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Saturday, October 18, 2008


OMG. I am STILL amazed that, that day ever happened. It was so dreamlike after the day was over...like it felt so unreal x] BUHT IT WASN'T! :D So, i basically woke uhp got ready and headed over to oceanside to pick uhp muh friend, jesi, who was coming with meh to the show ;]So, I picked her uhp then went to fashion valley to FINALLY meet uhp with some of the SD x3OG'S :D I was so freaking excited and happy that I was gonna mee them. So, I called Donna to ask where they were...ahahah and they were at SHIEKH x] hehehe, JABBAWOCKEEZ! Ohkay, anyways... x]And like I promised Donna, I ran and bowed down to her as soon as I saw her ;p I thought it was pretty funny :D I think I rememeber Donna saying "YOU'RE SUCH A DORK!" ahhahaha. so we walked around fashion for a little and stopped at a cart for making dogtags and id bracelets ;] And Yvonne decided to make a dogtag for Mike Murda. Then, Yvonne was like "yooh should make one for PHIL!" and I was like debating on whether I should or not x] I kept saying "i'm scared" because what if he's gonna be like "ew, i don't want that" or something x] Buht like after 10 minutes of saying "i'm scared" a bajillion times...the x3OG's convinced meh to buy an id bracelet for PHIL, that says "CHRYSTAL LOVES PHIL" ;] Soon, after we went to other stores and looked around and then we all left to go to WOW :D

Meh and Jesi got to WOW before Donna, Gigi, Jarrod, and Yvonne. And meh and Jesi were confused x] We didn't know what to do. It was our first time ever to go to WOW, and that didn't really help because everything was in Japanese ;p So, we just waited until we got a booth and the x3OGs got together to take pics. It was so freaking hawt in there! Everyone was sweating cuz it was packed! ;p It was fun though, even if we couldn't read the freaking screen ;p And then we didn't know that there was a time limit for choosing 6 pictures out of the like 15 pictures we took...so we only got to pick one cuz we took so long D: And then we decorated it with stuffies ;] Then I went to a different booth with Jesi so we can take pictures. It was funny cuz when we were looking for booths to use, i'd always accidentally barge in on the booths with people in them x] I DIDN'T MEAN TO! i just thought no one was there x] So meh and jesi finally found a booth and took AMAZING pictures ;] IT WAS SO FUN! And the booth that we were at this time, didn't have a time limit...so we could take our time, which was unfortunate for the x3OGS cuz we DID have a time limit ;[ Oh well, it was fun anyways! Then we separated again, and meh and jesi went to go eat at Yoshinoya before the show so we wouldn't be hungry later ;] PSHHHHH, I wasn't even hungry, I was too freaking excited!

After we ate, muh mommy dropped meh and jesi off at the San Diego Sports Arena. I called uhp Donna and we met and stayed infront of the tour buses ;] It was so FREAKING COLD! It was windy too D: Jarrod kept like yelling cuz he didn't have a jacket x] Poor jarrod. So I got to bond with the SD x3OGS ;] It was really fun :D It wasn't awkward or anything, I was very comfortable with staying with them :D We saw many of the dance crew members coming in and out of the tour buses buht we saw Ben Chung the most ahah.

Then Brian and Brent finally came! Lol when they came I said "who's gonna say hi to them first?" "ohkay I will x]" LOL so I like skipped/fast walked to Brian and hugged him. Aha and then Brian introduced meh to his brother Brent :] It was weird cuz I spent most of muh time with Brent instead of Brian ... that's ohkay x] hahah he was so nice. and it was weird how it was never awkward and it was muh first time meeting Brent too x]

