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Monday, July 21, 2008

Vote For Who Yooh Would Like To See In the America's Best Dance Crew Tour

America's Best Dance Crew is going on a twenty city tour all over the United States. So far, season one's winners, the JabbaWockeeZ and contender, Break Sk8 have been confirmed in the line up. At least three other dance crews will be joining them in the much anticipated live tour. What other dance crew would you like to see join the America's Best Dance Crew tour? CLICK TO VOTE in the Yahoo! OMG! exclusive ABDC tour poll. JABBAWOCKEEZ ARE FOR SURE GOING! ;D

I voted for Super Crew about 500 times! Buht I can't vote anymore, cuz I think I voted too much. KEEP VOTING FOR SUPER CREW! ;D

1 comment:

cherizzle said...

ohh schnap! youre like THE jabbawockeez news person. everyone goes to you when new jabba stuff comes out.

*high fives*