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Thursday, August 21, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew: Season 2 Finale

WOW. ALL I CAN SAY IS..WOW. This was such an amazing show! I couldn't stop screaming everytime I saw MUH PHIL TAYAG on tv! I'd be 2 inches away, screaming at the tv screen. OMG. I got so light-headed. x] MUH PHIL!! Buht this was such an awesome show, like no doubt this is THE BEST DANCE SHOW..EVER!! I'm so glad that Super Cr3w won ;] They totally deserved it especially with their story and their bboy style. SUPERWOCKEEZ! [credit to kay] I'm happy that Super Cr3w gave recognition to the mexicans during last weeks show. This show, they gave recognition to the filipinos! ;] WHOOOO! FILIPINO! FILIPINO! x]

SoRealCru&SuperCr3w Performance
Muh favorite part of this whole entire performance was with Do-Knock and Andrew. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Do-Knock gliding! I was like..."PSHHH, he's all trying to be like Andrew! x]" and I giggled when I saw Andrew trying to do the Superman thing ;p This whole performance showed that BATTLE feel. I enjoyed seeing both crews portraying each other, showing their opponents style and getting to understand it more. OVERALL...it was a TIGHHHHHHHHHHT performance ;D

Did yooh notice when Do-Knock pushed Brian when the shane was speaking to the crews, after that performance?? x] I COULDN'T STOP GIGGLING.

West Coast Performance
We all know that West Coast ALWAYS has the best performance. I mean, COME ON. Supreme Soul, Fanny Pak, ANNDDD Super Cr3w? I lahhhhhbed how they all incorporated each crews style and put it into one. Their whole entire performance was basically muh favorite of the night. LIKE SERIOUSLY. It was crazy good. ;] Muh favorite part was when all three crews came together and did intricate hand movements like Supreme Soul!! :D

Children's Hospital
I was really touched by this segment. I was already tearing when I heard Mario saying that the crews took time out of their busy schedule to be with the kids. The idea of seeing a child die at a young age is heart-breaking...not being able to experience life because of their sickness. Having that special prom for them, just brings a smile on muh face getting to see them enjoy that time getting to experience it. And seeing the SoReal and Super Cr3w with those wonderful kids...just makes yooh think twice about how yooh should be living your life. I'm glad the top 2 crews go to give back ;]

When the judges were speaking their last words to the top 2 crews...LilMama said something very clever that just caught muh ears x] : "No matter what. Y'all are So..Real..Super..Crews!" I was just so amazed on how clever and smart she was when she said that ;]
AND DO-KNOCK GAVE ANOTHER SHOUTOUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CHATZY!! YEEEEE, JABBAFAMx3OG! ;] I'm extremely happy for the x3OG's that went to the finale. Yooh lucky BUTT BUTTS! >;]

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