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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WOW, Am I Clumsy or What?

OMG AHHHAAH, I just spoke to muh friend Monique and she told meh about her dream she had a few days ago. AHHAHA she said
" and and and and... you tripped over some girls leg right in front of phil but he caught youu! lmao xDDD oh and in my dream you tripped over ben and ben's all, oh my gosh im sorry XD do you want me to get phil for you!?"
Isn't that freaking hilarious?!??! I always trip in muh dreams with Phil, and now I tripped in muh friends dream too?? LOL, I even tripped infront of Phil in real life which is funny ahhaha. WOWWW, THAT'S JUST FREAKING HILARIOUS. haha.

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