was freaking out x]...and it was so KAHYOOTTE when he was trying to write down stuff..I kept asking, "uhh, can i? can i? can i get a picture?" and in between those "can i?"s...he kept looking uhp with those PUPPY EYES! OHHMAHHHGAWDDDD. I like died. and he was so nice, and took the picture! BUHT, I look so disgusting in it again just like how I was disgusting in muh picture with MUH PHIL ;p

They both made it so hawttt and were so PRETTY!! ;DDD and yeaaa, I was about to ask him for a hug..buht then we had to leave >:[...so I was really disappointed when we left. We went to get some food after, buht when we were in line to get food...I was like "jesi, can we just go back real quick? the up close picture I got of him was blurry! D:" buht before that I was so mad and angry and freaking out about our meet and greet, that I HAD to do something. So meh and jesi went, and we just went to the section at the booth where we can just look at him and take pictures. AGAIN, each picture was retarded because of muh camera and I swear..jesi kept telling meh when I was taking pictures of him, he would smile and look over in between autograph signings buht I didn't notice because I was too busy taking pictures of him! buht I was like, "OHKAY! :D" hahhahahhh. and then, I was still disappointed after because I really wanted a hug..like that was what I really wanted from him! ;[ so...yea..I was kinda sad for the rest of the day...same as jesi because she wanted a hug too.. We then went to the panel for Milo Ventimiglia..and when we were in line I decided to stay at comic-con longer because I really wanted that hug from matt dallas! Because meh and jesi were both gonna leave after the Milo panel and Matt Dallas was gonna be at another panel for TV GUIDE...And I was like I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL I GET THAT HUG! ;p so, jesi left at 5..and I stayed behind and waited for the panel at 6 ;] and again, I was suppah close to Matt Dallas because I was patient and went to the panel before so I could move all the way to the front. ;D MUAHAHAHHA. and it was so funny at the panel, because everyone kept making fun of HIM! x] hehheheehhe. buht whatever, I lahhhb him. ;p AGAIN, I kept looking at him to whole time ;p Then the panel ended..so I grabbed muh stuff quickly and ran to matt while he was still in his seat, buht 3 other girls ran too hahahaa. BUHT HE LOOKED AT MEH! :D I felt bad, cuz the other girls went straight to matt [well, I did too x]] so I looked at Jaimie:

MEH:"JAIMIE! can I get a quick hug?"

so I went to the side of the stage where the stairs and waited with the other girls for Matt and Jaimie to come down. I was VERY PATIENT ;] and I took pictures for people cuz other celebrities were around, and I felt like being nice so I offered to take the pictures for them. ;] So after that, I like waited patiently for Matt and Jaimie to come down cuz some guy told them to stay uhp there on the stage..D: buht I waited. ;] I TOLD MYSELF I WASN'T GONNA LEAVE TIL I GOT THAT HUG! ;p AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! :DDD so he started coming down, he jumped off the stage and was like:

MATT:"oh wait, gotta go put on muh chapstick!" x] HAHAH.
ONEOFTHEGIRLS: "can I get a picture?"
MEH: "WAIT! before yooh take that picture, is it ohkay if I get one quick hug?"
MATT: "YEA! OF COURSE!"[he said it funny too]
"RAHHHH! ;]" *opens his arms to meh*

I put muh arms out and hugged him and I TIPTOED TO HIM! ;D OHHMAHHGAWWDDDD.
he gives the most amazing hugs EVER! buht it's tied with MUH PHIL TAYAG'S hugs x]
he did that back rubb thingy too! x] hehehhehhee. and it was so long...and he smelled really good too! ;DDD ahhh..and right after that hug:

