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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dream About Rynan Paguio and Joe Larot

OMG. ANOTHER dream about the JabbaWockeeZ. Hehe. I've already had 4 dreams about the Jabbas! Buht I'm usually looking forward to dreams about PHIL x] Hehehehhe. Well, I can't remember exactly what happened buht I'll do muh best to describe it. I was in a grocery store, preferably Albertsons...and supposedly the JabbaWockeeZ were gonna be there, so I was walking around with muh sister, patiently waiting for them to pop uhp. Then..I saw Rynan and Joe! So I waved at them and I said, "Hi Joe! Hi Rynan!" *wave* And then, they waved back at meh! x] I ran uhp to them and Rynan and I, immediately hugged ;] HAHA. And right away I asked him if he remembered meh and muh wittle elmo backpack...buht I was like, "ohh, wait. It's ohkay if yooh don't remember". And he was nice about it, and was like, "oh, sorry I don't remember". x] The funny thing about muh dream...RYNAN WAS LIKE 2 FEET TALLER THAN MEH! Hahahha. I'm like 5'2"3/4 too. ;p It was really funny, buht it felt good to hug Rynan because I was small compared to him x] The yucky thing about muh dream...Joe was yucky D: He's not yucky in real life though! He's so funny and nice. I don't know why he was like that in muh dream...;[ And right after I talked to Rynan, Joe wanted to leave like really quickly..buht a bunch of people from like band camp walked by and talked to Rynan and Joe. HAHAH. Buht Rynan and Joe were trying really hard to walk away! x] Yeaaa...that's pretty much what I can remember. ;] I hope I have ANOTHER dream about the JabbaWockeeZ...preferably...MUH PHIL! ;D

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
3 Amazing ;]
1 Not So Good [It was practically a nightmare! D:]

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