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Friday, October 24, 2008


OHHHMAHHGAWD, I finally received muh THE MOVEMENT: WORTH THE WEIGHT mixtape today! I ordered it a while ago..buht I let muh sister order it for meh x] so, I finally saw her today and she dropped it off and I finally got it after like 3 MONTHS OF WAITING! The mixtape REALLY IS worth the wait x] And that's not the best part...WHEN I OPENED IT...IT WAS FREAKING SIGNED BY SWAGGERBOY, PC, AND KILO!! AHHHHHH!!! :DDD I was like freaking out uncontrollably.. it was the BEST! :D ahhaha, I was meeboing with some of the x3OG's and anne marie got to record meh freaking out x] AHAHAHA. I was so not expecting this ;p

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