Then time went on and then all of a sudden two guys with like nacho libre masks ran out of the tour buses into the parking lot. Everyone was like "who's that?" AHHA. I asked Donna and she was like "it's Do-Knock and RJ!" and I was like "OMG!!" So we sort of followed them. Aha. They ran into this car and just sat inside for like 5 minutes. Soon, everyone started to crowd around buht not that many. There were probably like 10 people who waited early at the tour buses and then Do-Knock and RJ finally got out of the car and started to run back LOL. I was making fun of Do-Knock cuz of the way he was running ahaha sorry. They went back inside into their tour buses so we waited by the fences and stuff again :] Then Do-Knock, RJ [still in his nacho libre mask], and Phi came out to the people waiting outside of the tour buses :D Do-Knock came to us and he remembered us and talked to us and stuff. I don't think we took a picture :[ I think he had to go somewhere or something. WHOOO then RJ came to us x] he took off his nacho libre mask though so ahhaha. OMG when RJ came to us he directly went to meh and Donna and gave us a hug AHHHHHH! Then we asked if we could take a x3OG picture with him hehehe :] OMG THEN KEVIN FREAKING BREWER CAME. We also took a group picture with him hehe omg he smells so good. LOL when yooh meet him, yooh gotta smell him HAHA. Everyone was like mobbing Kevin when he really had to go ... buht he was nice and calmly said he had to go and took quick pictures with people that really wanted one :] He's so nice. So we waited again the show was gonna start soon. We actually saw Chris Gatdula come in his car with someone lol. I thought Phil was with him buht I couldn't tell. Then Jarrod's daddy passed by and he was at the tour buses and told us to come by and go through the fence. LOL we were like unsure cuz we didn't think we were allowed to. Buht when we got to the tour buses BEN CHUNG WAS THERE! We all got hugs from him hehe he was so nice! Buht then the poopoo security guard told us to leave because we weren't allowed to go past the fence ... WHOOPS. ahhah oh well. So we waited outside a little more and Kevin came out again real quick to meet with his wife. It was funny cuz meh and Brian started taking pictures of them and Donna was like "GOSH GUYS! paparazzi!" And meh and Brian were like "WHOOPS" x] we didn't mean to :[ I mean, they were right there x]

Then the show was about to start, most of the x3OGs sat together ... Brian and Brent were uhp more ... and Gigi and Jarrod were down more and the rest were in the same area :] All of a sudden, I realized that one of muh best friends from elementary school was sitting right in front of meh! O.O OMGGG It's been like 10 years since i've last seen her! She was surprised I recognized her LOL It was so great to see her though :] THE SHOW WAAS FREAKING AMAZING MANNNN. During intermission we [x3OGS] moved forward to closer seats ahha cuz they were empty x] So yeaaa, and then right after the show was over ... we went straight to the tour buses and there was already a bunch of people surrounding them x] I WAS LIKE .. DANGGG O.O Buht everyone got to meet everyone from the crews which was really great :] OMGGGG Ohkay well I can't really go through EVERYONE I met buht yeaaa x] ahhaha i'll just go to the BIG HUMONGO moments x] haha

OMGGGGG Ohkay I WAS SO EFFING HAPPY! Like the people from the crews just went down the line of people cuz there was a fence so everyone was behind the fence. And even if i wasn't directly talking to PHIL OMG HE KEPT RESPONDING BACK TO MEH O.O I WAS LIKE .. "HOW CAN YOOH HEAR MEH? :D" I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY THOUGH! Like at one point i'd be like "OMG PHIL! YOU'RE SO NICE!" and then he'd turn to meh from afar and smile and say "THANK YOOH!" OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG then when he was a little bit closer to meh I was like "Awhh, he got yvonne's bear!" and PHIL heard meh again and went "yeaa! I got it for muh birthday! :]" OMGGGGGGGGGGGG LOL LIKE ARE YOOH FREAKING SERIOUS? HOW OMG YOU'RE SO FREAKING AMAZING PHIL! LOL Then it was muh turn to have muh moment with Phil AHHHH! So when he first came I was like

MEH: "Hi Phil :D I don't know if yooh want this ... I made it for yooh ... it's says 'Chrystal loves Phil' ...yeaaa i dunno if yooh want it ... cuz if yooh don't want it ... i'll have it"
PHIL: "Yooh made this?"
MEH: "yeaaa!"
PHIL: "Oh It's dope, thank yooh"
PHIL: "Chrystal? that's yooh?"
MEH: "OMG YES :D AHHHHHH :D can i get a picture?"
PHIL: " *holds bracelet uhp to the camera* "


MEH: "Ummm, can yooh sign muh shirt please? :D Yooh can sign with this [blue marker] or with this [black sharpie] ohh ohkay nevermind x]" LOL, cuz he already took muh blue marker and was signing muh shirt already HAHAHHAHA
MEH: "yooh should come to chatzy :]"
PHIL: "chatzy?"
MEH: "yeaa chatzy :D" LOL I think this was the part when I was suppose to explain buht I didn't LOL I WASN'T THINKING! So, we just left it at that x] Then he continued down the line :] OMG when he was with the person next to meh I went

