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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Week 5: America's Best Dance Crew

I was so excited to watch today's episode of America's Best Dance Crew. Overall, the show was OHH-KAYYY. There were some OH-KAY performances, and REALLY GOOD performances. ;] Shane and LilMama were hilarious when they kept interrupting each other when they gave feedback to Supreme Soul. HAHAHA. and Shane said "fabulous" x]

Muh Favorite Performances of the Night
The top performances in muh opinion were:
- Boogie Bots
- SoReal Cru
- Super Crew

Boogie Bots- - They did so much better than they did last week. Mostly because they didn't have alot of energy during the last performance, buht their performance had alot of energy. ;] I know that Miguel [poor Miguel] messed uhp last episode, buht that's ohkay...just brush it off ;p hehehe. Miguel brought it this week. ;D One thing that caught muh attention was the EVOLUTION part at the end. ;D I thought that they got really creative with that.
[heheh, look at Joesar's face x] THANKS KAY!]

SoReal Cru- - I LAHHHHB THIS CREW! I really want SoReal to win this season. x] I enjoyed SoReal's performance the most, because of all the choreography that they brought and the props that they used. ;] Like the chairs and the whipped cream. It was kinda funny that Ailyn was partnered with Pat when they got all sexy since they're going out. ;p Well, of course they were gonna get partnered together...I just thought it was funny x] BUHT OVERALL..I lahhhhbed their performance.
Super Crew- - WOW. Ronnie caught muh eye their whole performance. x] Last week they did ohkay, I thought it was kind of slow. This week, they did AMAZING. Ronnie's tricks were TIGHHHHHT. I really liked when Ronnie was thrown around! That showed that Ronnie trusted his crew, cuz they could have dropped him x] Overall, they really tried hard to include alot of "choreography" buht still included their b-boy style without overdoing it.

Least Favorite Performances of the Night
The oh-kay performances in muh opinion:
- Fanny Pak
- Supreme Soul

Fanny Pak- - I've never really liked this group, buht their performance last week was just O.O I mean, they did the BEST out of all the groups. This week, I didn't like their performance [as usual. haha.] I know Fanny Pak is a creative and good group, it's just they have something that makes meh not like them. ;p I didn't like the whole KISS part between the girls...I thought they just went too far. x] Ehhh, they were just OH-KAY.
Supreme Soul- - Their performance was OH-KAY, too. I know that their performance last week was REALLY GOOD, buht this week they just didn't BRING IT. I know that they don't like being in the bottom, buht they should be like the JabbaWockeeZ [hahaha] Supreme Soul should always perform like they're fighting to be there. Each time Supreme Soul performs, its just so...ehhh. BUHT, Supreme Soul can dance...they just don't give that much energy and personality. KoolRaul did amazing though, with his tricks! ;]

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