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Friday, February 13, 2009

ABDC3 : Episode 5

OHHMAHHGAWDD. There is only one crew that I praise for this episode and for the season. FREAKING BEATFREAKS! THEY WERE FREAKING AMAZING! That was an incredible performance. Everything was so clean, so smooth, so mesmerizing, so so so TIGHHHHHHT! :D I especially liked it when they ticked, locked, and popped! I KEPT SCREAMING! x] Like what LilMama pointed out, I went crazy on the part when t-pain goes "TICK. TICK. TICK." and Maryss showed of her skills AHHHHHHH! And the floating ball was just an addition to the performance, like i didn't even notice it half the time because I was so drawn in by their movements. I seriously think BeatFreaks will take the title this season. From the beginning of the season, I immediately said "They're gonna win season 3" the second I saw them from perform. AMAZING CREW. AMAZING DANCERS. AMAZING BGIRLS. ;]

ohhh and I was so happy when I saw Shane Sparks reppin' JabbaWockeeZ with their gear x] WHOOOO! GO SHANE! :D

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