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Monday, August 4, 2008


For those who didn't know..I ended uhp going to the Teen Choice Awards! ;D Well, I had a great time except for the whole switching seats 500 bajillion times and walking around trying to find seats...and yeaa. Muh whole job for being at the Teen Choice Awards, was to fill in seats so that when the camera scans the crowd..there are NO empty seats seen. So I was a "seatfiller" to make it more simple. And i'm not aloud to have muh phone or camera with meh, so I couldn't take any pictures.. D: Ehhh, buht it's ohkay, as long as I got to see MUH JABBAWOCKEEZ AND MUH CHRIS BROWN! :D I got such a headache from all the screaming I did and the screaming from all the girls for the Jonas Brothers...-_- OMG. everytime they came out, or waved or anything...like the whole amphitheatre was gonna blow from all that screaming. x] People were screaming for Big Rob too! ;p The Jonas Brothers are so freaking sweet and nice though. Like when they were heading to their seats this one time, a girl next to meh said "I LOVE YOOH NICK!" and Nick took the time to look for the girl who said that and waved hi ;D It took him awhile too x] That just made meh like lahhhhhb him more x] Sorry, i'm gonna try to go in order with the events that happened cuz I don't really remember due to all the seat changes and moving around all over the amphitheatre. ;p

Before the show started, I sat in such a good seat. I thought I was gonna be able to sit there for the entire show! I was hoping no one had muh seat...buht someone said I was in their seat so I was like DANG IT. x] I was near LilMama too. Like she'd be on the end of the row and i'd be on an end of the row, and it was just the stairs that were between meh and her. ;] so we were KINDA sitting near each other. I felt bad for her because her like manager or take care person was like yelling at her or something...and she looked really sad or like mad or something. I dunno. And she was rude cuz I kept saying "Hi LilMama" like a bajillion times, buht she just ignored meh. ew. HAHA. Buht she was nice to the little kids and took pictures with them. ;] I saw Channing Tatum, Chad Michael Murray from muh seat and this girl from Degrassi was like sitting right in front of meh [sorry, I don't know her name x]] Then I had to switch seats right before the show started >;[ ..and I couldn't find one so I had to go to the holding area on the side of the amphitheatre. I got so sad, cuz I thought I was gonna have to watch the show from the side, which was kinda bad. OH! and at one point Jesse McCartney was three rows below meh ;]

Buht yeaaaa, and then commercial break I tried to look for another seat and I like accidentally bumped into Demi Lovato, and I didn't know it was her x] cuz it was dark, and I was like "Oh, HI DEMI!" and she smiled and said "HI !" ;D hahahha. she was really nice, and I again looked for a seat. I don't really remember what happens next because all I remember was switching seats a bajillion times. AWHHH! buht I remember I took this little girls seat, because she wasn't there [and no matter what i'm suppose to take a seat even if it's taken] and she was really nice and let meh share the seat with her! She was so cute and adorable and she asked meh "Are your kids here?" and her mom was like "she too young! How old are yooh?" and I was like "15?" ahahhaa. and the sweet little girl said "Oh, yooh look like your 17!" and I was like "awwhh, thanks?" x] And I felt really bad so I went to go look for another seat, buht the little girl wanted meh to stay..buht I thanked her so much and said she was really nice. ;p

Then, ACDC performed and I didn't have a seat so I was on the side...AND THE JABBAWOCKEEZ CAME ON! I couldn't really see them, I only saw like an INCH of them..BUHT I COULD STILL FEEL THEIR PRESENCE! :D I mean..I got all like tingly, bubbly, and frilly when they came on. x] I screamed SOO LOUDDD when I saw them! then CHRIS BROWN started dancing right after the JabbaWockeeZ! Well, you'll guys will see that when yooh watch it tonight. ;] ACDC ALL THHHEEE WAYY! Ehhh, M&M Cru did oh-kayyy...buht PSHHHH, we all know that ACDC should have won. Yes, M&M Cru won..just because freaking Miley was hosting. WHOOPS, sorry if I spoiled it for yooh guys. ;p


- The JabbaWockeeZ didn't win an award D: *sniff*sniff*, though America's Best Dance Crew won for best dance show.
- LLCoolJ does a surprise performance with who? Yooh gotta watch tonight. ;p
- One of the crews from ABDC Season One, performs with Mariah Carey..and nope it's not the JabbaWockeeZ
- A band of brothers fly over the audience
- One of the award winners, son, breaks out dancing and busts out with some bboy moves! x] Reminds meh of Rynan! :D IT WAS SO CUTE!

This was at the end of the show, when I was heading towards the exit. I didn't know until I turned around, that the cast of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was coming muh way! Well, ahahhha. When I made eye contact and I basically just smiled and said "HI !" and both of them would smile and say "HI !" backk. x]
-Francia Raisa [slutty girl, and someone told meh that she was Shane Sparks' girlfriend?!]
-Shailene Woodly[pregnant girl]
OH! and I said "hi !" first to Francia, then Shailene. The only reason why I just said "HI !" was because...I didn't really know their names. x] WHOOPS.

Oh and look for meh guys! ;] I don't know exactly WHERE you'll find meh, because I switched muh seats so many times. x] BUHT, when Jordin Sparks and LilMama come on..and it's kinda quiet and some girl like screams really loud out of nowhere...THAT'S MEH! x] And when someone like screams when someone says America's Best Dance Crew...THAT'S MEH AGAIN! x] Hahaha. And when Fergie decides who wins the dance battle...look for meh reppin the ACDC crew with muh shirt, and meh screaming. ;D Well, I don't know if they'll show meh. x] Mmk, I think i'm done for now. ;D

OHH! I forgot to add that when I was looking for a seat [I just have to look for an empty seat and sit in it] I saw one and I asked the girls who were near it "i'm sorry, buht is that seat taken?" and I didn't realize who I was talking to until I noticed it was the CHEETAH GIRLS! x] ahahhaha. and they looked at meh like I was crazy ;p and said "yeaa..?" OPPS. Hahahah, I guess they didn't know what a "seatfiller" was. x] and then I just left after that. ;p

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