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Monday, July 14, 2008

AMAZING DAY/muh first entry ;]

WOW. i actually made a blogspot. ;] I never really saw myself as a blogger, buht I found out that I really like to talk about certain things until it leaves my mind. So, what else is better than blogging about it! Right? Well, today was very interesting AND entertaining.

Dream About Phil Tayag
Last night I had the MOST AMAZING dream. ;D By the way, I'm just gonna talk about the KEY MOMENTS that happened. ;] It was about MUH PHIL TAYAG. So I was at an arcade in Las Vegas with muh friends with Twitch from SYTYCD [So You Think You Can Dance] and supposedly we could use one of the arcade games as a computer? yea, weird. I KNOW. and one of muh friends had a disease, so I searched it uhp while I was in the arcade and printed what I found out about the disease. THEN, MUH PHIL came in with his body guard and I was just mesmerized by his beauty. x] And PHIL came over and took the piece of paper and sat on it! And he said, "Where'd it go?" HAHA. Something PHIL would do. Then, we talked and all that, and then we started talking pictures! ;] We took a picture with meh carrying PHIL like a groom would do with his bride on their way to their honeymoon. x] Surprisingly, he wasn't really heavy. So, muh friend took a picture of MEH carrying PHIL and he kissed meh on the cheek for the LONGEST time for the picture! I pretty much like DIED in muh dream, well not really. ;] and those are pretty much the KEY MOMENTS of muh dream. When I woke uhp, I was smiling. ;D

Enounter With KidRainen
Yup. that's right. ;] KidRainen had visited our JabbaFam chatroom this morning. Joe Larot came to the chatroom last night too, buht I wasn't there. ;[ Even Christina wasn't there, and Christina is like his NUMBER ONE fan! Rynan was very patient and kept uhp with his "average typing skills" as he put it. He dedicated 67 minutes to talk with us, and it was just THE BEST. ;]

Here's muh favorite part:
chrystal: YOUR PRETTY TOO RYNAN. x] hehehe.
KIDRAINEN: haha chrystal thanks girlfriend..haha

Though, today other "celebrities" decided to stop by the JabbaWockeeZ chatroom. Supposedly Miley Cyrus stopped by to show her love for the Jabbas, buht meh and the others in the chatroom didn't believe it was her. Jon Chu, director of Step Up 2, stopped by also. I believed 60% that it was him, but Deezy and a few others didn't. HAHA. Basically, the JabbaWockeeZ chatroom was interesting and entertaining today. I hope more Jabbas stop by again. ;]

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cherizzle said...

omg, chrystal. thats great!