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Friday, February 27, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ Dance Workshop: Van Nuys

The JabbaWockeeZ will be doing a dance workshop on March 2nd, 2009

Playback Studios
14547 Erwin Street
Van Nuys, CA 92411

Registration is at 7:30 pm and the workshop will be held from 8-10pm ;]
$25.00 per person

Show your support and go! :D

JabbaWockeeZ featured in DJ Drama's music video: "Day Dreaming"

OHHHMAHGGAWDD. I could not stop screaming when I saw this! NO MASKS, NO GLOVES! Phil Tayag, Kevin Brewer, Ben Chung, and Phi Nguyen show their skills and beautiful faces! :D Hahaha.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ&Shaq: NBA All-Stars Game 2009

THIS IS FREAKING HILARIOUS! OMG. I'm so freaking happy Shaq did this with the JabbaWockeeZ :D And throughout the game Shaq kept mentioning the JabbaWockeeZ! Mannnn, I lahhhhb Shaq and the JabbaWockeeZ x] ROFL.

"The new name is 'The Big JabbaWockee'" -Shaq


Thanks again Shaq! You're the best for doing this x]

Friday, February 13, 2009

ABDC3 : Episode 5

OHHMAHHGAWDD. There is only one crew that I praise for this episode and for the season. FREAKING BEATFREAKS! THEY WERE FREAKING AMAZING! That was an incredible performance. Everything was so clean, so smooth, so mesmerizing, so so so TIGHHHHHHT! :D I especially liked it when they ticked, locked, and popped! I KEPT SCREAMING! x] Like what LilMama pointed out, I went crazy on the part when t-pain goes "TICK. TICK. TICK." and Maryss showed of her skills AHHHHHHH! And the floating ball was just an addition to the performance, like i didn't even notice it half the time because I was so drawn in by their movements. I seriously think BeatFreaks will take the title this season. From the beginning of the season, I immediately said "They're gonna win season 3" the second I saw them from perform. AMAZING CREW. AMAZING DANCERS. AMAZING BGIRLS. ;]

ohhh and I was so happy when I saw Shane Sparks reppin' JabbaWockeeZ with their gear x] WHOOOO! GO SHANE! :D

SoReal Cru Meet&Greet at 5&A Dime

JabbaWockeeZ Attending CUN's 10th Anniversary Awards

That's right! The masked men will be attending the Children Uniting Nations 10th Anniversary Awards on February 22nd. The JabbaWockeeZ, along with DJ AM and Doug E. Fresh, will be keeping "the guests on their feet and in the mood to celebrate and join hosts comedian Tommy Davidson and Fox 11's reporter/journalist Christine Divine." You can listen to swaggmedia.com and 93.5 FM [The Beat Radio Station] who will be broadcasting all night.

Click here to read the entire article! ;]

Sunday, February 8, 2009

NKOTB Tour with JabbaWockeeZ : UPDATE

It is confirmed that the JabbaWockeeZ will also be opening for New Kids on the Block in Canada! Click here for dates and tickets! ;]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sway Chats with the JabbaWockeeZ

Sway from Mtv.com chats with the JabbaWockeeZ this week on behalf of the Grammys.

"I also found “America’s Best Dance Crew” champs the JabbaWockeeZ, and I had them perform for the camera to let people know out there that even though they got mainstream success now, they can still break" - Sway

Click here to


SoReal Cru Tour: San Diego

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ Official Website Updated!

I KNOW! I've been waiting forever... well, ahha it isn't exactly FINISHED..buht it says that it will be updated February 2009 ;] Check it out at www.jbwkz.com :D WE MISSED YOOH JABBAWOCKEEZ!

JabbaWockeeZ on New Kids on the Block Tour

I recently came across that the JabbaWockeeZ will be opening for New Kids on the Block for a few of their shows on their tour! I'm not sure if the masked men will be touring with NKOTB for the rest of the tour...buht I DO know that they will be opening the show at these locations:

March 19th
- 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD
March 24th
- Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, PA
April 2nd

- i wireless Center in Moline, IL
April 17th
- Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA

I will keep updating yooh with the other locations the JabbaWockeeZ may be opening for NKOTB! ;]

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quest for G

JabbaWockeeZ star in "Quest for G" to promote Gatorade. IT'S FREAKING HILARIOUS! ahha.

"The time was 711 A.D., the Dark Ages. All across the land, men and women thirsted for guts, glory and game. The likes of which were said to be only found in...the Holy G. Unfortunately, via sorcery and deceit, the exact whereabouts of the Holy G had been lost. Nevertheless, hope sprang when a gifted king and his gallant knights sought to unearth the secret location of the Holy G. This is an account of their quest." - MissionG

Leave it on the Floor

What G Means Commercial

Another Gatorade commercial was shown today during the Super Bowl. This time the famous icons talk about what gatorade means to them ;] WHOOO! GO JABBAWOCKEEZ!

Gatorade: What G means

JabbaWockeeZ: NBA All-Stars Game 2009

Jason Fleming from HoopsWorld states that "To open the pre-game festivities, Brown, nominated for three 2009 Grammy's, will team up with O'Neal, a 14-time All-Star, to introduce the Eastern and Western Conference teams. The pre-game spectacular will also feature a dance performance by the winners of MTV's America's Next Dance Crew, the JabbaWockeeZ. "

Tune in on February 15th, 2009 to watch the JabbaWockeeZ! :D The performances will air live on TNT, Score Canada, ESPN Radio, and in more than 200 countries and territories beginning at 8 p.m. ET.