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Monday, August 11, 2008


Ohkay, so basically all this weekend I couldn't really be on the computer cuz I was with muh parents most of the time. ;] And on saturday muh parents, muh nephew, and I decided to go to San Diego. And, Anne Marie texted meh when I was in the car that she's gonna ask RJ [from Supreme Soul] TO TALK TO MEH ON THE PHONE! Buht I couldn't, cuz I was in the car with muh parents and we just left to go to San Diego and I didn't want them to hear what i'd say cuz their SUPPAH strict. They'd be like "who's that?o.O" and be all uhp in muh business. D: So, I told the AMAZING Anne Marie that I couldn't and that I had to back down on the awesome opportunity.. ;[ Buht it's ohkay, cuz at least Anne Marie told meh today that she got to give muh message to RJ ! :D

Here's muh message:

And this is what Anne Marie told meh today:

anne marie x30G: lol CHRYSTAL i read off what u wanted me to tell him and he was like "AWWWW!!!! HOW CUTE NAMAN!!!" and he was like blushing ISH!!!!!! but he said "oh yea well i have the best laughs cuz my mouth is open from PRACTICE....JUST KIDDING" and i was like "wow that's what she said"

anne marie x30G: and then he said "WOAH YOU SAY THAT TOO!!!!!"

anne marie x30G: and then he also said "haha i like the part that she gets giggly and tingly inside, that's cute!"

OMG. Anne Marie totally made muh day when she told meh. x] Not only did Anne Marie make muh day..a few others made muh day too! :D Saso came to chatzy! And I asked him if he knew about the JabbaFamx3OG, and he said "i do" x] AHAHHAAH. And, he said he remembered signing a little elmo backpack ;D I couldn't save the convo though, cuz he cleared the room D: Buht it's ohkay, he made muh day. x] Who else made muh day? Rhea and Thao-Mi with their pictures of MUH PHIL! :D hehehhehe.

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