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Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Phil Tayag Dream?

Why, of course ;] They just keep coming! Ahahah. So last night, I had such an AMAZING dream again, about Phil :D So, I guess I was at a dance event sort of like WOD [World of Dance] and the JabbaWockeeZ were there. And I think I was walking to the autograph signing/meet and greet section where the Jabbas were ;] So, I get there and I notice Phil there in his dark blue hoodie ;D I go uhp to him and he was all like "OH! I remember yooh!" and I just smiled and giggled ;] Then, I just stood around him because he was signing autographs. Buht, it was really weird how he was signing autographs...AHHAHAHHAH, his "autographs" were his THUMBPRINTS! So, he had an ink pad next to him, and he would just dab his thumb on the ink pad and press it on whatever he "autographed". I KNOW, WEIRD HUH? AHHAHAHHAH. Soon enough more people started to come, and Phil turns to meh and goes "gosh chrystal ;p", in a joking matter, because I guess I was attracting so much attention to him that alot of people started to go to him. LOL, I didn't even do anything. BUHT! that showed that he rememebered meh, AND MUH NAME! :D And I think he was getting overwhelmed with fans, he slowly started to walk away [while still "autographing" for people] saying "oh, uhhh..I kinda have to go..yeaaa, I gotta be somewhere.. :D" And then he vanished. x] AHHAHHAHA, that's all I really remember from the dream ;p I know there's more, buht I don't remember ;p Muh dreams are weird...buht they make meh smile ;]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
7 Amazing
1 Not so great

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