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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do-Knock On Live Chat Again ;]

It has been exactly an hour since Do-Knock logged off from taking time to talk to his fans. Do-Knock is absolutely unbelieveable for setting aside time for his fans, especially when he has a hectic schedule and is rehearsing for the ABDC finale. Do-Knock is extremely considerate and just fun-loving. That's what makes everybody lahhhhhb him ;] OHHHMAHHGAWDD. I was so caught off guard again with him saying muh name. Muh heart like stopped. I was talking to Kay and Christine while on live chat with Do-Knock, and they got to see muh response to what he said. I like couldn't stop screaming and squealing. I was all tingly all over and I just couldn't believe he actually said that! :D

Muh heart felt like it stopped because it felt so much lahhhb from Do-Knock that it couldn't take so much and it just had to stop beating. x] Soon after the whole HEART STOP BEATING THING...I got all light-headed and it felt like I was in a dream because it felt so...SURREAL. And the funny thing is..I didn't even ask him to say muh name! All I kept saying to him was that he should really get his rest because I know he has been working his butt butt off to win this competition...and this is what he said to meh. ;] GAHHHHHHHHHH. today was full of video chatting...I got to talk to Adiing Kay, Brian, Christine, Cassey, and Donna[well, she had no webcam;p]

Not only did he give lahhhhhb to his fans, he gave SPECIAL lahhhhb to the JabbaFamx3OG ;] YEEEEE! To all the people at chatzy ;D

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