MATT:"no problem."*beautiful smile*

and I like dashed and left the place. ;] I was smiling and shaking the whole way out and when muh sister picked meh uhp! ;DDD IT WAS THE BEST...and after I left the room, I noticed I didn't wait for Jaimie so I can get a hug from her, OPPS. x] Well, there's more that happened at comic-con buht that's just what happened today! :DDD ahhhh...i'm so happy. I'm so glad I waited and was patient and believed that I could actually pull off not getting in trouble for wanting a PERSONAL
REQUEST from Matt Dallas ;DDD Being patient has it's rewards. ;]

yup. i'm good. x] BUHT, too bad I didn't get Matt Dallas to sign the little picture thingy I made for him -_- ...IT'S OHKAY! cuz I got a hug, and i'm happayyyy with that! ;DD

ohh, and the day before, I went to the Avatar: The Last Airbender panel ;D it was the BEST! the directors/creators are so hilarious! ;] buht anyways, here are the free shirts I got from going to the panels.

Gray: avatar shirt - - Black: shirt from the upcoming movie-The Day the Earth Stood Still

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm not gonna be on the computer from Wednesday-Sunday due to the EXTREMELY, AWESOME event in San Diego, known as Comic-Con 2008 ;] I'm gonna miss muh JabbaFamx3OG...OMG. I'm also gonna miss the new episode of America's Best Dance Crew! D: awwww, and I was looking forward to looking for Wendy, Mary, and Donna on the television. x] I can't even vote, cuz they close the voting lines early now...ehhh.

Event's I'm Looking Forward To:

July 24th [Thursday]
11:30-1:00 Keanu Reeves
1:15- 2:45 Cast of the new series "Twilight" [Taylor Lautner]

July 25th [Friday]
7:30-9:15pm Avatar:The Last Airbender panel

July 26th [Saturday]
10:30-11:45 Cast of "Heroes" [Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, and Milo Ventimiglia]
12:30-1:30 Kyle XY panel [Matt Dallas<3 &Jaimie Alexander]

July 27th [Sunday]
1:45-2:45 Ghost Whisperer panel [Jennifer Love Hewitt]

What i'm giving Matt Dallas to autograph. I hope he likes it! ;]

Freestyle Session: 11th Anniversary

Armory Massive presents Freestyle Session's 11th Anniversary on August 23rd and August 24th. Freestyle Session is the largest break dancing battle in the world. This year there will be a dance showcase. America's Best Dance Crew winners, the Jabbawockeez are confirmed in the showcase line up. The dance showcase will also feature Storm and Salah. Storm and Salah will be performing on the 23rd and the JabbaWockeeZ will be performing the following day on the 24th! Unfortunately, no cameras will be allowed on the 24th. Armory Massive promises that this year's showcases will "blow your mind" and that they have "some extra surprises up our sleeves" so hurry up and buy your tickets to the event now. Two day tickets are available now at Groove Tickets and one day tickets will be available at the door. Two day presale tickets will be $60. There is a $25,000 in cash and prizes for participating teams. The event will take place at Circus Hollywood in Los Angeles and will sell out. See the flier below for details. I SO WANNA GO! ;D


Monday, July 21, 2008

Vote For Who Yooh Would Like To See In the America's Best Dance Crew Tour

America's Best Dance Crew is going on a twenty city tour all over the United States. So far, season one's winners, the JabbaWockeeZ and contender, Break Sk8 have been confirmed in the line up. At least three other dance crews will be joining them in the much anticipated live tour. What other dance crew would you like to see join the America's Best Dance Crew tour? CLICK TO VOTE in the Yahoo! OMG! exclusive ABDC tour poll. JABBAWOCKEEZ ARE FOR SURE GOING! ;D

I voted for Super Crew about 500 times! Buht I can't vote anymore, cuz I think I voted too much. KEEP VOTING FOR SUPER CREW! ;D

