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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"... ooh :D"

AHAHA. Yesterdae, I spent most of muh time on the computer x] LOL, i'm loving break right now :D too bad it's almost over D: sorry, I had to go check muh twitter to remind myself of what I did yesterdae ;] ohhh, www.twitter.com/chrystalx3OG if yooh would like to follow meh! :D

Well, of course. I had another JabbaWockeeZ Youtube Marathon! Buht, that happens like everyday x] OMG, THEN I CAME ACROSS MARK MEJIA AND ALBERT POSIS NEW COVER FOR BACK AT ONE! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I freaking lahhhhhhb them. If yooh guys haven't watched it, watch it now! :D

I freaking lahhhhhb albert's annotations! SO FREAKKING HILARIOUS! ROFL AND OMG. MARK'S FALSETTO O.O AMAAAZINGG... and i died when mark went "...ooh :D" right after AHAHAHAHHAH :D Oh and here are their links if yooh wanna listen to them/learn more about them! :


I also read through old myspace comments and gazed back at old memories x] it's weird, cuz I don't talk to the same people on myspace that I talked to before :/ so, I like went back and commented them cuz I felt really bad for not talking to them anymore ;[ Buht, it was nice x] I had some great laughs reading them :D Then, I decided to make a rap with christina! :D LOL, it was funny cuz we kept taking our time cuz we couldn't think of a good verse x] IT WAS SO MUCH FUN THOUGH! We're gonna continue our rap today as soon as I finish mine ;p DOESN'T FIGMENT RHYME WITH MOVEMENT? Alot of people said it doesn't .. buht I think it does. Not all rappers rhymes gotta match EXACTLY x] haha, ya'know? Cuz I got a pretty good one with those two words ;] Buht yeaaaa, yesterdae was a good day :D SO MUCH LAUGHING AHHAHAHA :D

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