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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday at Fashion and WOW!

Yesterdae, I spent the day with some of muh AMAZING friends at the Fashion Valley Mall. It was so freaking fun! Well, so.. i was waiting with stephanie in the front for cherifer to arrive. And when she finally came, I gave cherifer a hug and she handed meh her birthday gift to meh...and when I looked on the box...SHE DREW ELMO WITH A PURPLE JABBAWOCKEEZ SHIRT! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I was so freaking happy! I like forgot there was a gift right under elmo! x] AHAHA. and then we went to go eat some hot dog on a stick, and elanie finally arrived. And then we went around to go shopping :D Buht before we started, I asked muh friends if we could pass by SHEIKH first x] because I ALWAYS go in that store so I can touch PHIL's autograph on the wall. I know people look at meh all weird when I like spread muh WHOLE hand all over the wall...BUHT IT'S OHKAY I DON'T CARE x] AHHHHHH! I TOUCHED PHIL! ;p AHAHHAH. That was like muh third time touching that wall like that ;p Then we went over to FOREVER 21 to look at some stuffies to buy :D It was funny because meh and cherifer told stephanie how to check if pants fit yooh. Stephanie didn't know that if yooh grab the waist of the pants and wrap it against your neck and it touches when it meets...THEN IT FITS! :D It's funny, cuz I thought it was always a FILIPINO thing x] We didn't buy anything there so we headed over to H&M. Muh friend jasmin couldn't make it to hangout, so I was sad she couldn't be there. Buht muh friends kept preventing meh from going to this ONE section of the store because jasmin was hiding there! She wanted to surprise meh with a fedora[PHIL!] buht I caught her ;p WHOOPS. And then she had to leave so she can get back to where she needs to be. I WAS HAPPY :D I got to see her ;] She's like muh BEST friend :DDD

Then we headed back to forever 21 to buy some things...and muh friends wouldn't let meh buy anything! D: I kept saying "NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO! I'LL GET IT! I NEED TO SPEND MUH MONEY!" buht they didn't listen.. -___- oh well, they're so sweet and nice x] And so I got a fedora and a baret, two things i've been wanting since FOREVER ;p Then we went back downstairs and went to American Apparel. Then we went back to the food court and just waited for muh mommy to come, and took pictures ;]

THEN! Muh mommy picked meh, cherifer, and stephanie uhp so we could go to WOW! AHHHHHHH! we were so excited the whole day, to take pictures there. WOW! is a japanese photo booth store ;] Yooh should check it out, it's AMAZING! So we took 3 sets of pictures there, each at a different photo booth, and had SO MUCH FUN! it was the best...soon enough the day was over and everyone had to leave ;[ IT WAS AMAZING THOUGH! Thanks guys, you're the best! :D LOL, and muh birthday isn't until monday ;p AND TODAY I GET TO SEE SUPER CR3W!! :DDD

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