Dream About Rynan Paguio and Joe Larot

OMG. ANOTHER dream about the JabbaWockeeZ. Hehe. I've already had 4 dreams about the Jabbas! Buht I'm usually looking forward to dreams about PHIL x] Hehehehhe. Well, I can't remember exactly what happened buht I'll do muh best to describe it. I was in a grocery store, preferably Albertsons...and supposedly the JabbaWockeeZ were gonna be there, so I was walking around with muh sister, patiently waiting for them to pop uhp. Then..I saw Rynan and Joe! So I waved at them and I said, "Hi Joe! Hi Rynan!" *wave* And then, they waved back at meh! x] I ran uhp to them and Rynan and I, immediately hugged ;] HAHA. And right away I asked him if he remembered meh and muh wittle elmo backpack...buht I was like, "ohh, wait. It's ohkay if yooh don't remember". And he was nice about it, and was like, "oh, sorry I don't remember". x] The funny thing about muh dream...RYNAN WAS LIKE 2 FEET TALLER THAN MEH! Hahahha. I'm like 5'2"3/4 too. ;p It was really funny, buht it felt good to hug Rynan because I was small compared to him x] The yucky thing about muh dream...Joe was yucky D: He's not yucky in real life though! He's so funny and nice. I don't know why he was like that in muh dream...;[ And right after I talked to Rynan, Joe wanted to leave like really quickly..buht a bunch of people from like band camp walked by and talked to Rynan and Joe. HAHAH. Buht Rynan and Joe were trying really hard to walk away! x] Yeaaa...that's pretty much what I can remember. ;] I hope I have ANOTHER dream about the JabbaWockeeZ...preferably...MUH PHIL! ;D

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
3 Amazing ;]
1 Not So Good [It was practically a nightmare! D:]

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's Kick Back

Today was pretty chill. Though, I didn't sleep until 4am...due to muh little JabbaFam members and I playing a little NAME GAME. x] And I slept until 1pm! HAHAHA. That was a first. Pretty much why it was a chill day. I was mostly looking forward to watching the FINAL EPISODE OF AVATAR:THE LAST AIRBENDER! OMFG. it was so TIGHHHHHT. I can't believe it's over, though..;[ *sniff*sniff* Wittle Aang and Sokka always made meh laugh x] Buht something is bothering meh, why didn't they clarify or say where Zuko's mommy is? Is Zuko's mommy alive? I'm not sure. If anyone knows, puhlease fill meh in. ;D I don't know what other anime show i'm gonna watch now..haha. I don't really watch NARUTO x] It's not very appealing to meh. I found out by Donna that Against All Odds was having a sale and JabbaWockeeZ shirts are only $19.99! Too bad there isn't one near meh. I'd have to drive an hour away and gas prices are RIDICULOUS. I guess it's ohkay, maybe I can try to convince muh mommy to get a shirt since the sale ends tomorrow! ;] Yup, that would be good.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Today was pretty normal, basically meh on the computer ALLDAY talking to muh JabbaFam and looking uhp stuff on the JabbaWockeeZ or anything related to the JabbaWockeeZ x] I looked uhp the schedule for Comic-Con San Diego 2008 and i'm so excited. Celebrities such as Keanu Reeves, Milo Ventemigilia [don't know if it's spelled right], Hayden Pannetierre [yea, I dunno about that either ;p], Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and MATT DALLAS will be attending. I'm mostly excited for Matt Dallas, the star of the hit sci-fi series Kyle XY, to be there and the Avatar panel. AHHHHH! MATT DALLAS! x] hehehhehe. I also learned something new today, I learned how to do THIS:

Thanks to muh adiing kay for teaching meh how to do that! x] Yup, I got that message almost a month ago from MUH PHIL. hehehhe. So, today in chatzy was fun..like it always is. Buht today I had the BEST CONVO IN THE WORLD with muh JabbaFam. ;] Here's the convo:

chrystalx3OG;]: yooh got to see...MUH PHIL<3 !! :D
rheaaaa: securtiy was being sucha a meanie! ]:<
rheaaaa: hahaha, yes ;D i loved seeing your phil [: it was sweeet.
chrystalx3OG;]: yeaaaa, when i met the jabbas...the security was like ,"ONLY ONE PERSONAL PHOTO" and i was like "ew."
rheaaaa: he was cool [: hahaha. phil couldnt stop smiling ;D
Yvonne.: I know huh i remember that Chrystal! that guy was so mean haha
chrystalx3OG;] faints, because she thought of PHIL nonstop smiling

