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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Burfdae Do-Knock!

Do-knock's b-day is tomorrow, August 24th. And the AMAZING JabbaFamx3OG made a special b-day vid just for him thanks to Rhea ;] He is such an amazing person, and he deserves everything that he has been given. I LAHHHHB YOOH DO-KNOCK! "Muh heart felt like it stopped because it felt so much lahhhb from Do-Knock that it couldn't take so much and it just had to stop beating. x] " - - - It's true, Do-Knock makes muh heart stop x]

And i'm SUPPAH glad some of the x3OG's got to meet and take pictures with Do-Knock at the ABDC Season 2 Finale ;] YAY! :DDD Lucky BUTT BUTTS!

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