PHIL: "Wait what happened? o.O"
MEH: "I called yooh Phi D: "
PHIL: "Yooh called meh Phi ... :[ *pretends he's crying by putting his finger and running down his face*"
OMGGGGG and then again ... when he was a little bit farther down the line I went

MARYGRACE: "I LOVE YOOH TOO!" LOL she said it real quick after meh

Then we met with more people then Do-Knock came by and he pointed to meh and was all like
DO-KNOCK: " I remember yooh! Can I have a hug?"
MEH: " O.O YOOH DO? WAIT OHKAY! :D" *hugs*
DO-KNOCK: "Yea, I remember yooh guys from the birthday greeting :]"
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do-knock has the best memory ever LOL x]

Then when we saw Chris he immediately said "Ayy we gave a shoutout to yooh guys, jabbafam, in an interview" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D [by the way, we still haven't seen it LOL] THEN OMG THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT EVERRRRRRRR OMGGGGGGGGGGG. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Well, all of the x3OGs pretty much stayed until the end. LOL we left when the tour buses left hahha. BUHT ANYWAYS ... OMG ohkay there wasn't as much people as before and PHIL i guess already finished going down the line of fans so he was moreso near the tourbuses talking to some of the employees. LOL, I was watching him though [sorry if that sounds creepy AHHA] And when he turned and started walking in our direction ... I immediately put muh hands out waiting for him to give meh a hug LOL ... BUHT THEN FREAKING RJ took Phil away to a different area and started dancing LOL RJ started dancing apologize and OMG I WAS SCREAMING SO MUCH LOL They're freaking hilarious mannnnn...

Ohkay so then Phil was in the middle and there were a group of people on each side: one on his left and one on his right. There was no one in the middle and everyone was screaming for him to come over LOL So Phil wasn't sure on which group to go to AHAHA So he was like "uhh, eenie meenie miny mo aha nahh i'm playing" and then he was like "... I'll meet yooh guys in the middle" So Marygrace [who was on the left side] and I [who was on the right side] STARTED RUNNING TO THE MIDDLE AHHAHA I freaking jumped over an obstacle course LOL and then for some reason BOTH MEH AND MARYGRACE trippp buht I grabbed Marygrace before she could fall and then Phil was like "Don't hurt yourself now" LOL And I hugged Phil before Marygrace HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phil was laughing cuz I left Marygrace to hug him LOL AHAHAAHA And again I started freaking out so he was giggling/chuckling to himself ROFL. Then, we asked Phil if we could get a JabbaFamx3OG picture with him and we got one :D AHHHH! I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO PHIL HEHHEHHEHHEH Then we got some alone time with Phil with the x3OGS. He kept asking us questions like "who designed the shirts?" AND HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT MEH OMGG I was like "O.O" for a few seconds LOL and answered him and he was like "they're ill" :D Then I dunno how we got to this point buht for some reason I think we were saying that Phil helped us with the shirts so I freaking turned around and went "SEE! :D" and showed him muh butt butt cuz of the shirt ... AND PHIL ACTUALLY LOOKED HAHAHAHAHHAH I WAS LIKE "O.O WHOA" AHHAAHHAAHAHHAAHHH LOLLLLLLLLL I dunno x] it was so freaking amazing ohhhmann. I dunno... I felt like he paid so much attention to us it was CRAZY. AHHHHHHHHH! I WAS JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY OMG.

Then we pretty much hungout with RJ for most of the time. LOL, when RJ was on the phone with Kay ... Donna was like "TOUCH IT! TOUCH HIS ABS! he won't mind" LOL so I did ... and RJ like shivered OMG. THEY'RE SO FREAKING HARD. YOOH CAN BREAK YOUR HAND TOUCHING IT IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL HAHAHAHAHAH we got a second group picture with RJ ahha. Buht yeaaa he didn't want to leave and get back on the tour bus so he stayed outside with us for a long time x] then he finally decided to slowly walk to the tour bus hahah then KEVIN STAYED WITH US! :D OMG, Kevin smells soooo good x] HAHA we stayed with him until the end and he just talked with us and stuff :] and we got a group picture with him also :D Buht yeaaaaaa that's pretty much it. I'm pretty sure I forgot some stuff buht it was such an amazing day ... SO OVERWHELMING. IT FELT LIKE SUCH A DREAM! I'm so thankful and I feel so so so so blessed :]

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