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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's Kick Back

Today was pretty chill. Though, I didn't sleep until 4am...due to muh little JabbaFam members and I playing a little NAME GAME. x] And I slept until 1pm! HAHAHA. That was a first. Pretty much why it was a chill day. I was mostly looking forward to watching the FINAL EPISODE OF AVATAR:THE LAST AIRBENDER! OMFG. it was so TIGHHHHHT. I can't believe it's over, though..;[ *sniff*sniff* Wittle Aang and Sokka always made meh laugh x] Buht something is bothering meh, why didn't they clarify or say where Zuko's mommy is? Is Zuko's mommy alive? I'm not sure. If anyone knows, puhlease fill meh in. ;D I don't know what other anime show i'm gonna watch now..haha. I don't really watch NARUTO x] It's not very appealing to meh. I found out by Donna that Against All Odds was having a sale and JabbaWockeeZ shirts are only $19.99! Too bad there isn't one near meh. I'd have to drive an hour away and gas prices are RIDICULOUS. I guess it's ohkay, maybe I can try to convince muh mommy to get a shirt since the sale ends tomorrow! ;] Yup, that would be good.

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