chrystalx3OG;]: ew, I KNOW YVONNE! ;p
rheaaaa: omg, i wish i was 18 cuz after the show .. they went to the club! ]:
: Chrystal your phil<3 is always gettin drunk
chrystalx3OG;]: LMFAO, HAAHHAHAH. I KNOW!! x]
rheaaaa: hahahah x] all the jabbas get drunk x]
Fefa x3OG: BUT FOR REAL PHIL LOOK HELLA MORE SEXY DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA rheaaaa: hahah x]
chrystalx3OG;]: AHHHHH! MUH PHIL<3 x] hehehhe.
KaiBear{OOJ}: LOL?Phil looks more Sexy Drunk?!LOL.
tina pham: well phil always looks sexy no matter what!
Yvonne.: Hahaha
Fefa x3OG: yeah!!!!
rheaaaa: hahah x] all the jabbas are sexy ;D
Fefa x3OG: i was like omg I WANT TO JUMP ON HIM!!!!! HAHA
chrystalx3OG;]: EXACTLY TINA! ;D
KaiBear{OOJ}: Lol,if you jump on Phil you might hurt him.
tina pham: haha
Fefa x3OG: hahhaha yeah im hella tall lol
KIDxerin: Lmfao! awhh.rheaaaa: hahah x]
KaiBear{OOJ}: Awww.Dont hurt Phil!
KaiBear{OOJ}: PhillyWilly
rheaaaa: hahahah x]
KIDxerin: im shorter than phil! :X
chrystalx3OG;] is imagining fefa squishing PHIL<3 because he's so small ! ;DDD
tina pham: hahaha
chrystalx3OG;]: HAHHAHAHA.
rheaaaa: hahaha hes cute short [:.
chrystalx3OG;]: I KNOW RHEAA!! ;DD that's how i like 'em. ;p
KaiBear{OOJ}: Aww Phils a little Puppy,Im gonna hide him in my closet i hope you dont mind chrystal
chrystalx3OG;]: LMFAO. as long as yooh let him go to meh kai ! x]
rheaaaa: i wanted to take him home with me .. hahaha -- ALL OF THEM [:
chrystalx3OG;]: HEHEHHEHEHHE. x]
chrystalx3OG;]: PHIL<3 is so.. ahhhhhh. x]
rheaaaa: i love his hugs too !
rheaaaa: YEAAAAAH<3[:
chrystalx3OG;]: I GOT A HUG FROM MUH PHIL<3 and PHI !! AHHH!! ;]
chrystalx3OG;] is jealous of rhea, cuz she only got a hug from 2 jabbas. D:
rheaaaa: phil said i smelt good ..i was like ohkayy .. x] hahaha
rheaaaa: awhhh ..
chrystalx3OG;]: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
rheaaaa: dont worry chrystal! your gonna have anyother chance to see them ;D
chrystalx3OG;]: AHHHH!! MUH PHIL<3 !! :DDD
rheaaaa: haha your phil is the best chrystal ;D
tina pham: phil said that?! how random! but how cuteeeeee
tina pham: haha
chrystalx3OG;]: what do yooh smell like rheaa?? LMFAO. HAHHA.
chrystalx3OG;]: AHHHHH!!! PHIL<3 :DDD
rheaaaa: uhm.. idk? hahah x] i was like you were smelling me? [in my mind]
chrystalx3OG;]: LMFAO! AHHHH!! PHIL<3 !! :DDD
rheaaaa: hahaha, chrystal if we ever meet up at a concert or something we should go up to phil and like smell him x]
chrystalx3OG;]: ROFL. HAHAHAH. RHEEAAA!! x]
rheaaaa: yeah !! we should ;D &&&you should kiss him too ;D
rheaaaa: hahah :D
chrystalx3OG;] fainted and is on the ground.
Fefa x3OG: lol
chrystalx3OG;]: OMG. ewwwww! buht PHIL<3 is gonna be like "ew, why'd yooh kiss meh" ;p
chrystalx3OG;]: ROFL. HEHEHHE. x]
KaiBear{OOJ}: Not if hes drunk Chrystal
rheaaaa: haha noo! hes gonna be like "ohh ;D thanks chrystal" and kisses you back !
rheaaaa: and hes smiling the WHOLE TIME :D
Yvonne.: hahaha nahh Phil wouldnt do that to you Chrystal
chrystalx3OG;] is on the ground.
chrystalx3OG;]: *THUD*
Yvonne.: He would definitely Kiss you back aha
rheaaaa: and like you guys are gonna be talking ;D and ima sneak my way to find ben and if hes with yuri .. punch her ;D
chrystalx3OG;] is gonna keep fainting forever and ever and ever
rheaaaa: hahah ;D see chrystal hes gonna kiss you ;D hahahaha.
chrystalx3OG;] is still on the ground.
rheaaaa: hahahah .. chrystal! x]
KaiBear{OOJ}: Someone should help Chrystal.
Yvonne.: awww
rheaaaa calls phil so he could help chrystal
chrystalx3OG;]: AHHHHHHHHHH!! RHEAAA!! what yooh and yvonne made meh smile oh so big! ;]
rheaaaa: and give her hugs&&kisses ;D
rheaaaa: hahahahh x] :D
Yvonne.: hahahah awww
chrystalx3OG;]: i'm SOOOOO saving this convo. x]
Yvonne.: Of course we want you to be smiling all the time haha
rheaaaa: hahah chrystal x]
chrystalx3OG;]: I LAHHHB YOOH YVONNE! :]
rheaaaa: hahahha. i love you tooo :D
chrystalx3OG;]: I LAHHHHB EVERYONE!! I LAHHHHB MUH JABBAFAM! ;] yooh guys are the BEST! ;D
chrystalx3OG;]: i think i might put this convo in muh blog ;D HEHEHHE.
KaiBear{OOJ}: Chyrstal is so happy right now
rheaaaa: hahahhah x] YOU SHOULD! :D
rheaaaa: yeahh cuz shes gonna get hugs and kisses frrom phil when we meet him ;D
chrystalx3OG;]: HEHEHHEHE. I AM! x] i'm signing into muh blog right now! ;D
Fefa x3OG: lol
Yvonne.: Hahah aaww CHRYSTAL
rheaaaa: remember our goal chrystal! ;D SMELL PHIL :D

