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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Journey Concert

Yesterdae I attended the Journey Concert with muh parents. ;] The funny thing is, right when I got to the line to get into the amphitheater..there was already SOMETHING to remind meh of the JabbaWockeeZ. HAHAH. I saw a guy wearing a JabbaWockeeZ shirt to a Journey's concert..?? Uhhh. Yea. So, basically we had to wait almost an hour in line, to wait for the gates to open. The whole time in line I kept telling muh daddy that I wanted to get a Journey's t-shirt. BUHTTT, right when we got inside..I saw the RIDICULOUS price of the shirt: $40 ew. I'm not gonna spend that much for a t-shirt.

Meh waiting for Journey to come on ;]

Yeaa, so Cheaptrick and Heart opened uhp for Journey ;] I knew SOME songs, buht they were all TIGHHHT performances ;] Though, Journey was the BEST! When Arnel Pineda came out in his tight, bright yellow, skinny jeans.. i was like O.O WOW. How could he jump around and kick in those? x] Haha. Buht he was AMAZING. It was like I was listening to the cd all over again. This middle-aged woman sitting next to meh was like IN LOVE with Arnel. She kept screaming "ARNEL! I LOVE YOOH!" and I was like, "ew" x] HAHA. I think she was drunk too, because she stood uhp and started dancing, and as the concert went on...she kept moving closer and closer to meh until I was smooshed against the left side of muh seat just so I can see the stage >:[ The man behind meh couldn't see either because that crazy drunk old lady kept moving. Buht, meh and muh parents really enjoyed the concert. ;] So, it's all good.

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