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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Stressful First Week of School

WOW. its finally friday. I was so freaking tired this whole entire week. I guess it's because I was constantly on the computer non-stop talking to muh AMAZING JABBFAMx3OG, that I needed alot of sleep. ROFL. I kept falling asleep in like all of my classes x] I DON'T MEAN TO, it's just...i'm so freaking tired. Buht i'm good I guess. Since I have a three day weekend and I can catch uhp on muh sleep and get to talk on chatzy to muh AMAZING JABBAFAMx3OG, YEEEEE ;] I missed those guys so much! Every five seconds [even when I was falling asleep, LOL.] I'd be like, "I miss JabbaFamx3OG, I miss chatzy, I miss JABBAWOCKEEZ!" Yooh can even ask muh friends...THEY KNOW. Ahahahhaa. OHHH! and muh friend keeps arguing with meh whether Ben Chung is korean or chinese. And I keep telling her that BEN CHUNG IS KOREAN! Buht she keeps saying that he's chinese...and i'm like..NO. She kept saying that CHUNG is a chinese last name, so I texted Tascha about it and she said she had korean friends with the last name CHUNG. Hmmm, don't yooh think i'm right? x] Yup, even though i'm back at school i'm still thinking about the JabbaFamx3OG and the JabbaWockeeZ ;D LOL. in all muh assignments for school that have to do with describing myself...I ALWAYS mentioned the JabbaWockeeZ x] It's true, I do. ;]

AND YESTERDAE....I TOOK A FREE DANCE CLASS WITH MUH FRIEND JESI !! :D It was freaking fun and hilarious. This was muh second ever hip hop dance class ;] I had so much fun, the choreographer was so funny. I loved the part when he said "WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA" when we were dancing...buht yooh just had to be there to hear it. x] HAHA.

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