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Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking Habits Workshop

ohkayyy well ... let's start from the beginning x] ahhaha well i got to the studio .. i made muh wittle nephew come with meh cuz i was so scared buht he kinda wanted to go anyways so i was like "OHKAY :D COME WITH MEH!" AHHAA i was so scared x] So i enter the studio ... and like no one was there and i was like "is this right? o.O" in muh head and it was. HAHA i was just too early x] so i got muh wristband and paid for muh entry and stuff and then i sat down and started shaking like CRAZYYYYY then i saw eddie and saso rehearsing in the studio O.O I WAS LIKE OMGOGMGOOGOMGMOOMOMGOMMOG right when i looked in .. saso was looking and i waved :D AND THEN HE WAVED :D they were rehearsing and i was like the only student outside waiting .. i was like .. WHERE IS EVERYONE?!?! D: so as i was shaking like crazy i started to text a few people cuz i didn't know what to do x] saso came out of the studio and he came to meh and said hi and we hugged :DDD OMG ROFL HE CAME OUT IN A MASQUERADE MASK o.O and then he went back in :] LOL and then finally people started coming :D then later .. EDDIE CAME OUT! :D and he walked towards meh and he was like


then he went back in LOL then i waited and waited and waited and then class started OMGOGMOGMOOMOMOMGOM right when i went into the studio i went STRAIGHT to them unlike everyone else LOL i was like

SASO: "YEEEE JABBAFAM :D" [something like that x]]
SASO: "i was gonna wear muh jabbafam shirt today"
MEH: "mehh too buht i didn't want to get it all dirty"
SASO: "yeaa same here i didn't want it to get dirty x]" LOL and then like eddie asked
EDDIE: "is this your first class?"
MEH: "noo :]"
EDDIE: "REALLY??!?? you've taken one before? where?"
MEH: "yeaaa i took a class here"
EDDIE: "HERE? yooh took a breaking class here?"
MEH: " OHHH! noo.. x] ahha buht i took a class here x]"
EDDIE: "ohh ahah so this is your first time. we're gonna have fun aha. It's good we don't have alot of people so we can do more floorwork"
EDDIE: "did yooh bring your kneepads?"
MEH: "NOO D: sorry i forgot. is that bad?"
EDDIE: "noo it's fine it's just better to have kneepads so yooh don't injure yourself"
and then saso showed his kneepads and started doing his amazing bboy moves LOL.

ohkayyyyyy so we started class and then like we went over basics like history of hip hop and saso asked the most easiest question ever : "what does the B in bboy/bgirl mean?" NO ONE ANSWERED THOUGH .. LOL AND SASO LOOKED AT MEH BUHT I DIDN'T ANSWER x] I JUST SMILED ROFL and then he answered and stuff and then eddie went over more history stuff and then we stretched ROFLFLF HERE'S THE FREAKING HILARIOUS PART so when we were stretching we had to put our hand over our head [left arm over head leaning to the right] and like yooh know how your ARMPITS / KILIKILI is showing?? WELL, when we were doing that i saw saso put his other hand over his armpit so he wouldn't show it. ROFLFLLF AND HE SAW MEH THROUGH THE MIRROR AND WE BOTH STARTED LAUGHING AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I WAS LIKE IN MUH HEAD "what's wrong? LOL NO HAR?" x] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD!! OMG YOOH KNOW THAT BGIRL [THE YOUNGEST ONE] IN ROCK SO FRESH!??!! well, she was dancing right next to meh i was like OMGGGG. She's so good x] buht yeaa x] LOL eddie and saso were making fun of her saying she's really 27 and that she's getting married and that she has a kid outside ROFL AHHAHAHAHAHHHA and then yea x] OMGGGG SASO WAS FREAKING HILAROUS HE WAS MAKING EDDIE CRACK UHP SO BAD AHAHHAHAH like the things he did was funny i can't really like do it buht i dunno x] LOL like when eddie said not to do a move a certain way ... SASO WOULD DO IT AND IT WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS and thennn yeaaaaa ... i failed for a bit x] cuz i was kinda slowwww and it was kinda scary cuz EDDIE&SASO were watching meh x] and then it was over :[ and everyone left .. and then i was like I NEED A PICTURE D: so i went to saso and i was like

MEH: "is it okay if we can get a picture? like is it allowed? x]"
SASO: "yeaaa i think so :]"

then i took the picture got hugs from both of them :D OMGOMGOMG HEHEHE. then i asked if eddie and saso are going to the NKOTB tour and eddie said that they're "supposed to" D: I HOPE THEY DO GO! x] and then eddie was like "tell jabbafam i love them :]" or "send jabbafam muh love :]" something like that x] I DUNNO D: HE SAID JABBAFAM THOUGH x] by the way ... i was the second one to get the baby freeze uhp BAHAHAHA and saso saw and he was like "THERE YOOH GO! YOOH GOT IT! :D" well that's because kay taught meh x] THANK YOOH ADIING!

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