Haters On Ailyn From SoReal Cru

Oh gawsshh. It's like people do NOT know how reality tv works. I stumbled upon a topic discussion in facebook. CLICK HERE TO SEE I mean, seriously. The only reason why they keep talking about Ailyn's story is because they focus on it. They try to make a story to make the show more interesting, THAT'S ALL. The whole "trying to be sexy" thing...SO WHAT. Everybody tries to be sexy and pretty. It's TELEVISION. If yooh were on TV, yooh would want to fix yourself uhp for the camera too. Plus, stop comparing SoReal to other crews. These crews just have the same style, buht each crew is unique in their own way. So STOP HATING YOOH UGLY PEOPLES. If I was part of Family Royale I would say, "BYTERZ WILL BE EATEN" ;p So hmmmfff. Just enjoy the entertainment of the show, mmk?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Week 5: America's Best Dance Crew

I was so excited to watch today's episode of America's Best Dance Crew. Overall, the show was OHH-KAYYY. There were some OH-KAY performances, and REALLY GOOD performances. ;] Shane and LilMama were hilarious when they kept interrupting each other when they gave feedback to Supreme Soul. HAHAHA. and Shane said "fabulous" x]

Muh Favorite Performances of the Night
The top performances in muh opinion were:
- Boogie Bots
- SoReal Cru
- Super Crew

Boogie Bots- - They did so much better than they did last week. Mostly because they didn't have alot of energy during the last performance, buht their performance had alot of energy. ;] I know that Miguel [poor Miguel] messed uhp last episode, buht that's ohkay...just brush it off ;p hehehe. Miguel brought it this week. ;D One thing that caught muh attention was the EVOLUTION part at the end. ;D I thought that they got really creative with that.
[heheh, look at Joesar's face x] THANKS KAY!]

