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Saturday, July 26, 2008


OHHHMAHHHGAWDD, I just like got back...and i'm like still shaking from HUGGING MATT DALLAS!! :DDD OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. ohhkayyy, so here's what happened:

Meh and jesi [the bestest person in the whole world who invited meh to go with her to comic-con] went to comic-con early today, because we wanted to be able to get tickets to
get autographs from Matt Dallas...buht when we got there, we checked the schedule.. and he wasn't on it. So, we were like...OH :[ We just went around the exhibit hall and looked around and stuff.. buht THEN. we passed by the ABCFamily booth and there was like a really long line for something.. and jesi was like, "go ask that guy what the line is for." so I asked him, and he's like, "this is a ticket line-uhp to get autographs from the stars of KYLE XY" and I was like, "JESI RUNNN!!x]" and we went to the back of the line... so anyways...after we got our GUARANTEED PASS TO GET AUTOGRAPHS from Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander.. we went to the Kyle XY panel. It was the BEST! though, muh camera was being retarded and kept taking retarded pictures >:[ Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas[stars of Kyle Xy] are so skinny in person! I was like...WOW o.O THEY'RE SO PRETTY! ESPECIALLY..MATT DALLAS!! AHHHHHH!! I swear, meh and him had EYE CONTACT because we were like in the third row. x] Once, he entered the room..I was like about to FAINT. I was so light-headed! ;D I couldn't take muh eyes off of Matt the entire time x]

so, anyways...after that was done..we rushed to the ABCFamily booth so we can get autographs. ;] buht once we were in line, we had to stand next to this ANNOYING, POO POO, TRANSGENDER person that kept talking to meh. HE WOULDN'T SHUT UHP >:O and I was like, "ew." buht I was fake being nice and just talked to him...buht I just wanted to KICK HIM IN THE FACE! >:[ GRRRRRR. and he pretty muched ruined the rest of muh day from there..and it was muh turn to get muh autograph from MATT DALLAS ;D The girl that was in charge was yucky, and kept rushing meh and jesi so I didn't really get to take muh the time to calm down and talk to him, cuz I was freaking out x]...and it was so KAHYOOTTE when he was trying to write down stuff..I kept asking, "uhh, can i? can i? can i get a picture?" and in between those "can i?"s...he kept looking uhp with those PUPPY EYES! OHHMAHHHGAWDDDD. I like died. and he was so nice, and took the picture! BUHT, I look so disgusting in it again just like how I was disgusting in muh picture with MUH PHIL ;p

They both made it so hawttt and were so PRETTY!! ;DDD and yeaaa, I was about to ask him for a hug..buht then we had to leave >:[...so I was really disappointed when we left. We went to get some food after, buht when we were in line to get food...I was like "jesi, can we just go back real quick? the up close picture I got of him was blurry! D:" buht before that I was so mad and angry and freaking out about our meet and greet, that I HAD to do something. So meh and jesi went, and we just went to the section at the booth where we can just look at him and take pictures. AGAIN, each picture was retarded because of muh camera and I swear..jesi kept telling meh when I was taking pictures of him, he would smile and look over in between autograph signings buht I didn't notice because I was too busy taking pictures of him! buht I was like, "OHKAY! :D" hahhahahhh. and then, I was still disappointed after because I really wanted a hug..like that was what I really wanted from him! ;[ so...yea..I was kinda sad for the rest of the day...same as jesi because she wanted a hug too.. We then went to the panel for Milo Ventimiglia..and when we were in line I decided to stay at comic-con longer because I really wanted that hug from matt dallas! Because meh and jesi were both gonna leave after the Milo panel and Matt Dallas was gonna be at another panel for TV GUIDE...And I was like I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL I GET THAT HUG! ;p so, jesi left at 5..and I stayed behind and waited for the panel at 6 ;] and again, I was suppah close to Matt Dallas because I was patient and went to the panel before so I could move all the way to the front. ;D MUAHAHAHHA. and it was so funny at the panel, because everyone kept making fun of HIM! x] hehheheehhe. buht whatever, I lahhhb him. ;p AGAIN, I kept looking at him to whole time ;p Then the panel ended..so I grabbed muh stuff quickly and ran to matt while he was still in his seat, buht 3 other girls ran too hahahaa. BUHT HE LOOKED AT MEH! :D I felt bad, cuz the other girls went straight to matt [well, I did too x]] so I looked at Jaimie:

MEH:"JAIMIE! can I get a quick hug?"

so I went to the side of the stage where the stairs and waited with the other girls for Matt and Jaimie to come down. I was VERY PATIENT ;] and I took pictures for people cuz other celebrities were around, and I felt like being nice so I offered to take the pictures for them. ;] So after that, I like waited patiently for Matt and Jaimie to come down cuz some guy told them to stay uhp there on the stage..D: buht I waited. ;] I TOLD MYSELF I WASN'T GONNA LEAVE TIL I GOT THAT HUG! ;p AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! :DDD so he started coming down, he jumped off the stage and was like:

MATT:"oh wait, gotta go put on muh chapstick!" x] HAHAH.
ONEOFTHEGIRLS: "can I get a picture?"
MEH: "WAIT! before yooh take that picture, is it ohkay if I get one quick hug?"
MATT: "YEA! OF COURSE!"[he said it funny too]
"RAHHHH! ;]" *opens his arms to meh*

I put muh arms out and hugged him and I TIPTOED TO HIM! ;D OHHMAHHGAWWDDDD.
he gives the most amazing hugs EVER! buht it's tied with MUH PHIL TAYAG'S hugs x]
he did that back rubb thingy too! x] hehehhehhee. and it was so long...and he smelled really good too! ;DDD ahhh..and right after that hug:

MATT:"no problem."*beautiful smile*

and I like dashed and left the place. ;] I was smiling and shaking the whole way out and when muh sister picked meh uhp! ;DDD IT WAS THE BEST...and after I left the room, I noticed I didn't wait for Jaimie so I can get a hug from her, OPPS. x] Well, there's more that happened at comic-con buht that's just what happened today! :DDD ahhhh...i'm so happy. I'm so glad I waited and was patient and believed that I could actually pull off not getting in trouble for wanting a PERSONAL
REQUEST from Matt Dallas ;DDD Being patient has it's rewards. ;]

yup. i'm good. x] BUHT, too bad I didn't get Matt Dallas to sign the little picture thingy I made for him -_- ...IT'S OHKAY! cuz I got a hug, and i'm happayyyy with that! ;DD

ohh, and the day before, I went to the Avatar: The Last Airbender panel ;D it was the BEST! the directors/creators are so hilarious! ;] buht anyways, here are the free shirts I got from going to the panels.

Gray: avatar shirt - - Black: shirt from the upcoming movie-The Day the Earth Stood Still

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cherizzle said...


AHHHH, omgsh. EEEEE, im so happy and excited for you! :DDDD