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Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a day... ;]

I haven't been blogging in such a long time. School has gotten meh so busy. And I haven't been able to talk to the JabbaFamx3OG and some of the jabbas...and i miss them so dearly. Buht today was pretty much...weird/nerve racking/amazing/fun. I go to a co-ed catholic high school..and today we had mass with the entire school. And i'm apart of the school choir so I got to sing a solo with MARK MEJIA! :] OHHMAHHGAWDD. he's so amazing..everytime he sings...i like wanna cry because he's THAT good. It's funny because yesterdae, when we were rehearsing for the first time with the band and all of the choir members...after mark sang...ALL THE GIRLS SCREAMED! x] hahhaha. He's so good...and so I shared muh solo with mark... i don't really care about how I did..buht after mark sang..i heard people go "awhhh" :DDD He's so dang good. I'm glad we sang together ;] YUP. Soon after the mass, as I was walking around school..so many people came uhp to meh and went "good job!" or "yooh were so good!" or "i heard yooh sing!" AHAHHAHAHAH. wow. i only sang like 8 words. x] I'M NOT TRYING TO BRAG THOUGH. i'm just typing what happened x] I felt special though ;] hehheheh.

OHHHH! and i found out that joe and eddie has been coming into chatzy ! Buht each time joe came in...no one was in there ;[ so he just left a little message to tell the rest of the fam ;] he's so nice and considerate ;D and then eddie was in chatzy this morning too! buht i wasn't there...AGAIN. freaking school is keeping meh from talking to the jabbas ;p ahhahah oh well. x]

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