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Friday, April 17, 2009

"yooh know ... sometimes in life ... YEA! :D"

AHHHHHHHH... spring break is almost over -___- i miss it already! Buht I am having a great time resting, watching the JabbaWockeeZ, laughing, and watching Mark Mejia's covers x] Yesterdae, was pretty laid back. I actually made a vid x] I've never done like a "personal" vid. I've always made JabbaWockeeZ related vids ;p Lol, well. even the one I just made is STILL related to the JabbaWockeeZ :D The only MAJOR thing I did yesterdae was make that vid ;] other than that .. same thing I did the previous days x] LOL i keep saying "vid" x] The vid i made is called "51 Things From My Room" ;] BUHT FREAKING YOUTUBE WAS BEING RETARDED ... -____- so I freaking uploaded the same vid 6 times... cuz youtube kept disabling muh audio. Buht, I got it so it's fine now ;] AND I MISS THE JABBAWOCKEEZ SO MUCH .. ;[

OHHH! And I also thanked do-knock for commenting muh adiing "happy birthday" :D OMG. I was so surprised x] When I messaged him asking for him to do it, I didn't think he would do it ;] LOL, id didn't even give him kay's link ;] HE ACTUALLY WENT AND LOOKED FOR HER MYSPACE! HE'S SO NICE! I'm so glad he did it ;] THANK YOOH DO-KNOCK! I FREAKING LAHHHB YOOH! THENNNN, OMG. THIS MORNING! :D I woke uhp at 6:30am to put the trash bins back inside because I forgot to yesterdae x] ... then I went back to sleep and woke uhp at 10am ahhahah. BUHT OMG. Mark Mejia made another cover with Albert Posis, Shiny, and Zack Tupaz ;] After I watched it for the first time meh and Mark im'ed each other picking out all the funny thingys from the vid x] AHHAHHAAH IT WAS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! Here's the vid! WATCH IT! :D

LOL "you know .. sometimes in life .. YEA! :D" AHAHAHAHAHH and "SHINY :D" "ju .. ohkay .. -____-" ROFL HAHAHHAHHAHA x]

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