SoReal Cru- - I LAHHHHB THIS CREW! I really want SoReal to win this season. x] I enjoyed SoReal's performance the most, because of all the choreography that they brought and the props that they used. ;] Like the chairs and the whipped cream. It was kinda funny that Ailyn was partnered with Pat when they got all sexy since they're going out. ;p Well, of course they were gonna get partnered together...I just thought it was funny x] BUHT OVERALL..I lahhhhbed their performance.
Super Crew- - WOW. Ronnie caught muh eye their whole performance. x] Last week they did ohkay, I thought it was kind of slow. This week, they did AMAZING. Ronnie's tricks were TIGHHHHHT. I really liked when Ronnie was thrown around! That showed that Ronnie trusted his crew, cuz they could have dropped him x] Overall, they really tried hard to include alot of "choreography" buht still included their b-boy style without overdoing it.

Least Favorite Performances of the Night
The oh-kay performances in muh opinion:
- Fanny Pak
- Supreme Soul

Fanny Pak- - I've never really liked this group, buht their performance last week was just O.O I mean, they did the BEST out of all the groups. This week, I didn't like their performance [as usual. haha.] I know Fanny Pak is a creative and good group, it's just they have something that makes meh not like them. ;p I didn't like the whole KISS part between the girls...I thought they just went too far. x] Ehhh, they were just OH-KAY.
Supreme Soul- - Their performance was OH-KAY, too. I know that their performance last week was REALLY GOOD, buht this week they just didn't BRING IT. I know that they don't like being in the bottom, buht they should be like the JabbaWockeeZ [hahaha] Supreme Soul should always perform like they're fighting to be there. Each time Supreme Soul performs, its just so...ehhh. BUHT, Supreme Soul can dance...they just don't give that much energy and personality. KoolRaul did amazing though, with his tricks! ;]

America's Best Dance Crew Live!

HURRAY! Another way to see the amazing, wonderful, pretty JabbaWockeeZ! I gotta go to this ;] I sure hope I can go, even if we get a sucky seat...I'd still go x]

It is the hottest show on TV and promises to bring the party on the road. You won’t want to miss a single beat.

Tickets to Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew Live will go on sale soon.

AEG LIVE is the concert promoter.

Sep 18 Miami, FL: Waterfront Theatre at the American Airlines Arena

Sep 19 Tampa, FL: Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

Sep 20 Atlanta, GA: Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center

Sep 21 Clemson, SC: Littlejohn Coliseum

Sep 23 New York, NY: WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden

Sep 25 Boston, MA: Citi Performing Arts Center

Sep 26 Atlantic City, NJ: Adrian Phillips Ballroom

Sep 27 Sewell, NJ: Commerce Bank Arts Centre

Sep 29 Washington, DC: DAR Constitution Hall

Sep 30 Newark, NJ: New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Oct 1 Albany, NY: The Palace Theater

Oct 3 Detroit, MI: Masonic Temple Theatre

Oct 4 Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Theatre

Oct 5 Rosemont, IL: Rosemont Theatre

Oct 6 Kansas City, MO: Midland Theatre

Oct 8 Denver, CO: Wells Fargo Theatre

Oct 11 Oakland, CA: Paramount Theatre of the Arts

Oct 12 Los Angeles, CA: Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE

Oct 14 Portland, OR: Rose Quarter - Theater Of The Clouds

Oct 15 Everett, WA: Comcast Arena at Everett Events Center

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Journey Concert

Yesterdae I attended the Journey Concert with muh parents. ;] The funny thing is, right when I got to the line to get into the amphitheater..there was already SOMETHING to remind meh of the JabbaWockeeZ. HAHAH. I saw a guy wearing a JabbaWockeeZ shirt to a Journey's concert..?? Uhhh. Yea. So, basically we had to wait almost an hour in line, to wait for the gates to open. The whole time in line I kept telling muh daddy that I wanted to get a Journey's t-shirt. BUHTTT, right when we got inside..I saw the RIDICULOUS price of the shirt: $40 ew. I'm not gonna spend that much for a t-shirt.

