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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today is Jonathan Guy Cruz's BURFDAE! ;] I didn't get to blog yesterdae, buht he stopped by chatzy again! I'm so glad Kay called meh uhp to tell meh he was on. I couldn't believe it. He went on chatzy...and not on blogtv! Isn't the JabbaFamx3OG lucky?? x] JUST KEEDING. He's just so amazing. He made muh heart stop so many times again! I was smiling, blushing, jumpy, and light-headed. GAHHHHH...I lahhhhb Do-Knock ;] Oh and I found out that he didn't say "chatzy" in the post show...he said "jessie" ;[ HAHA. Well it kinda sounded like "chatzy"! ;p It's ohkay the JabbaFam has MAD LOVE for Do-Knock and Super Cr3w and the JabbaWockeeZ! :DD [i'll post some parts of the convo later...MAYBE ;p]

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