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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Day in Downtown San Diego

I haven't blogged about muh OWN life in a while x] Basically, i've been updating yooh guys on the JabbaWockeeZ and such. So, yesterdae I had a short day at school so I went downtown with muh friends jesi and mark. We went to Horton Plaza to go eat lunch and I hated it. AHA, well we ate cheese fries which was SUPPAH good .. buht when we sat at a table I hated the freaking birds that were around us. There was this HUMONGO ugly pigeon that wouldn't stop "PURRR"-ing and I just wanted to kick it. ROFL, I know i'm mean. Then when we were eating a different pigeon went near meh and freaking went poopie..ew, and I saw -____- YUCK. Also, when were eating so many birds kept flying over our heads and they were like a centimeter close from hitting us. OMG, I HATE BIRDS. Ahaha, and then we left Horton Plaza to go look at stores downtown ;]

Everything was pretty much walking distance, so it was fun to walk around ;] Jesi pretty much knew where everything was so it was easy to walk :D The first store we went to was The Attic. OMG. SUCH AN AMAZING STORE! Yooh gotta check it out, when you're in downtown San Diego. I lahhhhb all the clothes, shoes, and accessories there ;] I was in awe cuz I saw so many things that reminded meh of the JabbaWockeeZ x] They had Crooks&Castles, Stussy, and The Hundreds merchandise! I didn't want to buy anything because I only had $10 ... buht then the guy working there was like "Oh, over there are some shirts on sale for $10-15" and I was like OMG! ARE YOOH SERIOUS! And when I was checking out the shirts.. I found a PURPLE, V-NECK STUSSY SHIRT. All the things I want in a shirt and more! :D AHHHHHHHH! So, I got it ;] After that, I kept saying "I'M SO HAPPY :D" the entire time we were in downtown x] HAHA, I was so happy that I got the shirt x] i'm STILL so happy :D

Then we went to Tribal ;] Another store that reminded meh of the JabbaWockeeZ :D That store is mostly for guys buht we went in anyways :D After that, we went to 5&A Dime :] Which is where So Real Cru had their meet&greet. It's a pretty small store, buht it's really nice. They had Crooks&Castles hats which reminded meh of the JabbaWockeeZ .. of course x] So, we left because meh and jesi already spent our money on our stussy shirts ;p Then jesi, mark, and I were off to go to the Armory ;] hahah, JABBAWOCKEEZ. The Armory store is really small there, buht it had the usual merchandise all Armory stores had.

So, I had a fun time yesterdae in downtown san diego ;]

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