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Monday, July 28, 2008

Such A Great Morning/Afternoon

MUH PHIL TAYAG and a friend made muh morning today! x] Right when I woke uhp this morning, I went straight to the computer [like always] and I signed on to myspace. I was surprised to see a TWO messages from MUH PHIL! ;D I didn't notice til later that he responded TWO times to the SAME message! hahahhaha.

muh message to him:

MUH PHIL's first reply x] :

His second reply ;D :

I thought it was funny, that he replied twice. x] Buht then, I talked to muh friend about her dream last night, and that made meh smile ;D

friend (10:00:26 AM): chrystal !! [: i had a dream about a jabba ! [: but .. it was joe ;P no BEN x]

friend (10:08:16 AM): all i remember was i was at school getting lunch and my friend needed to go to the bathroom and like i went with her to the building and then i see joe, a girl, and some other jabba [i forgot] and then joe comes over to me and im like hey joe and i give him a hug. then im like "your mine" and he goes "im yours?" ahah and im like "yeah" then we start walking to a table where all my friends were [were still hugging btw.]

friend (10:08:19 AM): and we sit down and he goes "hey everyone, im hers" and im like "yeah your mine" and then my friend don goes "joe, where do you live" and he goes "ewa by gentry" [thats a place in hawaii] and i go "i live there to" and yeah, then all of a sudden my friend that used the bathroom came up and started tickling joe .. and im like "HEY! STOP IT" haha x] then i woke up... it was very random.

friend (10:09:08 AM): i wish it was ben though .. cuz HES MINE<3

chrystal (10:09:38 AM): ROFL. hahhahaha. maybe that's telling yooh something...i think you're starting to like joe! x]

friend (10:09:55 AM): hahhah x]

friend (10:10:02 AM): but i like ben too. !! x] [and more] :P

friend (10:10:38 AM): i think you were the girl and phil was with you.

chrystal (10:10:50 AM): WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???

friend (10:10:53 AM): cuz then you came down with phil and went somewhere .. WHERED YOU GO?!

chrystal (10:10:56 AM): NUH UH. NUH UH. NUH UH.

friend (10:11:12 AM): idk, i remember now it was phil. and i think it was you

chrystal (10:11:21 AM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

friend (10:11:37 AM): yeah you guys came together then went somewhere .. WHERED YOU GO?! HMM?!

friend (10:11:37 AM): x]


chrystal (10:11:55 AM): pshhhh, we went to..uhhhh.

chrystal (10:11:58 AM): uhhhh..

friend (10:12:03 AM): ahaahh x]

chrystal (10:12:04 AM): I DUNNO! x]

friend (10:12:33 AM): i think you and phil were talking about dogs too .. x]

chrystal (10:12:41 AM): ROFL. HAHAHHHAAHAHA.

friend (10:12:42 AM): i overheard the conversation.

Then, soon enough when I was in chatzy...JOE LAROT decides to stop by and say hi to the JabbaFam ;D It was the best! I was so happy he came by..and he was in a plane going to Malaysia with the JabbaWockeeZ. CRIS GATDULA wanted to talk to us too, so he came in! Soon enough, PHI NGUYEN came in and talked too! I think Phi talked the most to us, though. x] Yeaaaa, it was a great. And I got to ask joe and phi a question that I've always wanted to ask ;] so, yeaaa..I'M SO HAPPAYYY. :DD These past 5 days have been the greatest...ahhhhhh. x]

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