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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chrystal? On television?

YUP. I saw myself at the Teen Choice Awards! Haha. It was funny seeing myself. x] Well, i've been to the previous Kids Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards and ABDC and i've seen myself on tv...HAHAHHA. ew, i'm bragging. Buht anyways..I HEARD MY SCREAM! ;D and I saw my face when the Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Hudgens won the Hottie Award..and the camera looks at the audience and shows these girls standing uhp...I was sitting down, AND I COULD SEE MUH FACE! :D Just muh face. ;] And then I saw myself again when Fergie was determining whether M&M Cru or ACDC will win the dance battle...and I was reppin ACDC, holding uhp muh shirt! ;D Yeaaaa..it was tighhht. ;]

Here's meh at TCA! Thanks Rhea ;D