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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fil-Am Fest 2008

Yesterdae, I attended Fil-Am Fest with a couple of friends. The main reason I went was to support a friend who was performing, Mark Mejia. Buht I got so much more out of the event other than Mark's amazing SOULFUL singing. I got to talk to old childhood friends, made acquaintances with AMC, and met some of the x3OG's of JabbaFam. It was an AMAZING DAY ;] At first, meh and trisha [who I brought with meh] didn't know what to do, because it was our first time to EVER attend this event..even though it happens every year and we live right there x] hahahah, well I don't live there anymore..buht I use to ;] So, we just walked around...looked at the booths. OMG. There were shirts EVERYWHERE, that I so wanted to buy! OMG, and I saw a guy wearing the same filipino star thingy hat that PHIL was wearing to the Gary Valenciano concert! Ahaha, oh and so many people were wearing JabbaWockeeZ gear, preferably the filipino colors. I also saw people reppin Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w ;] Probably the first thing I did, was buy a shirt at the Armory booth x] hahhaa. I JUST HAD TO! It was only $20 too ;] I was happy :D

Mark Mejia performed with two other people completing the group called AMC- Albert, Mark, and Caton ;] They were AMAZING. It was funny, cuz there were a BUNCH of girls screaming Albert and Mark's name..and I could just see them giggling on stage x] Hahahah. I was screaming their names too! aahhaha, and squealing whenever Mark would sing with his SOULFUL voice :D I'm not sure what the first song they sang was..buht I know they peformed 3 songs: This I Promise You, and Something Special. Something Special, was the BEST! Everything about that performance, was like PERFECT! x] During the performance I looked into the crowd because the ENTIRE day I was looking for Marygrace from JabbaFamx3OG. I saw before from the back of her head [oh, i'm good ;p] and I just couldn't find her! Like meh and trisha kept going around trying to look for her, buht I just couldn't ;[ Buht when AMC was performing, I gestured her to come over and sit down. AHHA, it was funny cuz once we saw each other our faces just gleamed ;] I was so happy I finally found her! So after AMC finished performing, meh and Marygrace got to talk and it was really funny because we were so comfortable with talking to each other. Like, there was no awkward silences or anything ;] I LAHHHBED IT! And then we took pictures x] By the way, i'm just a LITTLE BIT taller than her x] HHEHHE.

So after that, we basically just walked around and stuff. OMG, and then I caught uhp with one of muh FIRST BEST FRIENDS ever! It's been almost THREE years since we've last seen each other! I spotted her, and she spotted meh...and OMG. ahhhaa our faces! We both had "O" shaped mouths when we saw each other and we quickly ran to each other for a BIG hug ;] I was so happy :D I walked with muh friends who included AMC..ahhaha. So, about every five seconds Albert would scream "OMG! YOU'RE MARK MEJIA! DIDN'T YOOH WIN STAR SEARCH!?" "OMG. YOOH BEAT DAVID ARCHULETA!" "AHHHHH! ITS MARK MEJIA!" ahahhahah. and people would look and then ask Mark for pictures x] Hhahha, I was in on it too x] I would scream "AHHHH! ITS MARK! OMG YOU'RE AMAZING!" ahhhah, it was fun/funny :D Actually, all muh friends were in on it x] it was funny watching all the people reactions x] People would point and go "OMG, go get a picture with him!", "Hey, it's MARK!", and people would just smile and try to make eye contact with him x] HAHHA. it was HILARIOUS. I would laugh hysterically whenever someone wanted a picture or autograph x] hahahah and Mark would laugh at meh for laughing at him x] Yup.

Then, we just walked around..ate some food..took pictures.. and met uhp with people again and yea ;] We wanted to watch some performances so we went to the big stage. Right when we got there BAMBU from LA was performing ;] I've never heard of him before..buht right when I heard him I was like "OMG, I lahhhb him. He's so good!" And everything he rapped about was so true and he had that sense of understanding about the things happening in the world and he used his talent to speak out ;] YUP, AMAZING. After BAMBU performed, the dance competition started. There were so many great peformances, buht the one I really want to point out was IDK. They were so hard-hitting and fun! They brought alot of energy to the crowd ;] There were other groups that were amazing, buht I only want to talk about IDK x] sorry, other crews ;p

After the dance competition, Ashley Robles performed! She's so pretty ;] LOL, a bunch of guys and girls were crazy for her! HAHAHAH, and whenever she reached her hand out to the crowd...they would go crazy and grab her! AHHAHAHHH, I thought it was funny x] and one of the guys was like "OMG. I touched her 8 times!" x] I got to touch her hand TWO times ;p cuz that group of people kept hogging all the space ;p Buht it was fun ;] And then after she performed...I ran to the end of the stage to get a picture with her ;p She was so nice!

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MMARYYG said...

Haha Chrystal, why yes you are a bit taller that me ! <33 EWW, i look nasty in our "funny" picture, my eyes crossed are bleh. But you look cute and not funny at all ! Haha aww im short ]; lol. I love this blog, omg, you were seriously looking for me ?? Where did you first see me ? lol Omg, when i first saw you at AMC performance sitting on the grass, i saw trisha then i saw you, and then i was like in my head O_o is that chrystal i see ? I thought i was imagining things lmao. I'm so glad i met you ! I'm happy and looking for tour. I wanna see all the pictures we took together, i wish i brought my camera ]: Oh btw, thanks for introducing me to mark. I'm sorry i didnt get to say bye to you yesterday. <3