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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Chatzy? D:

OHHHMAHHGAWDD. it's torture without chatzy and not talking to muh JabbaFamx3OG D: I miss yooh guys so much! I dunno, what i'd do without yooh guys...yooh guys are all such AMAZING people and i'm glad the JabbaWockeeZ brought us people together ;] ANOTHER REASON to lahhhhhb the Jabbas ;DD Buht today was pretty ohkay, I KINDA started on muh summer reading. I KNOW. 11 more days til school starts and I just started reading. I have freaking 2 books to read, a scrapbook to do, and 3 pages worth of responses to do D: I'm so behind, it's BADDD. Hopefully i'll actually get some of the book done tonight. PSHHHHH, I better. ;p

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