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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week 9: America's Best Dance Crew

OHHHDANNNGG. Three different peformances in one night? and only a week to prepare for it? O.O Tonights episode was so...INTENSE. So many great moments and it was simply a fun episode ;] SoReal Cru impressed meh tonight, buht i'm still with Super Cr3w ;D SUPERWOCKEEZ! [credit to kay]

Super Cr3w
Performance #1- I thought they were very smart with the whole beginning with Africa and ending with Africa. I didn't even notice they did that until JC pointed it out. It really touched meh that they did that ;] It was funny that Vex said he doesn't have hips and when he asked Do-Knock if he was getting it, and Do-Knock was like "ennhh...NO" AHAHAHHAHA. I also felt that it was a very long performance. I mean I was amazed they came uhp with that whole routine including the two other routines, within a week.
Performance #2- I really liked the whole "if ya feeling kinda fresh put yo 'S' to yo chest, if ya feeling kinda fly put yo 'S' to the sky!" It's very catchy and makes yooh wanna get uhp and dance ;D I thought they could have done a little more, buht PSHHHHH, yooh know I want Super Cr3w to win ;] And I disagreed with JC, when he said that the dance didn't have to be all about them. Well, they already had the whole hand thing down, they might as well use it? righh? Plus, the Super Cr3w hand sign is something that everybody knows them by. ;]
Performance #3- I enjoyed seeing each crew member having their little solo, well solo with a partner x] They got to show their best moves and why they made it to the top. And James Brown was a nice touch :D

SoReal Cru
Performance #1- I don't know about this performance. They were kinda sloppy and ailyn was kinda slow x] I'm sorry, if i'm being mean. Everyone looked very tired moving around, and they didn't have alot of energy to top it off. Buht it was an OH-KAY performance, and i'm not saying they're horrible..they're a great crew ;]
Performance #2- I really liked this performance. It was very catchy, smooth, and.. good. It didn't look like they tried hard to give good choreo and good moves, it was very...smart ;] I wanna dance to their dance craze too ;D From this performance, they finally got their energy back and showed why they're still in the competition.
Performance #3- I know everybody is gonna hate meh for this buht...THIS PERFORMANCE WAS MUH FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT :D I know they like dissed Super Cr3w, buht this is a battle. Like I expected to see something like that because IT IS A BATTLE. Not all competitions/battles are friendly. I actually laughed at all the parts when they dissed Super Cr3w because they were pretty clever. I don't know why I really like this performance, buht yooh know i'm for Super Cr3w ;]

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bloggingdancecrew said...

This is NancyT from Blogging America's Best Dance Crew (bloggingbestdancecrew.blogspot.com). Loved your recap -- I'm linking it to my site today. And if you can share the live chat with Super Cr3w, I'd love to share that with our readers too!