Meh waiting for Journey to come on ;]

Yeaa, so Cheaptrick and Heart opened uhp for Journey ;] I knew SOME songs, buht they were all TIGHHHT performances ;] Though, Journey was the BEST! When Arnel Pineda came out in his tight, bright yellow, skinny jeans.. i was like O.O WOW. How could he jump around and kick in those? x] Haha. Buht he was AMAZING. It was like I was listening to the cd all over again. This middle-aged woman sitting next to meh was like IN LOVE with Arnel. She kept screaming "ARNEL! I LOVE YOOH!" and I was like, "ew" x] HAHA. I think she was drunk too, because she stood uhp and started dancing, and as the concert went on...she kept moving closer and closer to meh until I was smooshed against the left side of muh seat just so I can see the stage >:[ The man behind meh couldn't see either because that crazy drunk old lady kept moving. Buht, meh and muh parents really enjoyed the concert. ;] So, it's all good.

Monday, July 14, 2008

AMAZING DAY/muh first entry ;]

WOW. i actually made a blogspot. ;] I never really saw myself as a blogger, buht I found out that I really like to talk about certain things until it leaves my mind. So, what else is better than blogging about it! Right? Well, today was very interesting AND entertaining.

Dream About Phil Tayag
Last night I had the MOST AMAZING dream. ;D By the way, I'm just gonna talk about the KEY MOMENTS that happened. ;] It was about MUH PHIL TAYAG. So I was at an arcade in Las Vegas with muh friends with Twitch from SYTYCD [So You Think You Can Dance] and supposedly we could use one of the arcade games as a computer? yea, weird. I KNOW. and one of muh friends had a disease, so I searched it uhp while I was in the arcade and printed what I found out about the disease. THEN, MUH PHIL came in with his body guard and I was just mesmerized by his beauty. x] And PHIL came over and took the piece of paper and sat on it! And he said, "Where'd it go?" HAHA. Something PHIL would do. Then, we talked and all that, and then we started talking pictures! ;] We took a picture with meh carrying PHIL like a groom would do with his bride on their way to their honeymoon. x] Surprisingly, he wasn't really heavy. So, muh friend took a picture of MEH carrying PHIL and he kissed meh on the cheek for the LONGEST time for the picture! I pretty much like DIED in muh dream, well not really. ;] and those are pretty much the KEY MOMENTS of muh dream. When I woke uhp, I was smiling. ;D

Enounter With KidRainen
Yup. that's right. ;] KidRainen had visited our JabbaFam chatroom this morning. Joe Larot came to the chatroom last night too, buht I wasn't there. ;[ Even Christina wasn't there, and Christina is like his NUMBER ONE fan! Rynan was very patient and kept uhp with his "average typing skills" as he put it. He dedicated 67 minutes to talk with us, and it was just THE BEST. ;]

Here's muh favorite part:
chrystal: YOUR PRETTY TOO RYNAN. x] hehehe.
KIDRAINEN: haha chrystal thanks girlfriend..haha

Though, today other "celebrities" decided to stop by the JabbaWockeeZ chatroom. Supposedly Miley Cyrus stopped by to show her love for the Jabbas, buht meh and the others in the chatroom didn't believe it was her. Jon Chu, director of Step Up 2, stopped by also. I believed 60% that it was him, but Deezy and a few others didn't. HAHA. Basically, the JabbaWockeeZ chatroom was interesting and entertaining today. I hope more Jabbas stop by again. ;]