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Friday, July 18, 2008

Haters On Ailyn From SoReal Cru

Oh gawsshh. It's like people do NOT know how reality tv works. I stumbled upon a topic discussion in facebook. CLICK HERE TO SEE I mean, seriously. The only reason why they keep talking about Ailyn's story is because they focus on it. They try to make a story to make the show more interesting, THAT'S ALL. The whole "trying to be sexy" thing...SO WHAT. Everybody tries to be sexy and pretty. It's TELEVISION. If yooh were on TV, yooh would want to fix yourself uhp for the camera too. Plus, stop comparing SoReal to other crews. These crews just have the same style, buht each crew is unique in their own way. So STOP HATING YOOH UGLY PEOPLES. If I was part of Family Royale I would say, "BYTERZ WILL BE EATEN" ;p So hmmmfff. Just enjoy the entertainment of the show, mmk?

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