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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Week 8: America's Best Dance Crew

OMG. Tonight's episode was so good. So, it was the whole 80's theme and there were some good performances and AMAZINGLY AMAZING performances. Again, it's always hilarious to see the judges fight especially with shane and jc x]

SoReal Cru
Their first performance was OH-KAY. Like the judges said, they didn't really have alot of energy and I felt like some of them were like slow. ;p AND AGAIN, JC picked on Andrew with his dancing...ahahahha he ALWAYS notices things with him. GOSH JC, EVERYONE MESSES UHP GAWWDDD. Well, actually their not suppose to mess uhp so..I guess it's ohkay JC. x] THE SECOND PERFORMANCE WAS LIKE... O.O I really liked it. ;D The whole allusion with the hand thing was so tighhht, and using the mirrors was pretty clever and creative. ;] Their whole SECOND performance was bascially AWESOME! :DD They did alot better than their first. ;]

OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. THEY WERE FREAKING AMAZING. Both of their performance were "BANGIN" x] ahhahaha. I mean all the stunts, choreography, and everything was so goood ;D And at the end of the performance, Do-Knock made meh laugh so hard when he was in the baby position and he sucked his thumb like a babayyy!!! :DDD AHAHHAHA. Ahhh..he's so funnayyy. ;D And I was screaming so much when I saw his shoutout to some of the JabbaFamx3OG members! WHOOOHOO! he did a little typing gesture while hopping on one foot, to show that he remembers them from chatzy! :D YEEEEE. I was so glad Wendy, Somo, Donna, and Kay got to see that in person. ;] Buht anyways...the second performance was TIGHHHT too! OMG. OMG. OMG. super cr3w is simply awesome. like seriously. ;D VOTE FOR SUPER CR3W!

Fanny Pak
I thought their first performance was good, buht not GREAT. BUHT THEIRR FREAKING SECOND PERFORMANCE WAS THE BEST!! x] It was hilarious with the whole judges thing and when "shane" smacked that girls bootayyy. HAHAHA. It was such a good performance like lilmama said it was funny, creative, and entertaining. That's all I gotta say. ;] It was really sad seeing them leave especially when Tiffany was CRAZY CRYING D: i was like.. *sniff*sniff* D: Buht they worked so hard, and they came really far. I know I didn't like them from the beginning...[I still don't ;p]...buht they're really creative and hard-hitting. ;]

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